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  1. Ebay: 83A GTE Hatch in white

    Thats roughly what its worth then
  2. Sorry but imho it looks a bit weird, the original Cavalier Centaur had a T bar roof which suited the frameless doors. In this conversion it appears to have had the roof skin removed but the strengtheners above the door glass left in. I think a Targa top conversion would have looked better or maybe left as it was even if the sunroof was going to get rusty
  3. Hi all.

    Hi Mark Welcome to the forum. There could be a Gold 1984 GTE hatch up for sale soon in the Bristol area, its currently being worked on to get it ready for sale in a few months time.
  4. Rally Day 2017

    If you book a club stand it costs £18 pp in advance, that's a lot of money to shell out with no guarantee that people will turn up especially if the weather was inclement. Due to rally day being so popular then it is likely that an OMOC club stand would be situated outside of the circuit in one of the car park areas as suggested on their booking form. One solution may be for the club to book say a 12 car stand at a cost of £216 from club funds then get those that want to put their car on the stand to pay the club back. Another solution would be for all interested people to meet up at Leigh Delamare services on the M4 by JCT 17 & then convoy into Castle Combe to ensure we all enter the car park together & are parked together. The guy who I spoke to at Market Harborough Simon Powell wanted Manta 400's or 400R's to turn up in numbers if possible & was looking to possibly have the club Gazebo & flags there.
  5. Rally Day 2017

    Rally day at Castle Combe is £18 in advance & £25 on the day. I believe at least 4 of us from around South Wales & West are planning to turn up in our Manta's. It would be nice to see others as well.
  6. What radio do I need?

    I have fitted a modern unit to My Ascona its a Sony unit with no CD drive so is not very deep & fits flush. Also has USB input for memory stick. http://www.argos.co.uk/product/6088174 Even the original Phillips units with cassette players will require the extension housing
  7. 1987 Manta GTE for sale

  8. Recaro seats for a hatch

    Original to match what the car had, usually but not always looks best. What I like the look of is to recover the recaros in the front with a matching black material close to what the back seat looks like. Seen this done on a few early pre facelift B's & it can look better than putting a later interior in an early car. It depends how original your SRB is in other areas, e.g. does it still have wheel arch brightwork & side rubbing strips fitted.
  9. Bristol CC show 17th-18th June 2017

    A great time was had by all at this show, weather was fantastic. Lots of luv for our cars over the weekend & had a couple of Manta owners turn up in the classic car park. Best bit for us as a club was Simon Chapman winning runner up in the "car of the show" category. Here's some pics of Simons car & Simon receiving the award.
  10. Once again the OMOC South Wales & South West will be displaying our cars at the Footman James Bristol Classic car show this coming weekend. http://bccs.bristolclassiccarshows.com/ There is also a massive outdoor classic car display no need to book just turn up on the day pay the entrance fee & enter through the dedicated classic car entrance. Look forward to meeting any visitors to our club stand in Sedgemoor Hall.
  11. Manta chrome bumper

    Hi David Welcome to the club, Chrome bumpered Manta B coupes are rare beasts these days & don't very often come up for sale. A good place to come & see some nice Manta's is at the annual VBOA show at Market Harborough showground over the weekend of 8th & 9th July, sometimes you get people who put a car up for sale. If you can afford it buy the best you can as they can be money pits to restore
  12. It's a nice car that's probably worth £3k tops in today's market.
  13. Gte hatch offered at auction

    Jack's first Manta was indeed a white hatch "DUX" Jack's second Manta hatch was D622 JWY As has already been said the link to the auction is from November 2014 & yes it is Jack's second Manta which I think he bought from a dealer in 2015
  14. Ebay: 79T SRB Hatch for sale

    The rarest of all the hatches, a chrome bumpered two slot hatch only made for around 18 months. Its unfortunately had its original side strips & wheel arch trims removed & is sporting incorrect front seats but this could all be put back. Looks from the pictures to be in good nick
  15. Hello fellow manta owners

    Hi Simon, welcome to the OMOC. That's one hell of a car you have bought, it looks like you live near Bridgewater Somerset so you are in the South Wales & South West regions of the club. We have quite an active area for members & have some events coming up soon if your able to join us. Bristol Classic Car show - Shepton Mallet Somerset over the weekend of 16th & 17th June VBOA show - Market Harborough over the weekend of Fri 7th till Sun 9th July Classic car action day - Castle Combe Wiltshire Sat 22nd July South Glos show near Bristol over the weekend of 5th & 6th of August plus other events TBC