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  1. Manta A series rebuild - Phase 2

    I tig welded a Chunk of ally plate in there first and then build up the weld
  2. Manta A series rebuild - Phase 2

    Been fannying around with a spare cam cover whilst I’m waiting for the block to come back to me As it was with the L shaped plug cover
  3. Manta 400r

    You not fancy a stronger box Peter to make the most of that axle?
  4. Manta A series rebuild - Phase 2

    Been working on the injector bosses his afternoon. Really forgot how much I miss using my Harrison lathe, such a nice bit of kit from when things were made properly. My piece of crap die grinder on the hand..... nearly got launched out the door, locking nuts kept undoing randomly The fuel rail isn’t staying have a custom one going on that still needs counter boring on the mill when I can actually get to it, have a CIH lump in the way atmo.
  5. Manta A series rebuild - Phase 2

    Getting some proper time in the workshop at last! Flange all welded up. hd to cut off the throttle body flange too as it was pissed at totally the wrong angle and it didn’t even match the throttle body. Checked the box and it had a spare flange that matched the throttle body, what ever. so that got melted on the correct angle. Then I had to swap all the gubbings on the throttle so the cable pull was the other side and the flap opened the correct way. Fuel rail next once the correct drill bit arrives and reamer. Then turn up some injector bosses, once the bar stock arrives too. This is next too, exhaust manifold needs it flange chipping offf and flipping for a top mount turbo. Lots of flange action!
  6. Manta A series rebuild - Phase 2

    Made a start in modifying the cheapness evo inlet. Got the flags cut off and levelled to within a half a mill or so flat to mate to the c20xe aluminium flange I sourced. I have now have it half welded up but forgot to take any pics of that, just the hardest welds to get at now. Then need to turn up some injector bosses to weld in and some tabs to mount the fuel rail to...not much then lol. Happy so far.
  7. Front-Mid Engined Manta Project

    Bit of a resurection but did this ever get completed Simon?
  8. Rally project .

    Really nice work, get some zinc primer on that quality fab work to stop that rust hazing though!!
  9. Strut brace brackets

    That’s for fitting coil overs; and I guess you could strap a brace between them too. Bit CaD shouldn’t be too hard (cardboard aided design)
  10. Ascona A voyage

    Rear lights finally found! I really do like this colour
  11. Manta A series rebuild - Phase 2

    It’s only certain types of men that get excited over boxes of bolts and hardened metal.... also so picked up the rebuilt scimitar axle. Needed quite some work, but luckily Tim at central axles Birmingham came through with the correct crown wheel and pinion. he said it was totally trashed, Looks to have been left too low on oil at some point. I will be giving a lick with a wire wheel and some grey machine paint as the satin black is just on there for effect I reckon lol.
  12. B series jacking point klokkerholm

  13. Opel Manta Coupe 1976

  14. Opel manta a gearbox

  15. Manta A series rebuild - Phase 2

    Started tearing down the c20let today, the signs look like the engine is in good fettle. Seems a shame to get it bored out, but I guess no compromises. as soon as the pistons arrive it’ll be going to the machine shop for bore/hone/decking. im just going to have the head skimmed if needed, decile and rebuild to check it over. Spec- wossner 8.5:1 pistons H Rod’s and arp bolts under Piston oil squirters arp main studs arp head studs race bearings Standard head with XE cams z20let head gasket omex 600 management big injectors 750cc paul barret loom turbo I haven’t sourced yet, I can’t bring myself to spend a grand on what I would like, so maybe some sort of holset that isn’t too laggy with an external waste gate home brew exhaust manifold bastardized Mitsi evo inlet manifold to fit the head and looks pretty It’ll be a nice strong base for firing up to 459-500hp through it. Bad news on the scimitar axle though. It had lost a few teeth and wrecked the pinion. New shims etc as wasn’t quite right inside hence the damage according to the axle man. but has all been repaired at great expense and picking up next week.