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  1. Ascona A Voyage, common as muck

    OK, this is another one for sub-zero on the cool wall !!
  2. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    Hi, good question, I searched for the correct oil based on advice from Ian Virco, a very well established manta owner. It's one of those things. If I don't use it, it's damned sure to go bang and I can hear those immortal words....."I told you so." My red hatch had all the oils replaced not long before i aquired it, the gearbox had a quality brand oil ( the previous owner was a garage mechanic before retiring ), it did about 5k miles before the grearbox started making occasional odd noises in second gear, going to the south Yorkshire OMOC AGM it made a sudden terrible noise and then i'd only got 4th gear ( dirrect drive ) by the time i'd limped it home the gearbox was destroyed. Another Local owner did an XE conversion, put fresh quality brand oil in the gearbox at the time, that lasted about 5k before chewing it's cogs, he couldn't get another 1800 gearbox so i sold him a CIH gearbox and he had the front castings swopped over by a gearbox specialist, this time he used the correct Getrag Oil. Getrag gearbox oil is very different to normal gearbox oil, it's pink, relatively thin and smells of cherry aid ! if this is correct for Getrag boxes normal gearbox oil can't be right.
  3. GTE gearbox

    I suspect it might be a Carlton MK 1 / Rekord E gearbox. that big lump on the end of the release arm was used on Carltons, even the MK 2, can't figure out what it's there for except to oscilate in time with the engine and create a very annoying squeaky rattle at the clutch pedal !
  4. Jag engined manta

    Followed Rallycross for 30 years and curiously there has never been a Manta competing in the UK, they were/are not very common in Europe, here's one seen in a recent YouTube video that competes in the Belgium Rallycross Historic/post Historic Championship, this is when the championship visited Buxtehude, Germany - Unfortunately there is only a few seconds of the Manta in the Video, a least it's a great shot of it 'doing a Kevin Erikson', round the outside and into the lead !
  5. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Getting componants redone in the original plating is going the whole 9 yards, this Manta really is goung to be something special.
  6. Ascona A voyage

    SUB ZERO !!!
  7. Mike's Manta.

    the nose cone trim piece has one issue, there are no attachment points under the quad lamps, i have seen this trim strip cut short so it fills the gap under the four slots but stops short of the quad lamp surrounds.
  8. I know this Manta well, the front wing was replaced with a secondhand one supplied from my stock ( i forget what happen to the original ) This Manta has been very pampered, the garage it lives in is connected to the house central heating, YES for the last few decades it has lived in a heated garage !! it has had a better chance of holding back the rust than pratically any other Manta. Probably only a Manta that is freshly restored will be better than this one. I'm surprized this one hasn't been snapped up by someone. Richard sent me some photos a year ago when was considering selling, here are inside shots -
  9. I can't see any sunroof, makes it more interesting.
  10. Returning member

    Bigger front calipers throws up another issue, they have bigger pistons meaning the master cylinder needs to be bigger with some form of restriction to the rear brake cylinders, the ideal three outlet ( a rare type ) master cylinder is from a Monza / Royale / Senator A, something that is very hard to find these days.
  11. Manta i200 at auction

    Keep it, the value is only going rise ( rapidly at the moment it would seem ) and come along to a car show or two, you never know with a for sale in the window you might connect with the right person.
  12. I love this section of the lengthy write up - Despite being superior to the Capri in every department and better engineered to boot, the Manta never really caught on with its target market in Britain who perversely preferred the workaday Dagenham bling of the Capri to the sophistication of the foreign-sounding Opel. With great balance, rear-wheel drive, a five-speed ‘box and a gutsy engine it was, and remains, a real driver’s car. Don't take our word for it: pitted against a Rover SD1 Vitesse and a Capri 280 Brooklands, it is the GTE that comes out on top in the March 2018 issue of Classic Cars magazine. With only 393 Manta GTEs still UK registered today, this pampered survivor looks mighty tempting at the sensible guide price suggested. Be interesting to see how much this one makes.
  13. It would need an inspection but if everything is as good as the photo's suggest this is a really good Manta, £5000 is not expensive for a quality Manta now.
  14. Is that a crack in the case ? just where the flat area of the bracket transitions into the curve of the case, going through the dark stain ?