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  1. Manta A series rebuild

    Loom labelling. Despite being a spark, this is still cheaper to buy a pre-made kitcar loom and adapt to the manta
  2. Manta A series rebuild

    Escort rubbers and yea 1800 alloy mounts There’s 10 hours in it so far
  3. Manta A series rebuild

    More tig today. The A is so tight for space down the side of the block and tunnel. Im going to have to make the secondaries removable to get the manifold in. Lots of work involved in doing that now. The rest of the system should be child’s play compared to this mani.
  4. Manta A series rebuild

    They’re ok, I’m a bit rusty. It was so bloody cold in the shop too I was shaking at times until the heat got up from the welding. Grinding wheel got well used to re dress my tungsten 😳😳
  5. Manta A series rebuild

    Cranked up the tig today to get going on the manifold. The car has a system I lashed together in my rush to get it ready last year but was always going to put a decent system on. Retro powers waiting list is so long now for stuff as they are so good, so seeing as I have all the gear and little bit of an idea bought a tonne of bends to have a bash. I’m not back purging, naughty but can’t be arsed. Half way through primaries
  6. B series jacking point klokkerholm

  7. Manta A series rebuild

    Only managed few hours tonight as had the little for 3 days whilst the boss was off galavanting. I’m going to update the thread as much as I can to keep my motivation going. The list is getting smaller and not far off now in the grand scheme of the rebuild. I have machined the astrali steering boss to accept a snap off cheapnese boss and an OMP wheel. Quite a bit of work for this although it doesn’t look it! The astrali boss is very wide took off over 10mm from the radius drilled and threaded for some hex head bolts, made a crap job of the plastic cover piece but you can’t see that when it’s on🤫. it’s improved the vehicle security, the wheel is further from the screen which is nice as the old Astrali I could flick my fingers up from the wheel and I’d be hitting the screen and also I can actually get out of the seat now lol... just Bars welded in for the drivers seat too. Chris’s (manta ray) old seats from his V6 A from may moons ago in its former guise. I’m going to order a six point cage too, can’t decide on silver or grey.
  8. Manta A series rebuild

    Long time no update. Motivation is back today. Over the Xmas break I built another shed to store more crap in and free up some space to work! mass tidy up of the workshop has been completed and selling in stuff I don’t need haven’t used for years too. Hve I’ve done lots haven’t mentioned but today’s progress involved fitting the GPS cheapnese speedo I bought some time ago. engine bay nearly there, just need to weld some brackets to a alloy washer bottle I have had lying around some years.
  9. What happened to the suspension I bought of you the other month have you had time to remove it and sort it yet.

    1. Paul Barrett

      Paul Barrett

      Hi, you haven’t bought anything from me. 

      I haven’t had time I’m afraid. And I’m debating what to do with the shell at the moment now. 



    2. E.motorspares


      I asked you if you had the suspension from the manta a you stripped the black shell you tried to sell and you give me a price  which I agreed to and offered to send you a deposit or pay for them and collect when you removed it and you sent me messages haven't had time yet that was only a couple of months ago a phone call would of been nice. Instead of messing people about.

  10. Manta A series lower front panel wanted.

    hi luke, looks like ill be keeping the front end I have now I'm afraid. ill keep my ears open though for you
  11. Aluminium radiator