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  1. A series passenger door

    After a decent passenger door for my A series. Cheers Rob
  2. [ Alright Mick, sorry It's taken a while to peply but I've just been swapping jobs, and on holiday. have been up to the pride once but started working away shortly afterwards so haven't made it back. I've got ats alloys on mine at the moment and thought a set of Rostyles would look good. If you could let me know of any forthcoming meets I'll have to see if I can get up to one. Cheers Rob
  3. Yeh still have them off you, need to sort out picking them up. Don't get much chance to get out in it at moment as I'm working away from home for a while.
  4. That'll be mine, it had been used as a wedding car for a friend on the Saturday and we were on our way home to Sleaford. Glad you enjoyed seeing it.
  5. A Series Parts

  6. East Mids Meet (April)

    Don't think I'm going to be able to make this one due to work. So no need to bring those rostyles you mentioned. Cheers Rob
  7. A Series Front Wheel Bearings

    Ta very much shug, my local motor factors are pretty useless with anything I've tried to order from them so far and I'm shitte at finding stuff on t'interweb. Cheers Rob
  8. A Series Front Wheel Bearings

    I'm after some front wheel bearings for my 1.9 1973 A series, if anybody has any or could point me in the right direction or just give me a part number it would be very much appreciated. Cheers Rob
  9. Newark Auto Jumble 13Th Dec

    Just noticed theres an autojumble at Newark showground this sunday the 13th Dec, it's being run by a company called penny farthing fairs. Has anybody been to any of there other events and are they worth going to? Heres a link for them. www.penny-farthing-fairs.co.uk if anybodys interested Cheers Rob
  10. Manta A, Gearstick Gaitor & Air Filter

    Cheers Rick, payment sent via paypal, with address attached. Thanks Rob.
  11. Manta A, Gearstick Gaitor & Air Filter

    Cheers Rick I'll have both, how do you want paying? Do you want to PM me and I'll send address, payment etc. Thanks Rob