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  1. 1.8 Hatch

    Your going to encounter a really strange problem if you get this engine running correctly... It'll be too good !! I had a MK 2 Cavalier and i built a 1800cc block and big valve head matted to a 1600cc cam & carrier ( to get the mechanical fuel pump drive ), a replacement Weber carb ontop of a carb manifold, this bolted to the 1800 head and with a little opening of the manifold ports it matched up smoothly. The torque this engine had was unreal, i could drive the Cav by only using 1st, 3rd & 5th gears, i could drive down to 30mph in 5th for a speed limit and then just accelerate afterwards, no need to change down !!, The test reports gave the Miles-per-gallon of a 1600cc MK 2 Cav as 34mpg, mine always did 39-40mpg no matter how i drove it. The emissions were next to nothing at the MOT test and futher reduced by the great mpg, It give me trouble in a strange way, it tore its engine mounts apart, i had to wire lock all the bolts into the block and gearbox, weld on strengthening ribs around the mounting points where it had cracked the chassie rails and add a torque brace front the drivers side turret to the end of the top of the engine, which it broke once. The engine your are proposing to build has a even higher potential for torque by virtue of being very under square, long stroke, small bore, it'll test everything else it is bolted or connected to !!
  2. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    If this was my Manta and i was intending to keep it i would be so tempted to paint the wheel centres body colour, i did this on a grey hatch back in the 90's and it looked great.
  3. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    That picture says so much, not only do you have a beautiful bright Red Opel Manta just look at the rest of the cars in the picture, uninteresting modern blobs in black, grey and silver, if anyone asks why classic cars are so appealing heres the answer.
  4. 1.8 Hatch

    I know the 2.0L capacity is achived in part by a longer throw crank and corresponding shorter rods and i have thought about this myself, but i have never checked the crown hights of 1.8L and 2.0L pistons ( the distance between the the centre line of the small end and the piston face ) these would have to be same or the compression ratio will change.
  5. 1.8 Hatch

    The injection head is a 2.0L, the carb head is 1.8L. but its not possible to put the 1.8L head onto a 2.0L block because the bore size of the 2.0L is bigger. Steve Sutton A.K.A. Sutty had this problem, somehow he got round it but ended up with a carb sticking up through the bonnet, perhaps if you P.M.'d him you would get the answers you need.
  6. 1.8 Hatch

    I just looked out of my front window to see if suddenly there was a Manta this nice appeared on my drive !! That looks really nice and very original, its difficult to say where to go with this one, the 2.0L ohc engine would certainly liven it up, but the question is how its done, going 2.0L usually means going to injection which actuall involves a lot of work and quite a lot of alterations. The value in Mantas is now originality, but doing the 2.0L work is not irreversible. What i would say is drive it as an 1.8L for a while, in rude health a 1.8L is not so far from a GT/E as a lot of people imagine. BTW, i had a head gasket go on low milage Gold Hatch, about the same thing, coolant had rusted through the fire ring on number 3 cylinder.
  7. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    It's still got the same number as when i last bought this Gearbox Oil, about ten years ago they did change the part number, along with every other part number for everything. This needs adding to a list somewhere on here, there was a thread started along these lines somewhere, this all valuable information, someone in a Vauxhall parts department who knows what your talking about, not the usual - " I've got an Opel Manta " - spotty faced oik looks at computer - " Do you mean Opel Meriva ? "
  8. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    Yes it's well weird looking stuff and IIRC is quite thin and smells of cherry aid, very different from conventional gearbox oil, which means if this is what the gearbox needs then normal oil won't do the gearbox any good. I'm not sure what the diff needs, but i don't think this is a Gatrag item so might be more conventional and might be OK with normal diff Oil. Beware of advice from mechanics, even those in dealers, BMW also use Getrag gearboxes so i thought they could be a source of the correct oil, on enquiring at a local BMW dealer a mechanic there said they didn't use any special oil, just standard gearbox oil in all their gearboxes, i thought " no you don't, if you did you'd have the cars back within a few months needing new gearboxes !"
  9. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    When you put oil in this gearbox ONLY put in the genuine Gatrag gearbox oil, i have had one gearbox come to bits about 5k miles after the previous owner changed the oil for ordinary gearbox oil and someone else who restored a Manta locally had a gearbox centre check his box over and change the oil, they put in ordinary gearbox oil and it went bang in an even shorter distance. There is bound to be someone read this and come on here saying don't worry i put ordinary gearbox oil in mine and its OK, there might be some Getrag boxes that for reasons unknown will tolerate normal gearbox oil but ask yourself, are you going to chance it that yours is one of them ? The Oil should still be available through Vauxhall Dealers, i have an old bottle and the codes on it are 1 # 93165290 next line 19 40 182 GR.4.581
  10. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    I see a bucket on the floor and white stuff on the doors, i'm guessing your in the middle of endless cutting back of the paint, i remember you cursing about how long this took on a previous restoration, but it will good when its done juding by these pictures.
  11. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Yes there is help, it comes in the form of group therapy at the annual VBOA rally and if a full cure is not achived there is further therapy available in August at Opel Power Show in the Netherlands. Congratulations on getting your beautifully restored Manta back on the road, bet you feel chuffed to bits !
  12. GTE fuel pump/filter mounting bracket

    I haven't got one thats any good or a fuel pump, all my stock was used up a long while ago, but someone like you Chris could make one that was better than the Opel one, sheet steel and Mini Exhaust Bobbins, wouldn't take long.
  13. White hatch

    This is in 1900SR territory, ( Steve Hancock ) with that graphic on the side and those lights its very distinctive so i would think someone knows who owns it and where its from.
  14. Passed with no advisories

    That is how i did my Manta when it was painted black with balck wheels, they had silver rims exculsive style, it gives the optical illusion of the wheels being bigger than they actually are, Try photoshopping ( if you are good enough to work out how to do that witchcraft ! ) a thin line around the rim in the same colour as the decals, it might work or it might look awful.
  15. Lowering Mk1 Cavalier 1300

    Hi Chris, you do realise that you have one of the rarest varients of the Cavalier MK 1 / Ascona B / Manta B. As far as it is known there is one two door and one four door 1256cc left, your find has added a third one to this list, which is it, two or four door ? By all means modify it and have fun with it, you have saved it after all, but due to its rarity perhaps limit modifications to reversable ones and keep stored any parts that came off the car, like the interior which is probably unique.