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  1. Went to a car meet at Cotswold Airport (RAF Kemble) this morning with James Coghlan, Martin Meadon & Jason Honey it was more a petrol heads meet than classic meet but our Mantas attracted plenty of attention in amongst the Subaru's BMW's etc. Also got to see some classic aircraft including the last Bristol Britannia to fly in 1997, a Folland Gnat & a Hawker Hunter.
  2. Seems cheap, could be a bargain but then again............................... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Opel-Manta-2-0-GTE-Hatchback/253265368535?hash=item3af7cad5d7:g:6swAAOSwSQFaEAiP
  3. That would make sense as he owns the pier at Weston Super Mare & thats the town where the car gets its MOT's. As the area rep i'll have to see if he'd be willing to display his car at next years Bristol Classic Car show, we would definitely make room for it on our stand !
  4. Good luck with resto. My Cav Hatch i used to own back in 2009 had black Rostyles with the chrome rings & i thought they looked better than the normal Cav silver Rostyles
  5. I noticed as well that it had no MOT history between 2005 till July 2017, so probably only been put back on the road this year after a long time in storage. Pictures are not the best as they are dark & taken from too far away. Listed in the wrong section of Fleabay (campers & motorhomes ) I would have tidied up the engine bay a bit to present the car better. Is the car known to the club from prior to 2005 ? I get the impression from the ad description that the seller hasn't owned the car for very long but then again i could be wrong.
  6. Just before

    You are right Jon, If a car is a good price then move quickly before others. At least when you sell em you don't ask unrealistic prices.
  7. Classic Motor Show 2017

    Very nice, enjoy your weekend guys.
  8. Trim clips for 1987 Berlinetta

    All sorted now thanks
  9. Opel Manta A - Considering purchasing

    Agree with Shug Assuming its as good underneath as the pics look on top then worth £10K at least
  10. Quick Hello

    Welcome to the club Jon That was a nice Red Berlinetta Hatch you sold recently at a very competitive price for a dealer.
  11. VBOA Show 2017

    Great shot of the site, highlights why there were complaints about why we were shunted into the far corner of the site At least we can see from this pic that next years show should have a better layout
  12. Trim clips for 1987 Berlinetta

    Hi Does anyone have any clips like this for a Opel Manta Berlinetta CC or know where i can get them from They hold the side rubbing strips in place I need three
  13. Advice

    This is very true, but of course a cars value is different to what it may sell for. My 1978 Manta SRB has 41,000 miles & is unrestored to me it is valued at £7000 but would i get that for it if i sold it ? James Coghlan & i recently purchased a 1987 Manta Berlinetta Hatch to recommission/restore & we believe we are going to get it to a good/very good standard once finished however spending can quickly get out of control. Even good quality pictures can make a car look better than what it will look like in the flesh, you are correct in your statement about different peoples standards. It is human nature to want something for nothing & a lot of buyers think that £4k should get them a fully restored hatch in showroom condition it generally won't but it should get you a good car that a new owner can take up to the next level especially if its their "keeper" To get top price for your car you have to present it well in your pictures, give a good honest description & sell it either in the spring or early summer imo
  14. So it sold for £890 just over a week ago, has now had a wash & has had it running & is on an auction starting at £750. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/222681855822?clk_rvr_id=1349843243991&rmvSB=true Either the new owner just wants a quick profit or he's had a good look at the car & decided its gonna cost to much to recommission/repair.
  15. Mint Manta?

    Car looks a goodun Clive, keep the piccies coming as you work on it.