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  1. Engine earth strap location- Manta

    Thanks all, went for easiest option first and changed the braided copper earth from battery to chassis for a heavy duty copper one. This seems to have sorted my intermittent starting issue. Cheers
  2. Should my 1983 1.8s Manta have an engine earth strap? and if so where is it located please ?
  3. 10/40 or 5/30 Engine oil.

    Broughton, Flintshire. We are almost neighbours
  4. 10/40 or 5/30 Engine oil.

    Thank you, that is the answer I expected.
  5. 10/40 or 5/30 Engine oil.

    Hi I think i have asked this question before but can not find the answer. My 1982 1.8s Berlinetta is usually on the road for the summer months only, is it OK to use 5/30 engine oil or is it beneficial to use 10/40 ? Thanks
  6. anyone in Crewe or nearby Cheshire?

    If the car has not been run for some time the fuel seems to "run back" to the tank if that makes sense, After laying mine up for the winter I always have to disconnect pipe from fuel pump and use a siphon to drag fuel back to the pump, then it starts first time. hth
  7. Hi how are they sorting your battery shelf please? it looks like mine needs a bit of attention. Cheers
  8. Red A series on eBay

  9. 400 Rep

    What does " WILL TAKE VERY LITTLE MORE TO LEAVE THIS VERY RARE AWESOME LOOKING CAR BACK ON THE ROAD" mean? I have sent email to seller but no reply.

    I know everything has a value, is this worth £500 in this condition?
  11. Auto rad

  12. Headlight Wiper Blades

    Just cut down normal ones to fit. Reuse the two metal stiffeners.
  13. Petrol Tank

    I assume the above is rocking horse poo ?
  14. Exhaust To Many Old Bolts On 1.9 Cih

    Anything like ? :http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/2pcs-M9-x-35-Titanium-Ti-Screw-Bolt-Allen-hex-Socket-Cap-head-Aerospace-Grade-/111644475313?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_0&hash=item19fe877fb1
  15. Prestatyn Classic Car Show.