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  1. Rapierdave

    Custom V8

    Here it is on the stand at the Bristol CC show back in 2015
  2. Rapierdave

    1985 1.8s Berlinetta Hatch

    I wondered what had happened to "Ruby" Glad to see its been sorted & up for sale at a very fair price.
  3. Rapierdave

    V8 rally car for auction

    Yep sold for £6055 on Ebay September 20th.
  4. Its odd that it sold a month ago in Uckfield Sussex on ebay for around £4k or maybe a bit less, then it ends up in Newry Northern Ireland & is up for sale for £3750. Allowing for the costs of getting the car over to Newry then surely the new owner must be making a loss or only breaking even ?
  5. Over the weekend of Friday 19th Saturday 20th & Sunday 21st October 2018 there will be a re-creation of the Lombard RAC rallies from the Seventies & Eighties that commenced from the centre of Bath. There are 122 cars entered including at 120 our own Kenny Chisholm. Jimmy Mcrae will be entry number 8 in the Manta 400. Stig Blomqvist in the Audi Quattro There are lots of interesting cars entered including Ascona 400, Chevette HS2300, Lotus Sunbeam, Metro 6R4, Rapier H120, Lacia Stratos, plus Escorts, TR7's etc. The cars will be leaving Great Pulteny Street Bath from 8:00 am On Saturday morning. Full details of the event are here with details of off road spectator stage. http://lombardrallybath.co.uk/
  6. Very nice & rare Cavalier saloon for sale in Autotrader https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/201809020086353?make=VAUXHALL&model=CAVALIER&postcode=yo626pd&advertising-location=at_cars&sort=sponsored&radius=1500&onesearchad=New&page=1
  7. Went for £12,800 Good news for us that own a Manta, not such good news for those wanting to get into Manta ownership.
  8. Surely it ought to sell at or around £3200. Seems like a very fair price going by the pics & description.
  9. Rapierdave


    It wouldn't have had one fitted from new Julian. My Manta is 1978 & doesn't have one. You probably have an air filter enclosure like mine Later carb Manta's e.g. 1980 onwards have this type of air filter enclosure & a plastic fitment that the other end of the pipe clips into.
  10. Rapierdave

    Philips 752 radio

    I got charged £25 to recode a 752 last year. Took it to a guy in Bristol who advertised recoding of radios etc when i googled. He was an older guy who hadn't recoded a radio/cassette of that age for years but he did it ok. Here is his web page https://www.aksecurity.co.uk/contact-us
  11. Agree with whats been said about this Cavalier & its Advert. I noticed that the nose is missing its Vauxhall badge & the slot behind the number plate is painted red instead of Anthracite. Also the chrome strip is missing on the front & around the nearside rear wheel arch. So some paintwork/ rectification has been carried out. A reasonably priced way into classic car ownership with the bonus of a known history of the car. It ought to fetch close to the asking price but the market will dictate the final price.
  12. Rapierdave

    2.0 GTE Battery

    Battery type 065 is recommended for a Manta 2.0 litre. Although i have seen 075 type fitted. The 075 has a higher ampere hour rating. If a battery is not used for long periods then any battery will deteriorate even an expensive one.
  13. I am not surprised, A hatch could fetch that assuming its in good nick MOT history check throws up no nasties.