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  1. Fuel Injection problem - LE Jetronic

    Mine runs quite fine not screwed to the bodywork. I have tried it several times.
  2. Fuel Injection problem - LE Jetronic

    Sorry but I need to correct this. The ecu does not earth through the case on a GTE. The earth point is attached to the back of the inlet manifold with a ring connector and is secured with 6mm? bolt.
  3. Rear wheel bearing kit

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  4. Fuel Injection problem - LE Jetronic

    I'd also be very interested in the modification made and the button you mention. What is this connected to and where? But as for your comment a lot of the GTE looms are becoming hard and brittle and you may well be correct. But that is very easy to check with the wiring diagram and a multi-meter. You can buy every sensor new for the GTE injection system except for the thermotime switch. But check what you have before you purchase anything.
  5. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    I think you've found your problem.
  6. GTE coupe fuel tank and fuel pump carrier

    Still looking ....
  7. Rolling restoration - 88 Exclusive Coupe

    I have read you're supposed to use proper hose clamps with silicon hoses rather than jubilee style. A proper hose clamp applies even pressure all the way around the joint.
  8. Speedo cable

    Mine was a 73. Maybe they changed the cable on different years. Worth a look
  9. Speedo cable

    B series had the wrong end for the speedo head. But as long as you are handy I swapped the head over onto a b series cable as when I needed one for my A there wasn't one to be found.
  10. Sorry all the ones I have left are dark grey or black. Thanks
  11. Security

    You have two types of thieves: 1. The opportunist - for this you want something in your face like a steering wheel lock or similar. 2. The professional - only something like a tracker will put these off. But very few. Mobile signal jamming devices can be bought or made cheaply. So what you do is your choice.
  12. I might have one in the garage. I will take a look.
  13. Manta panel on e-bay

    Plenty for sale in Germany with no surface rust for similar money.
  14. 2.0e Air intake hose repair ?

    If you search through the net you will find plenty of hoses suitable in silicon. If you want a standard rubber hose do what CamInHead has suggested and trawl the scrap yards till you find something suitable. I know my omega has a similar hose used on the cooling system.