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  1. Rear spring rubbers

    Are these new or used thanks peterpetet
  2. Manta 400r

    Started fitting the 4ha floating axle , using original spring cups with avo adjustables and a 4 link fro 4 link boxes with rose joints and watts linkage I’ll post some pics later
  3. Rear spring rubbers

    That sounds good are they the rubber ones? will take polypropylene if you can get them and pay they difference thanks peter ps how do you want paying?
  4. Rear spring rubbers

    In need of a full set of coil spring rubbers front and rear for my rally project can anyone help thanks peter
  5. Shell.

    Solid shell real fast car goes really well make me a offer
  6. Manta 400r

    Nice car Daily driver or weekend fun me only dry weather lol
  7. Manta 400r

    Winters here again so time to start back with the manta need the rear axle fitting bit of fettling with the kit then spraying her in glacier white hope to complete it by May Day 2019 so I can take it to the classic car show in Swansea 🤞
  8. Shell.

    Are you still looking for a coupe shell for rallying I’ve got coupe running a Saab 4ha axle lsd bias floor mounted pedal box seats /harnesses 9”borbet new tyres quick rack s/s exaust open to offers loads of good parts on this car Pic of the manta
  9. Strut brace brackets

    Yes that’s my plan I should have explained it better lol i could do a cardboard template and see what happens I’ve got a donar car I’ll practice on That 😁
  10. Strut brace brackets

    Any one got some of the brackets for sale or drawings etc any help will be appreciated
  11. opel ascona b

    What you looking for a Ancona or a manta coupe I have a good manta here peter
  12. Handbrake lever

    Wanted hand brake lever for manta b anyone got one for sale cheers Peter
  13. BARN FIND!!

  14. BARN FIND!!

  15. I see that clunk head is back on trying to sell the non existent cars. It’s about time eBay put a stop to this guy