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    Ok I’m only 15 mins from Neath I’ll give them a shout ta peter

    Do you know of anyone who can do this thanks peter

    I’m after one that’s ready built I got a brand new standard one here willing to part ex plus cash for a quick rack or sell on here when I get quick rack so fingers crossed thanks peter

    Wanted a quick rack for a manta b 400r anybody know of one thanks guys
  5. Ok thanks not a problem peter
  6. I’m interested but not on Facebook can someone send me the contact details please thanks peter
  7. 3 Light Clusters and Door Hinges Required

    think i got the lights ill check tomorrow did have a nice se in one of the cupboards if ifind them ill post a pic so you can make sure they're the right ones peter
  8. Manta B axle.

    i got two 1.8 5speed and another thats a 4speed peter
  9. Coupe boot lid

    i got a good one here to if you stuck can pack it for you . youll have to arrange a courier peter
  10. Hub Nut Cover

    got plenty used ones here peter
  11. quick rack

    wanted a quick rack anyone got a spare one cash waiting thanks peter
  12. 4ha to manta I need help

    Do you mean the same that’s in the pic lower suspension arms ?? If I’ve got my wires crossed where can I get them are new available?? Thanks peterPeter
  13. 4ha to manta I need help

    I’m using manta revolutions which I already bought. Only just bought this axle what I need to source is all the bits to connect to my manta so I’m stuck here any ideas Thanks Peter
  14. 4ha to manta I need help

    I want to fit a 4ha axle to my manta and retain my coil springs. Now I’ve been told I need to change the bottom lower arms with commodore does anyone know where I can buy these or any for sale any help will be great pic of what I need so I’m told
  15. Manta 400r

    Got the engine running today with th nodiz ecu brilliant kit comes with anti lag launch control And it’s no bigger than a pack of fags. Also purchased a 4ha axle with jag lsd disc conversion ready to go on. then off to the welders for the brackets to convert to a floating axle