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  1. Valve spring compressor

    I've found that the collets and valve cap stick to the valve stem, i give them all a good whack with a soft faced mallet before attempting to use a valve spring compressor, also my valve spring compressor, just like one above, has a tube welded to the handle to extend it, it would work with a normal length handle, just makes it very easy to compress the springs.
  2. Post deleated because it was a post being made in another thread and the website somehow posted it here, wierd !
  3. QandA

    The red coach line along the side doesn't look original but are the GSi badges ? what does the seat badge say ? I have seen a UK Manta badged GSi instead of GT/E, genuine original RHD GSi.
  4. When this 400 came to Billing ten or more years ago it had just ben restored by Marty Drennen ( I think i have the name correct, appologies if i haven't ) The standard of restoration was exceptional, in the evening light you could look along the side at a highlight and there was even the faintest ripple in any panel. The issue of the number of righthand drive 400's is complicated by the FIA Homoligation rules allowing a car to be altered from LHD to RHD and vica-versa as needed for which every country it resided in. I was always under the impression that there a limited number of 400's built RHD and this one is the only Astro Silver RHD 400. I dreamt of owning this car when i saw it for the first time at Billing, i still want it now and unfortunatly i'm just as likely to own it now !
  5. Basic under bonnet ignition wiring help.

    One thing about the ignition circuit, the wire running from the ignition switch to the coil is a special wire, termed a ballasted wire, or a wire with restistance, if this needs replacement some means of replicating this restistance will needed, if you convert to later Manta Hall effect ignition system this wire needs replacing with a conventional wire. I haven't got any pictures of the ignition circuit and can't remember exactly which wire goes where, so i won't put any speculation here, rather i will try and remember to find out for certain the ignition arrangments.
  6. That wheel looks good with the chrome trim, it was only the higher spec models that had the black and Silver finnish to the ROstyle wheels, lesser models got all silver, though i have seen a singe wheel in what appeared to be factory all over black, perhaps this was a replacement bought from a dealer. I notice behind the passenger headlamp you have the rare plug lead cover, that has to go back on.
  7. Classic Motor Show 2017

    Is the Club attending the Classic Car and Restoration Show at the NEC on the 23-25 March 2018 ?
  8. So close, then.....

    That is looking really good, The front chin spoiler works very well with the side skirts, perhaps better than the facelift front of a Manta. I'm undecided about the wheels, they actually look period correct, back when this Cavalier was young a popular wheel was the Weller Steel competition wheel, availble in white and chrome, the style of this wheel was not unlike the current wheels on this Cavalier, maybe myself i'd have gone for this wheel but with centers painted gunmetal grey leaving a silver rim, but wheels are an emotive subject and what one persons thinks is great another will question.
  9. VBOA Show 2017

    It does show the largest number of people supporting the show by camping there the whole weekend are the Manta Club.
  10. Opel Manta A - Considering purchasing

    Brilliant !!! I'd guess Robbie still has Opels and at the least tinkers with them, Classic cars are an addiction that is hard to break, as if you'd want to ! Robbie and his huge motorhome did drop in on the Manta Club at the VBOA Rally at Market Harbrough this summer.
  11. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    That picture was taken by me at a new year meet at The Grovebury Lock Pub south of Leighton Buzzard perhaps 15 years ago, it was posted onto this website back then, amazing how Google found it. I haven't seen this Centaur since then, it was with the White triumph TR 2 behind it which i don't recall seeing around local either, i will make some enquires in the local clasic car circles, though the owners would be very old by now and might not own these cars anymore, but being in such good condition the Centaur will still be living on somewhere.
  12. 1987 GT/E

    That looks like a very nice Manta, where in the world are you Digitaldoug ?
  13. Opel Manta A - Considering purchasing

    YES !! i only know of one Manta A being made into a Broadspeed replica in Northern Ireland, and Robbie sold it to someone with a car showroom in Southern Ireland, don't know how long Robbie owned it before selling but that could have been many years.
  14. Opel Manta A - Considering purchasing

    Is this Manta A Broadspeed replica the one Robbie Stinson built ? looks like it could be and i'm sure he sold it to someone in the car trade, that had a Broadspeed appearance and a 16 valve engine. What i know of the Robbie Stinson Broadspeed look-a-like is that it was originally a standard Manta A and came from Bedfordshire, the person who sold it to Robbie had re-upholstered it and put a lot of other new bits on it but there was body rot which Robbie thoroughly attened to, The engine and gearbox came from the Green Exclusive Coupe of Del Demner, while in the Green Coupe the woodruff key in the crank sheared and lunched all the valves, it was rebuilt using an Astra 16 valve engine, i know this because i was involved in its rebuild ! This engine had quad Webbers and made 175 bhp on Northampton Motorsports rolling road, it was dressed up with a lot of polishing and some of Clive Armstrongs finnest bling, with the good interior and Robbies diligent work this Manta won the Manta Club Car of the Show at Billing. If this Manta A Broadspeed replica is the one built by Robbie Stinson and its in the condition it was when it won Car of the Show then this is a very good Manta A.
  15. Chassis Rails

    Snowy on here has sold repair pieces and has a thread on how to repair chasis rails - Mr Eckhardt from germany manufactures some ecellent chassis rail repair kits, but i'm unsure how to contact him.