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  1. Handbrake lever

    Wanted hand brake lever for manta b anyone got one for sale cheers Peter
  2. BARN FIND!!

  3. BARN FIND!!

  4. I see that clunk head is back on trying to sell the non existent cars. It’s about time eBay put a stop to this guy
  5. Manta with Saab turbo engine

    Do you know the fella who built it if you do can you get me his number or giv mine to him thanks peter
  6. Manta with Saab turbo engine

    buying a aftermarket ecu with anti lag and launch control as the current ecu and loom has no obd2 plug to remap it ecu and loom all for £750 inc vat comes with a base map then a trip to bristol to the ecu supplier for a re map with 400cc injectors then it will be a very interesting fun car im also refitting the mechcanical handbrake for road use and mot i will start a post in project section with lots of pics of mods thats been done
  7. Manta b coupe roof

    i agree you would think someone would be making roof skins sure threre would be a market for them..... may be one day lol
  8. Manta b coupe roof

  9. Manta with Saab turbo engine

    Had it today now locked away in my lock uphope to fit the bigger injectors the weekend then get it mapped it’ll push out350bhp plus when tuned also need to fit the cable handbrake back in as at the mo only hydraulic strange that it’s got 6 months mot may be I’ll go back to same testing station for a mot lol. Anyway when it’s mapped I’ll drive it about a bit to get the feel of it then will have a go at a hill climb see how it goes , I’ll probably throw some money at it, but just needs a good tidy up and two pieces of roll cage to do I’ll post next in the project section and include loads of pics 😃
  10. Manta b coupe roof

    Some one somewhere must have a coupe non sunroof shell or just a roof somewhere in they’re shed lol or a cav coupe will do
  11. Manta b coupe roof

    Still no offers on a non sunroof skin for a coupe there’s got to some about somewhere I’ll even buy a rot box just for the roof skin cash waiting 🤞

    Bought a rack from club member PLEASE DELETE
  13. 400 kit

    Would like a 400 bonnet if anyone has one for sale
  14. Manta b coupe roof

    Thanks mike but i was looking for a manta roof with no sunroof but have now located one but if another comes along I’ll but it Thanks Peter