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    anything mechanical in general really, bit of downhill biking and cross country. and a good sesh on the beer now and again
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  1. Rally project .

    Nice work there. 👌🏻
  2. Manta A series rebuild

    Can get one from omex, or possibly find someone who with a similar setup. Then have it pro mapped on the rollers, currently has an Audi map on it.
  3. Manta A series rebuild

    Another prt of the winter jigsaw has arrived and next few weeks see some sexy tig welds being laid hopefully!
  4. A series dash connector plug

    Think I have one Hugh and that speedo cable
  5. Speedo cable

    I have the one that was on my A seri s when it had the 1800 box in mate; any good?
  6. Sad a series

    Poor bloody thing. Ill sling a bid I reckon, could be worth some parts
  7. Manta A series rebuild

    Cheapnese mitsy eco inlet arrived today, with a bit of graft should look well in the c20let going in and take advantage of a larger turbo.
  8. Ascona A voyage

  9. Manta A series rebuild

    Not sure, only had the shoot, no interview yet.
  10. Ascona A voyage

    No progress yet but have got a goal look and colour I reckon.
  11. Cih cam cover

    Anyone got one with ‘opel’ stamped in the top and in good condition.
  12. Manta A series rebuild

    Performance Vauxhall’s magazine shoot this morning 😁
  13. Cotswolds Driving Tour.

    if the date changes to weekend after im in.
  14. Not mine and don’t know the guy, but cheap as https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/225731734944454/