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  1. Silver hatch on Shpock

    Hope all works out ok for you & you get to keep the Manta, looks from the photos like you've already replaced the tank breather pipes.
  2. Well done John, i reckon you'd add 50% more than what you paid just by giving it a clean Whats the plans for it, keeper or flip it ?
  3. 71 Manta 1.6 s

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  4. Made £1460 on Flea Bay. I think that's a potential bargain for someone.
  5. Agreed it looks like a potential good hatch with a genuine reason for a sale........................ However i would have spent a bit of time detailing up that engine bay before taking a pic to try to present the car better. The current owner says he has seen recent Manta sales go through at £7K - £8K but that was for coupes. Lots of hatches recently & currently for sale in similar condition & they seem to reach between £4K - £5K in genuine auction sales. I am not trying to talk down the price of Hatch Mantas the market dictates the price, maybe the improving weather & the fact that the "show season " has started will raise demand a bit.
  6. This is quite a find, an A that's been off the road for 28 years in the very nice colour of Monza Blue i think. With A's being rarely up for sale i think this will create a lot of interest. Once restored to original condition the new owner could have a car worth £10K +
  7. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Yep this car will be stunning once finished.
  8. Looks a pretty good example, shame about the dreaded sunroof rot.
  9. Totally agree with Danny on this one. Lots of nice hatches currently for sale between £4K - £5K, why would you pay £3K for this one when you would have to spend a minimum of another £3K to bring it to A1 condition (assuming you did the work yourself & just outsourced the respray).
  10. Yep i agree a nice looking example, only its location is the problem as your going to have to factor in transport costs plus its a bit far to go just to have a look first before you buy. There seems to be a glut of hatches on sale recently, making it a buyers market.
  11. 71 Manta 1.6 s

  12. non car topics

    In the members section there is a "general discussion " section for any topics not covered by the other sections. You would have to join the club as a full member at £25 per year which is only 50p per week or you can become a web member for i think £20 per year both of which will give you access to the full forum including being able to see & post pics.
  13. It has found its current market value, although i thought it might reach closer to £4K. The Red GTE also ended up again at £4200, again making its current market value. The Black 1.8 Hatch recently sold by myself & James Coghlan made £4150, i think there is a recurring theme here. The market dictates the achievable values of cars not us, the only variables are time of year & availability/desirability of a model. Don't despair guys values are still rising, just faster for "A's" & Coupes.
  14. I wish people wouldn't describe a car as "rust free" when it obviously isn't
  15. Hi new member

    Hi There are plenty of hatches for sale at the moment that are in pretty good condition for around £4500. When you say you had a soft spot for the early models do you mean the Manta A produced from 1970 - 1975 or the Manta B1 produced from 1975 - 1982 MANTA A MANTA B1