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  1. Ascona A voyage

    Hello matt, me too!
  2. Ascona A front indicator

    The whole unit? https://rover.ebay.com/rover/0/0/0?mpre=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.ebay.de%2Fulk%2Fitm%2F391789120421
  3. Ascona A voyage

    Bit of both. But a must is that it can be easily made original if required , body to not be modified in anyway. All factory interior too. No tunnel mods etc.
  4. Ascona A voyage

    No progress to report but I found a cool sticker to go in the back window
  5. Sat in my way here. If any use to a member come and get it and make a donation to my London to Brighton cycle for british heart foundation.
  6. 4 steels and tyres that hold air

    Just need some Wheels and tyres that hold air any old pieces of crap to get a car rolling for transport. Close to Northampton as possible.
  7. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Awesome work Jason!
  8. Ascona A Voyage, common as muck

    Looks reasonable under there. Front subframe needs a blasting by the looks of it.
  9. Ascona A Voyage, common as muck

    They’ll be like 400 copy’s by next year lol
  10. Ascona A voyage

    Full strip down and blasting the shell where needed on the lowers body. Underside raptor coated body colour. hopefully all original interior and body as is just cleaned up and tarted where needed. The drivers seat is in a bad way but I’m hoping I can get a match. The interior is blue. It will be an original car bar something different for the engine (which I have) The engine in it is not original 1600 but a manta 2ltr with a Weber which will be up for sale in a few weeks once removed. It will be done in a manner so it can have a 1600 and matching axle if it ever has to be sold. As modified it won’t be worth what it should, value wise I was going to speak to you for the insurance too steve.
  11. Anyone’s on here. My brother spotted this morning at riverside.
  12. Ascona A voyage

    After a faff yesterday with my trailer not being fixed managed to borrow from friends brothers body shop A trouble free day after a 7am set off to dropping the car at it’s short term home at the farm with reasonable weather too. The ascona In a lot better state than the pictures show, All usual areas gone but totally saveable and I’m well pleased. It’s probably the best A series I’ve had so far in an original state. And to boot had a load of panels and spares thrown in for a deal. 4 new wings (5 I have now!) x2 new front bumpers a top front panel another boot lid with a good top half. A rotted out door but with glass all the trims are there an ascona A coupe door full rear quarter(which I’ll sell on to recoup for anyone interested) x4 4 spoke revolutions has a set of lowering springs on it. very happy.
  13. Ascona A voyage

    I was referring to mr virco haha
  14. Ascona A voyage

    That’s the best comment you’ve ever given ian on here haha Yes Ian it is. I’ve let go one of my A’s to have this . I think it’s a worthy trade off.
  15. Ascona A voyage

    Itching to get on the road in the morning and pickup this rare little beast.