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  1. Manta i200 at auction

    Keep it, the value is only going rise ( rapidly at the moment it would seem ) and come along to a car show or two, you never know with a for sale in the window you might connect with the right person.
  2. I love this section of the lengthy write up - Despite being superior to the Capri in every department and better engineered to boot, the Manta never really caught on with its target market in Britain who perversely preferred the workaday Dagenham bling of the Capri to the sophistication of the foreign-sounding Opel. With great balance, rear-wheel drive, a five-speed ‘box and a gutsy engine it was, and remains, a real driver’s car. Don't take our word for it: pitted against a Rover SD1 Vitesse and a Capri 280 Brooklands, it is the GTE that comes out on top in the March 2018 issue of Classic Cars magazine. With only 393 Manta GTEs still UK registered today, this pampered survivor looks mighty tempting at the sensible guide price suggested. Be interesting to see how much this one makes.
  3. It would need an inspection but if everything is as good as the photo's suggest this is a really good Manta, £5000 is not expensive for a quality Manta now.
  4. Is that a crack in the case ? just where the flat area of the bracket transitions into the curve of the case, going through the dark stain ?
  5. And just to prove my point about needing x-ray specs, today a few garages along from the one i rent the door was up revealing a mint Renault 5 GT Turbo, the owner was a true die hard enthusiast, yet until now i had no idea he lived a couple of streets away.
  6. Interestingly it was listed as being in Wembley, i only ever knew of two Mantas in North London, Dynamite Dan in Maida Vale and the late Mick Emtage from somewhere near Golders Green, neither of them having this car, so there are still Mantas out there that the club dosen't know about, if only you could buy X-ray specs and see through the doors of every lock-up garage, what gems are lurking out there waiting to be discovered ?
  7. 10/40 or 5/30 Engine oil.

    My Carlton from the same era has 15/40, IIRC i was putting 20/40 in CIH engines.
  8. One possible issue is the flaring tool is 'pinching' the pipe too thin, where the flare is being squeezed onto the end of the brake pipe the tool might be drawing the copper pipe out too thin, cheap flaring tools are a bit difficult to use, i have had success with them but you have to be carefull what your doing, many times i've had to start again when making a pipe. A friend who has another workshop near me has an expensive flaring kit, it's very nice and makes most types of flare effortlessly, best of all he said i can borrow it when i need to make brake pipes, RESULT !
  9. Living up to my username

    That horde of panels would make the basis of a comprehensive repro panel supply. There are moves afoot to get panels re-made but it needs original NOS panels to create the tooling.
  10. It all depends on the rules the Young Timer series is run to, it might stipulate that the original glass be installed. I would guess that it is a Cam-in-head engine, Race series like Young Timer normally specify original engines which can be modified, so a 2.4 litre would very likely be a CIH. "Car comes with no papers" i would think this refers to either no homologation papers or no competition/race log book. I'd like to see a full, detailed spec for this car, it might be a really cheap way of getting a very well preped Manta which could be used for many different Motorsport disciplins.
  11. Vauxfest at Billing 1st & 2nd of September

    I have been in touch with the organiser of this show, It has been in the making since before the VBOA were told to get lost by Billing, the events surrounding shows at Biling have unfortunately delayed the launch of this show. The idea of the show is to have a second weekend in the summer like the VBOA Rally, perhaps if Billing hadn't have had a rush of sawdust to the head both shows would be there. There is now a Website and FaceFook page for this show, here's a link to the website - Vauxfest website - click here
  12. I doubt that this could be built for this money, £14,600, the full spec list might make interesting reading, for example what gearbox and rear axle have been used ?
  13. 87 exclusive coupe

    Extensive work needed and £2600, how times have changed.
  14. Hope you do make £20k Gerry, it would set a new bench mark for Mantas, which woukld be good for Mantas in general, people would go to greater lengths to save more of them which would make it viable to create reproduction parts improving the parts situation for all of us. It has given me food for thought with my 31,000 mile hatch, 52,000 mile R reg coupe, at the very least the agreed value needs an increase.
  15. said the man who vowed to me that he would never have another Manta ever again.......