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  1. Headlights

    They'd probably all be for left hand drive cars.
  2. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    Yes. No where near the same.
  3. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    Because you have never heard the engine run before you managed to get it started please start with all the basics before adjusting anything else. Do you have any induction leaks? Do you have a good set, and correct, of plugs, leads, cap and rotor arm. I've seen plenty of bodges just to get an engine to run. A favourite on the GTE for those who don't know how to set them up is they try to adjust the idle using the throttle plate stop screw instead of the idle air screw. So is your throttle flap set correctly? Which in turn allows you to check that the throttle position sensor is set correctly. Again please do all the basic checks you would do on an engine before you adjust or change anything. The list above is an example and not exhaustive.
  4. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    Link to injector cleaning https://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/ULTRASONIC-FUEL-INJECTOR-CLEANING-SERVICE-CLEANER-/380072659398 Link to airflow meter https://www.atpelectronics.co.uk/p/vauxhall-manta-air-flow-meter-throttle-body-afm-for-le-jetronic.html Link to ecu https://www.atpelectronics.co.uk/p/vauxhall-manta-fuel-injection-ecu-le-jetronic.html Link to new injection harness https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/navi.php?a=1485&lang=eng I could go on....but stuff isn't hard to find at all.
  5. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    The issue is more likely to be with the injection harness as the wiring goes brittle with age. For not much money you can buy a brand new harness ready to go. Apart from the thermotime switch you can buy everything else new if you shop around. But only buy what you need. The one thing that causes poor running is the airflow meter. No amount of blowing it out will help. There is an electrical contact under the black plastic cover that sweeps across a track that eventually wears out. There are companies who sell rebuilt units but cost between 160 -195 pounds. So don't buy anything yet. Test. Find out what is wrong and go from there. It is a very simple system. Thanks
  6. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    Check your cylinder head as I've advised. Your head could easily have been changed to an earlier head at some point in its life.
  7. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    The car should be capable of running on unleaded. The should be a code stamped into the side of the head. P2E. But use the search function on this forum and more information will pop up. No you cannot plug your computer in to dial in adjustments on this ECU. You can't even plug your computer in for diagnostics. There are breakout boards that can be plugged in-between the loom and ECU and specialist diagnostic equipment but it is rare and most garages don't carry it anymore. But most items can be checked easily using a mulitmeter and data from the workshop manuals.
  8. Gte Dash Board Parts

  9. Fuel injector base to head gasket

    https://www.edelschmiede.com/shop/Sealing-set-fuel-injector-valve-complete-Opel-4-cylinder-cih-Jetronic-19E-20E-22E Although if you buy a decent head gasket set sometimes they come with the gaskets and seals. It just seems hit and miss what you get in them unless you can find a genuine opel head set.
  10. Easy start Question?? Manta GTE exclusive

    Just be careful as due to lovely environmental regs not all brake cleaners are flammable anymore.
  11. Just remember that the rear inner sill is actually a separate panel. The spot welds can be seen from inside the car. I find it easier to remove the panel and replace it completely.
  12. Easy start Question?? Manta GTE exclusive

    Just take care and don't forget the throttle needs to be open.
  13. Easy start Question?? Manta GTE exclusive

    Because you are essentially replacing the ECU, as remember the ignition is not controlled by the ECU, take the airflow meter out of the equation and spray the easy start up the pipework leading to the plenum chamber. Also make sure you disconnect the fuel pump relay so no fuel is being pumped to the injectors and the injectors aren't trying to fire. Make sure you have a good battery and start by spraying small pulses into the inlet until you hear the engine catch. Once it starts to catch spray more as required. Do not forget to open the throttle! DO NOT FLOOD THE INLET WITH EASYSTART - spray as little as possible to achieve what you want. Which is to hear the engine fire.
  14. If you are going to weld the four pieces together think about how the trim piece fits after and make sure you can grind your welds to suit. or it will always sit funny.