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    anything mechanical in general really, bit of downhill biking and cross country. and a good sesh on the beer now and again
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  1. My 1975 SR For Sale on eBay

    I missed out. Will be a stunner if gets restored to original
  2. manta b parts

    I have a B series wiper stalk assembly switch with the loom plugs etc
  3. A series boot lock

    Need to make a tool. An old deep socket ground down with two small pegs left. Can't remember diameter needed
  4. My 1975 SR For Sale on eBay

    I miss the early B PYC i had, I like the colour too!
  5. My 1975 SR For Sale on eBay

    I've thrown a bid in 🙀
  6. chassis legs at VBOA Meeting 8.-9. july

  7. A series steering column

    As above asap if anyone has one. paul
  8. 1800 gearbox

  9. 1800 gearbox

  10. A series rear bumper

  11. So close, then.....

    Gutted for you mate. I've had similar in the past. i may have that trim piece, should be same as a coupe from when I had mine
  12. A series track rod ends