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    tennis & building replica rally road cars .. what a mix.. have built replicas of a fiat 131 abarth .. ford rs200...manta400
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  1. Manta b Chassis leg replacement parts

    Thanks for info .. I will have a look at your build 👍
  2. Anyone recommend where I could purchase good quality chassis legs for manta b ? ... legs appear to have an inner & outter section .. will also require the swan neck sections or does that come as complete section with chassis leg replacements .. thanks in advance of any info given 👍
  3. C20Xe Thermostat And Rad Switch

    My rad switch is in the top left corner of my radiator & never had a problem ..
  4. C20Xe Using 1.8 Manta Distributor

    You will need a distributor & cam pulley wheel from an manta GT/J (1800cc engine) You will also need a mounting bracket ... this was supplied to me by one of the guys on here Gary Watson.. got a set of ignition leads made by Magnacor.. to take the old fitting on the distributor & the new type fitting at the plugs... hope this helps..
  5. More Xe Questions

    didn't use an oil cooler in mine .. no issues
  6. What Indicators Fit Manta 400 Bumpers?

    Capri mk3 = manta400 indicators from what I remember
  7. Stradacab and Devil Fish's 400R road/track project

    seriously fantastic car... well done on a fab job...
  8. Where To Buy Part's For Xe Head ?

    Cheers Tony... hopefully back on the road for the weekend ..
  9. Where To Buy Part's For Xe Head ?

    the quote's I got were roughly £700 ish from SBD ... £520 ish from QED ... £195 ish from TRECHII .. After receiving the quote from trechii , I sent 2 emails & rang several times ( 8 times actually ) trying to organise an over night courier rather than the post , but got no replies ,so gave up on them .. I rang my local motor factors who I have dealt with for years & they came back with a price of €460 for valves , guides, hydraulic lifters , collets & head gasket & they had them ready for me to collect the next day ... so ran with the motor factors.. the valves are made by F A I ... Don't really know much about them but have been told they are perfectly good quality for a standard road engine .. And of course the bolts that gave me the problem in the first place in the idler pulleys which were 10.9 quality have now been upgraded to 12.4 quality.. they cost €1 each..
  10. Where To Buy Part's For Xe Head ?

    got sorted on parts guys .. Thanks for all the replies
  11. I need to buy new valves , guides , head bolts, hydraulic lifters & a few other bits for my Vauxhall c20xe head.. can anyone recommend where is the best place to buy .. have been onto SBD & TRECHII LTD .. Massive difference in prices.. Who do you guy's recommend for quality & value ..?
  12. Rear Lowering Spring Question

    I have lowered the front of my manta 400R with 30mm lowering springs & left the rears as standard.. have to say the cars sits & handles nice .. However it is used just for road use .. no idea how it would behave for track use..
  13. Carbon Fibre For Manta