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  1. Been sprayed too.. A very off putting thing for me is the under bonnet is a different colour
  2. I've seen this car locally for years now. For about 2 to 3 years it's just been parked up on the drive unused. I think this and my manta are the only ones left here in this area. Locally registered too here in Southend, providing dealer probably came from jessups or macs garage. Hope it finds a good home it deserves. Only thing that stopped me knocking on the door is I suspected they would know the real value of it....
  3. Replacement Oil Cooler Manta B — Recommendations

    I'd say it's been replaced by a manual rad as these have got hard to come by. I'm glad I've seen this topic as I'm think of fitting a cooler in place if the one in the bottom of the rad as I may start towing with the sportshatch and this would be a much better way of keeping the gearbox fluid cool. (now I kick myself for selling the two spare rads I had that were manual)
  4. Interior light time delay

    I bought a couple of these from a car show some time ago. A little long black tube with a red and a black wire. Easy to fit too. I think was made by pearl products.
  5. Automatic Manta

    Its one of those things that are marmite I suppose. It's a case of personal preference. I've other cars that are manual, and also had mk1 cavaliers that are speed and 2.0 and 2.8 mantas with 5 speed manual boxes. so when I take the auto out I enjoy it. It's one of the most smoothly changing autos I've driven. Also as the case with the manta I have it was the first auto I drove even before I owned it myself. The sportshatch, well that was unplanned it just happened to be auto. No plans to Convert them myself.
  6. Automatic Manta

    They do come up now and again, Unfortunately not many people are fans of the auto hence they get converted to manual. I personally love them and have a gte auto and a cavalier sportshatch in auto .
  7. BARN FIND!!

    Its my dream to have this happen
  8. 1.8 Berlinetta

  9. South east monthly meet April 2nd 15.30

    hi brian , I won't be able to come this time as I'm going into work! yes on a Sunday! it was a bit last minute and a bit extra cash.. paul
  10. 1985 GTE Hatch restore / tidy

    Thats the one h-400 you beat me too it..
  11. 1985 GTE Hatch restore / tidy

    I'll try and see if I can get a pic of it on mine tomorrow. that's when I've found the car in the garage ha ha .