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    Really... !! Do you need to ask ;-)
  1. Mike's Manta.

    Looking the Mutts nuts matey
  2. Hella Plastic light clips

    Does anybody have any of these spare? I Have lost three in the car accident. Or does anyone know of a new source for them?
  3. I have a set of Irmsher quad lamp surrounds coming but they have no adjusters or lamp mounts. I am looking for Irmsher quad headlamps and adjusters for the N/S. I have sourced the O/S adjusters and lamp mounts. If you just have the irmsher N/S or O/S headlamp holders and adjusters (I'm sure they would be the same swapped over) with or without the headlamps or surround I am still interested as I can get the headlamps separately. If you have a set of irmsher O/S and N/S lamp holders and adjusters and don't want to sell them separately, I'm still interested! If you have a complete N/S or O/S Irmsher quad headlamp unit with headlamps and surround, I am interested. as I'm sure I can strip the adjusters and lamp holders from it. Thank you
  4. Front end parts for "The General"

    N/S wing sourced
  5. Front end parts for "The General"

    Front bumper and bar and brackets sourced now.
  6. 20mm ATE Master cylinder seal kit.

    Good luck trying to get one of these mate. I tried to buy a new one and found that we have no UK importer for ATE. I had to ring ATE France and I found that ATE stopped producing seal kits for their master cylinders as they said it has safety implications. In the end I had to sit and wait and a new old stock one came up on Ebay.
  7. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Cheers Herman, I will get her going again
  8. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    I know David. Its the sort of thing you read about! 450 miles then wham! Thanks for the advice. I have a classic car policy from Footman James. I have never had to use their services before so I'm uncertain about the quality of the service they give as yet, but I will keep you all posted as I'm sure recommendations are important. I hope they dont write it off that's all. I have a friend who manages a body shop in Cheltenham and he has had a brief look. They are a used to dealing with classics and older vehicles and my friend has told me that they have even fabricated stuff before for old cars when panels haven't been available. My friend owns a marcos mantis and he is even more fussy than me when it comes to finish and I'm bloody fussy! It's just a pain in the arse I don' want .
  9. Front end parts for "The General"

    Cheers David. Both quads as these are reproduction units and no two repros were the same so i would rather have a set. They just need to be either hella or Bosch with good adjusters / internal chrome and no misting. A good n/s wing would be good, I've seen one on ebay, but dont have the cash to buy it at the moment so if I can reserve stuff initially that would be better. Just give me a price for each bit so I can give it to the insurance company. I don't know how this works realy. At the moment I'm just trying to source the stuff required.
  10. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Hi Snowy. The front crossmember (where the horn is bolted to) is straight. No kinks or ripples. Chassis legs look straight and I have put a ruler on them and no kinks. Im only going to do a document with what I can see and make sure that anything I notice is corrected as well as what the body shop find. I think the whole thing flexed. The bonnet lines up at the front but is about 5mm out on the back, but I think it has moved on the hinges. It is just getting all the bits im worried about really. The most difficult I see is the little strip of alloy that runs just above the bumper. Mine was unmarked not a ripple in it. It now resembles a 4ft boomerang with knots in!
  11. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Cheers Mike, I just don't feel I'm allowed to have anything nice at the moment. My family all went without to sort her out because they wanted me to have this. I have a loving family (which is really all that matters), but we struggle in life as my wife is permanently ill, and this was our bit of luxury. I'm just in that "downer" mood at the moment ! LOL. It's the risk we take unfortunately, we have these lovely cars and this proves that shit does happen....... mainly to me! I just hope I don't get any shit from the Insurance claim and it all goes smooth otherwise I might just flip my tit!
  12. Front end parts for "The General"

    Hi all someone has hit my car and I am looking for the following parts to be reserved for me until I can sort out stuff with my insurance company. I don't know how this works with classic car parts and insurance, but I'm sure that I'm going to be the one doing the parts hunting. The link to post about the accident is below Please have a look you can see the image of the damage. Thankyou all Anything I have secured I will change the text to red I NEED A good reasonably rust free N/S wing prefer GM part. A Full good Set of Quads with mint internal chrome reflectors and no mist in them. These need to be complete with the plastic lamp mounting clips, good tight adjuster bolts, headlamp surrounds, rubber boots on the back (if available) . These can be BOSCH or HELLA as the wiring is set up for these. Ideally the type I am looking for is pictured below with the ball stud lamp adjusters. If you just have the surrounds and no lamp units I am still interested. A front bumper with mounts and metal support bar and mounting clips (black things that bolt to the wing as mine are broken. Prefute a bumper off a exclusive without the water jet holes, but if not still contact me. The black metal trim piece that fits between the bumper and the grill.
  13. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Well after about only about 450ish miles on the road, some w@nker in of all things a recovery truck decides that he is the only person in Cheltenham that doesn't have to give way to the right on a roundabout. He approached the junction at well over 25mph and didn't even brake. I didn't even see him coming until it was too late as it's a T-Junction with a mini roundabout on it! SLAM ! I scrubbed off all the speed I had (about 5mph) and his truck did this to my 18 months of work! The front bumper came off like someone had pinged an elastic band off a finger and went flying across into the path of the oncoming traffic. The criminal (as I now call him) thought that we could sort this out without using the insurance companies, of which I just laughed and said " This isn't a Mondeo, you haven't got a clue what you have just damaged". I have three witness's to the incident all of which loved the car, one of which I though was going to size up to the guy by shouting at him "You were not going to stop for anybody were you"! So this is how we stand at the moment, and it just seams that I am never going to have a Manta for the summer! RANT OVER! So where am I in this saga, I need some help here. I have informed my insurance company, got all the images, but they cant validate the claim until Tuesday because of the bank holiday weekend. So today I am going to do my own assessment and present it to the assessor when I see him. It's a classic policy through Footman James with a agreed value so I'm sure its going to be repaired rather than replaced. I will be looking for someone to take on this work so if you are interested let me know, but I'm sure that I'm going to have to go parts hunting. I'm sure it will need a re-spray as I cant see the front of the car matching the back after all the work has been done. I am going to start a post on the parts wanted list called "Front End Parts for The General" I will be asking in the parts wanted list if these parts can be reserved for me as I'm uncertain how this works with classic insurance around parts and paying for them Etc, but if I can present the assessor with a parts cost I'm sure it will be beneficial. Thanks Guys
  14. Mike's Manta.

    It's to look the mutts nuts mate. I would just paint the whole shell and be careful on assembly! I think I know who wI'll be respraying mine when I need it.
  15. 2.0E CIH dipstick

    Looking for a good dipstick for the CIH with a unmarked bung that is a snug fit. My one is quite worn out.