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    Really... !! Do you need to ask ;-)
  1. 2.0E Engine

    looking to buy a good recon or low mileage 2.0E engine to drop straight into my car, if anyone has one for a good price please contact me.
  2. Gte?????

    Can you use a "2.0S" engine for a "2.0E" replacement or is there a fundamental difference?
  3. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    We are going to have to get our Mantas together for a Photo at some point
  4. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    When you turn the key to the second position does the fuel system pressurise? Do you hear the pump prime up and then cut out?
  5. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    Does the car turn over OK when hot or does it crank very slow or not crank at all?
  6. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Thanks guys, such kind words. I found that I needed to do something every day. If I found myself watching TV I would stop and say to myself "the pixies are not going to fix it for you so get out in the garage and complete something!" The support of my family to be able to dedicate the time to this was paramount. But also the support from the OMOC members is what has helped me most get this car done. The My Projects section was a thing that I made myself accountable to and I will keep updating it with little mods etc. I have a manta 400 bonnet that I'm thinking of fitting so that might be a future amendment. Top tips: yes one. Get a old PC, give it internet access and put it in your garage. It was a big help to have the forum in the garage an in some cases I was getting real time advice especially with my braking issue. Thanks go especially to David AKA mantasrme for parts and advice, and everyone who has given me practical advice over the course of the build. I would have not got this done without you all
  7. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Sorted out the idling issue today. The brass throttle flap was not aligned properly and was not shutting properly. Now she idles like a new car.
  8. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    Game on buddy! Looking a very pretty. Good luck with the MOT :-)
  9. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    That's the stuff! I fill up an oil can and squit it in. It takes a while and you can end up with RSI in the thumb but it saves wasting it all over the floor!
  10. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    Yes Baylis in cheltenham. And as MANTAMAN said it smells of cherry aide! I was in two minds to use it or drink it 😂😂 This is the trouble nowadays. Most mechanics are fitters and not enthusiastic or are not allowed to spend the time on it anymore. "Computer / ECU says no". Most old school mechanics are problem solvers, but we are in a plug and play lifestyle now. If the ECU can't tell them the fault then they are not interested and start guessing. We had this with Ford and my dad's KA. the car had a dramatic misfire but the ecu was not reporting any faults. They said it's possible that its the cam belt and wanted over £350 to sort it out! I laughed in the dealership and asked to see the mechanic who funny enough didn't want to explain his reasoning to me! Turned out to be one on the coil packs the charge time was slow. The moral of the story is beware of the word professional!
  11. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    I am very pleased . I have a couple of teething issues to iron out, one is a braking issue which gives me a feeling like a warped discs, but after i trued up the new discs in the lathe they are well within tolarance (read my post in tech help). It could just be that the whole system is new and needs to bed in?? And the other is passenger window adjustment. My exhaust is very low and I have only managed to get 3" of clearance to the centre box. I have already "chipped" the paint on it !😂
  12. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    Yes its still available. I have just bought 2 litres It cost me about £14 and when you open it it's red in colour.
  13. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Just come back from a run out (which was Semi successful) and I pulled a plug. Quite happy with that! I Have found I have a leaking brake pressure control valve, so that could be causing the brake issue, if you have ever experienced it look for my post in tech help/brakes and please place a comment. I have also (touch wood) cured the hot start problem which was I am sure was the main power lead to the starter. Changed this to a custom made one from Groves Batteries of Cheltenham and problem seams to have gone. I have had this problem since the original engine upgrade and it's been the major issue for years! All down to a cable which to the naked eye looks great!
  14. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    MOT PASSED !!!! All good, MOT tester said that he has never tested one before! He also said that as he only tests cars of a minimum of 3 years old, he has never seen an underbody so new!! Result. I have a couple of issues which have come up in the first 20 mile shakedown. The first is a brake issue (which I go into detail in the Tech Help Section) and the second is she don't like starting when hot. I have had this issue with this car before the refurb and I'm going to start by changing the Positive battery lead as this is as old as the car and if this don't work I will revive my old post in tech help! I will keep everyone updated as to its progress here. UPDATE: Brakes could be brand new warped disks! getting a DTI gauge to check.
  15. My everlasting GT/E hatch restoration

    Looking very tidy