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  1. 73 Manta 1.6GT up for auction

    Nice example RHD & no reserve auction, be interesting to see what it makes.
  2. Interesting that its a Berlinetta but without the SR trim so no 6 clock dash & no SR steering wheel. I thought that by 1978 in the UK Opel had combined the model range to SR Berlinetta or Manta S.
  3. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Its like you've just picked it up as new from Dan Harford Now its time to let us Bristle boys see it.
  4. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Can't wait to see the finished car Jason, Do you reckon you might be able to bring it to the Bristol Classic Car show over the weekend 16th - 17th June or failing that are you going to bring it to Powderham Castle over the weekend 7th - 8th July ?
  5. If its strong Ian & it does the job then once the wing & carpets are back in then nobody is going to see it anyway. At least your welding skills are better than mine.
  6. Shame its in Ireland, price would be around £2900. Seems a good car priced sensibly.
  7. I think that the fact that this car is still up for sale at £14K but sold last year for around £6K tells most of us what we all know, the market dictates the price not the vendor. However it is a great example of a good car well presented with an excellent Ad.
  8. Nice that its still got its original steel wheels if you wanted to put it back to standard spec. Unrestored cars command the highest values but if i had £12K i'm not sure i would spend it on this particular car, however it is a rare find in today's Manta market.
  9. Glad you got a good price for it, i thought it looked a decent car. Hopefully one day when funds permit you can get back into Manta ownership.
  10. V8 Manta

    It's a good guide to what it's worth imo.
  11. 1986 Manta Coupe Restomod

    If you can come along to Powderham Castle over the weekend of 8th -9th July you'll see lots of Mantas on our club stand
  12. V8 Manta

    It should now reach its true value, but i suspect the reserve will be set higher than that.
  13. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    That is a real shit sandwich & i feel for you but don't let it get you down as its repairable. Keep your chin up as i'm sure your pride & joy will be back on the road soon.

    Yep would do "OPEL" in silver.
  15. Work starts on the mk 2 , V6 A series.

    When my mate had a leak on his V6 Omega it turned out it was the oil cooler situated at the top of the engine in between the cam covers.