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  1. Engine number query

    I didn't say they wouldn't do it. So don't get your knickers in a twist. As soon as you mention modified to the wrong person that's it. We all forget there is a points based system for your car. All I said was they ended up with a mandatory vehicle inspection. So for the sake of taking the paint off just do it. And don't mention modified if you speak to anyone at the DVLA.
  2. Mk1 cavalier 4dr osr arch

    Buy them from Germany
  3. Engine number query

    Be careful saying that to the DVLA. I've know a few people say they don't know the engine number and end up with a mandatory vehicle inspection forced upon them.
  4. Engine number query

    Yes, Same place as the x20xev.
  5. speedo cable

    Can you be a bit more specific as there are a few different lengths. And if it's an A the cable is different the speedo end to a B.
  6. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    In the manual it gives the minimum height for the head. So no guessing needed. Just measure it. ☺
  7. Intake hose needed

  8. Replacing starter motor on 1.8

    The easiest way is to take the inlet manifold off as you have easy access to all the connections and fasteners. The inlet manifold is very easy to remove and the gasket only costs seven pounds or so. You can do it from under the car but like you say you're doing it by feel rather than sight. One last thing please don't forget to disconnect the battery.
  9. 2.0 gte air box

    This is the proper way to do it. The cone filters are only good if you can get a decent cold air feed. That's not very easy in a GTE engine bay.
  10. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Simple question is did it run properly before you took it apart. If so don't worry about it.
  11. C20NE

    Cavalier mk3, calibra mk3 astra...... The question isn't does the c20ne have a built in immobiliser as the later ones do. The question is how do you tell just from the ecu part number. Thanks
  12. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    This is a c20ne head but the 18s head looks visually similar. You can see the part i mean that isn't deep that disappears the more you skim the head. It's not a bad thing as it raises the compression. As long as it hasn't had to much removed.
  13. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    An 1800 head not skimmed would have each cylinder almost round. It's not deep. I will see if I have a picture. Hang on.
  14. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Some one has skimmed that head a few times! Hope they haven't gone to far.
  15. C20NE

    Does anyone know of any easy way to tell if the ecu has the immobiliser built in or not. I know some do and some don't. Thanks