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    Really... !! Do you need to ask ;-)
  1. I think the cars number plate represents its condition then !! SAT ON !
  2. 87D GT/E Exclusive Coupe £20K

    It looks like an incredibly straight car. Im sure someone will pay it. I think you should demand your £20K. It would make us all happy to hear that you got it. Good luck with your sale
  3. 87D GT/E Exclusive Coupe £20K

    £20K....... Hmmmm. Ive said it before, but as the OMOC I think we should take charge of what a Manta is actually worth. It's Great that cars are coming up at these prices, but is it a real price or a hope to get? As I was restoring my car last year price were going up quite dramatically. I now have agreed insurance value for 10K. Do you think it would be wise for the committee to arrange a price guide to set average UK prices for each model with it's variants IE 1.8S, GT/J Etc. Etc. and base this on condition and rarity? I know it would be a bit of work but it might give us an idea of what are cars are actually worth.
  4. 2.0E Gaskets

    Hello buddy, Long time no speaky! Yes part number would be good. I'e just purchased a engine from an exclusive and I think I might swap the waterpump over as mines a new one on my existing engine and it easier to do it with engine on a stand than in the car.
  5. 2.0E Gaskets

    Does anyone have a waterpump gasket and/or a oil pickup pipe gasket for a 2.0E? No joy on ripoffbay! Cheers
  6. Manta B Heater Matrix

    Pm'ed you
  7. Manta B Heater Matrix

    Has anyone got a heater matrix that is up for grabs? if not does anyone know a replacement that will fit in the slot? Cheers
  8. Gte?????

    Can you use a "2.0S" engine for a "2.0E" replacement or is there a fundamental difference?
  9. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    We are going to have to get our Mantas together for a Photo at some point
  10. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    When you turn the key to the second position does the fuel system pressurise? Do you hear the pump prime up and then cut out?
  11. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    Does the car turn over OK when hot or does it crank very slow or not crank at all?
  12. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Thanks guys, such kind words. I found that I needed to do something every day. If I found myself watching TV I would stop and say to myself "the pixies are not going to fix it for you so get out in the garage and complete something!" The support of my family to be able to dedicate the time to this was paramount. But also the support from the OMOC members is what has helped me most get this car done. The My Projects section was a thing that I made myself accountable to and I will keep updating it with little mods etc. I have a manta 400 bonnet that I'm thinking of fitting so that might be a future amendment. Top tips: yes one. Get a old PC, give it internet access and put it in your garage. It was a big help to have the forum in the garage an in some cases I was getting real time advice especially with my braking issue. Thanks go especially to David AKA mantasrme for parts and advice, and everyone who has given me practical advice over the course of the build. I would have not got this done without you all
  13. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Sorted out the idling issue today. The brass throttle flap was not aligned properly and was not shutting properly. Now she idles like a new car.
  14. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    Game on buddy! Looking a very pretty. Good luck with the MOT :-)
  15. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    That's the stuff! I fill up an oil can and squit it in. It takes a while and you can end up with RSI in the thumb but it saves wasting it all over the floor!