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  1. Manta B axle.

    i got two 1.8 5speed and another thats a 4speed peter
  2. Coupe boot lid

    i got a good one here to if you stuck can pack it for you . youll have to arrange a courier peter
  3. Hub Nut Cover

    got plenty used ones here peter
  4. quick rack

    wanted a quick rack anyone got a spare one cash waiting thanks peter
  5. 4ha to manta I need help

    Do you mean the same that’s in the pic lower suspension arms ?? If I’ve got my wires crossed where can I get them are new available?? Thanks peterPeter
  6. 4ha to manta I need help

    I’m using manta revolutions which I already bought. Only just bought this axle what I need to source is all the bits to connect to my manta so I’m stuck here any ideas Thanks Peter
  7. 4ha to manta I need help

    I want to fit a 4ha axle to my manta and retain my coil springs. Now I’ve been told I need to change the bottom lower arms with commodore does anyone know where I can buy these or any for sale any help will be great pic of what I need so I’m told
  8. Manta 400r

    Got the engine running today with th nodiz ecu brilliant kit comes with anti lag launch control And it’s no bigger than a pack of fags. Also purchased a 4ha axle with jag lsd disc conversion ready to go on. then off to the welders for the brackets to convert to a floating axle
  9. Manta b radiator

    Wanted a good manta rad or a aluminium one cash waiting cheered in advance
  10. Manta 400r

    After a really hectic summer with work and holidays and two it’s time to get back to my winter project hope to finish ready for the Singleton car show mayday 2018. I’m still trying to source a manta rear axle with a lsd ready fitted. If no luck I’ll have to by a new one and get it fitted fingers crossed put some pics of progress on in the next cpl of weeks
  11. Manta b front uprated shocks

    Looking for a pair of billies /ago FRONT shocks anyone got a spare set tucked away thanks guys peter
  12. SOLD please delete

  13. Servo & master cylinder

    Hi Jason the only one I have is on the tatty side but does work servo has a lot of surface rust on it I'll take a good look at it tomorrow in daylight (still attached to car) and I'll get back to you 👍
  14. 400 mirror blanks

  15. Need help with legal paperwork

    I was upfront with the dvla told them the story paid my fee and logbook came about 4 weeks later after they done their searches. Then I started spending on my car from multi colour grey to Tony pond rep.