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  1. Manta A series rebuild

    What a weekend! the A series won 3 awards from the OMOC members and a special personal award from Rab , So overwhelmed with the feedback and appreciation. Makes it all worthwhile. Thanks to chris Collier and Ian Hollis for all their hard work in pushing the build forward. A great weekend with great Opel friends.
  2. Manta A series rebuild

    I was t sure either when I got it back, it was either this or solid white. But im glad. Its Audi Nardo grey
  3. Manta A series rebuild

    It’s been a close shave but got the A ready for its first show, a busy day doing all the little bits, not got all I wanted to get done but will have a few days before MH vboa to tart a bit more. now just the challenge tomorrow of the long drive down. Hope it makes it smoothly!
  4. Manta A series rebuild

    I have copied your idea! Will be testing it out Friday on my outing down to Exeter. can I ask where you got the new rubber seal from.
  5. Manta A series rebuild

    Cheers guys, good shout on the go kart fan too
  6. Manta A series rebuild

    I reckon I will re instate a heater blower at some point,
  7. B series jacking point klokkerholm

  8. Manta A series rebuild

    Neat idea thank you. I will steal that as I’m not running a fan or heater but still have the housing in place.
  9. Manta A series rebuild

    Well im heading to powderham castle with the south west lot next weekend! So ive got a busy week and a nervy shakedown
  10. Opel Manta A SR project.

    Or enough spot light age lol
  11. Manta A series rebuild

    It’s back in the body shop,last minute for sorting some of my mishaps hopefully will come out ok. had a real balance with brakes. Had a leaky cylinder on the front brakes, was an ass to change out. Then I really struggled t9 get all the air out the system. Got there eventually. been it for a longer run in it. All seems ok. Forgot how annoying the carbs are after a while and when it gets hot they don’t run too great, could with some bonnet venting but I don’t want to ruin the look. The c20let is definitely going in over the winter for a quieter life and it is sat there.
  12. Opel Manta A SR project.

    Thought it was Davo’s for a second there.
  13. Manta A battery tray

    Found one. thread can be close please mods
  14. Manta A battery tray

    Anyone have one in the attic?
  15. Manta A series rebuild