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  1. Got to agree with Danny on this one we all hope it sells for a good price but £15999 is pie in the sky Also agree with Monaco blue that £7500 for that 16v Exclusive hatch seems a bargain in comparison.
  2. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Nice to see two Centaurs that are original & haven't been "modernised". I should have bought that red one when it was up for sale earlier this year
  3. 1987 Manta 1.8S Berlinetta

    Apparently it was the third from last made before they dropped the model & then only made the Exclusive Hatch.
  4. 1987 Manta 1.8S Berlinetta

    James Coghlan (Stradacab) & Myself have just agreed to buy another Manta as a joint project. Background story is whilst at a local show last month a gentleman was chatting to us on our stand & mentioned that he had a Manta which he had owned from new & was currently stored in a garage & had been off the road for the last 15 years, he said he would like to sell it & naturally he had our undivided attention especially as the car was stored only a few miles from us. The guy that owns it had taken it to Billing several times in the 1990's his name is Bill Flook if any one remembers him from that time. We went to see the car today, its a 1987 Manta 1.8S Berlinetta, all original & 1 owner from new with 93,550 miles from new. Its been well maintained, with service & maintenance history including engine oil changes every 4500 miles & gearbox & back axle oil changes every 9000 miles engine turns over so not seized, extensive history with the car including all MOT's. Although the car looks dusty & needs a good clean the body is generally very good with just some welding needed on both sills at the point where the join is & one swan neck is starting to blow. The arches are solid but will need the lips rubbing down & repainting. Sun roof is perfect as the car was garaged at night & when not in use. Bumpers were removed & repainted when it was put into storage & just need re-fitting. Plan is to recommision/restore it & keep it original then sell it hopefully to a club member who wants an original 1.8 Manta Hatch. If it doesn't sell then we will bring it to Harborough next year Here are a few pics i took today
  5. Rally Day 2017

    I am on holiday for two weeks before Rally day so did not organise anything locally as apart from one local member no one locally seemed that interested to commit when i asked them at market Harborough. You wont be treading on any toes Kenny if you want to organise a stand for next year or organise a meet up point for this year to enable those that want to go to convoy in. We have one local member in Bristol who is planning to go (Jason Honey) & if my flight home is not delayed then i may attend. I'll take a look at the forum & facebook when i return home to see if any thing has been organised. If you do decide to meet up & convoy in to ensure parking together then the best place is here http://www.chippenhampitstop.com/ This is situated just off Jct 17 of the M4 & is better located for meeting up before Castle Combe, it is advertised as a Truck stop but cars are allowed as well.
  6. Why would he feel sick, he was happy to sell it. You are assuming KGF will get nearly £13K for it, even if it was a Manta I think he would struggle to get the asking price. If KGF get top dollar then well done
  7. Allegedly sold to KGF for around £5k 🤑
  8. 88E White GTE Coupe for sale

    If its as good as described then its worth every bit of £9K Try finding another time warp unrestored example
  9. Ebay: 83A GTE Hatch in white

    Thats roughly what its worth then
  10. Sorry but imho it looks a bit weird, the original Cavalier Centaur had a T bar roof which suited the frameless doors. In this conversion it appears to have had the roof skin removed but the strengtheners above the door glass left in. I think a Targa top conversion would have looked better or maybe left as it was even if the sunroof was going to get rusty
  11. Hi all.

    Hi Mark Welcome to the forum. There could be a Gold 1984 GTE hatch up for sale soon in the Bristol area, its currently being worked on to get it ready for sale in a few months time.
  12. Rally Day 2017

    If you book a club stand it costs £18 pp in advance, that's a lot of money to shell out with no guarantee that people will turn up especially if the weather was inclement. Due to rally day being so popular then it is likely that an OMOC club stand would be situated outside of the circuit in one of the car park areas as suggested on their booking form. One solution may be for the club to book say a 12 car stand at a cost of £216 from club funds then get those that want to put their car on the stand to pay the club back. Another solution would be for all interested people to meet up at Leigh Delamare services on the M4 by JCT 17 & then convoy into Castle Combe to ensure we all enter the car park together & are parked together. The guy who I spoke to at Market Harborough Simon Powell wanted Manta 400's or 400R's to turn up in numbers if possible & was looking to possibly have the club Gazebo & flags there.
  13. Rally Day 2017

    Rally day at Castle Combe is £18 in advance & £25 on the day. I believe at least 4 of us from around South Wales & West are planning to turn up in our Manta's. It would be nice to see others as well.
  14. What radio do I need?

    I have fitted a modern unit to My Ascona its a Sony unit with no CD drive so is not very deep & fits flush. Also has USB input for memory stick. http://www.argos.co.uk/product/6088174 Even the original Phillips units with cassette players will require the extension housing
  15. 1987 Manta GTE for sale