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  1. Hope your layoff isn't too long, I'll miss your (unfailingly cheerful!) updates! Good luck with the procedure, hope all goes well. Fin
  2. Manta A series rebuild

    It's come out really nice, enjoy it! On the interior, did you buy a carpet set somewhere, or make your own? If you made your own, what type of material did you buy?
  3. Fair play for keeping at it...you don't do sitting around , do you?! Thanks for taking the time to post up here too, all good info for those of us not expert welders! I'm not sure if you mentioned it anywhere above, but what are you using to grind the welds down, a flap disc? I'm always amazed when someone in one photo shows a picture of a patch welded in, and then in the next picture the welds are completely invisible after 'a bit of grinding down'...it's never like that in the world I live in!
  4. Was in Northern Ireland before going up for sale last year...
  5. Manta A back on the road

    Hi Alan, I sent my email address via text to your mobile on Wednesday, did you get it OK? If you email me (or PM me) your address I can get a postage quote. Rgds, Fin
  6. Manta A back on the road

    Hi Alan, I found the filter housing, see below, it even still has a filter in it! Is this what you need? It is in perfect condition inside and underneath, but the top will need a wirebrush/sanding down and a lick of paint. The breather pipe with it is cracked, but all the clips holding the lid on are tight and in good condition. Regards, Fin
  7. Manta A back on the road

    Hi, I might have an air filter housing, I know I did at one time, just can't remember if I threw it out! It would need a lick of paint, but you could have it FOC if you cover the postage. I'll have a look in the garage and see if I can find it. Fin
  8. Anyone know this one, looks like a pretty memorable reg number (LPB333K)? https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/opel-manta-a/18738960
  9. will a Cih 1.6 bore out to 2.0?

    I seem to remember reading something that the 1.9 and the 1.6 were the same block, but the 2.0 was a different casting. You can certainly take a 1.9 out to 95mm bore, so if it is the same as the 1.6, it should work, but it seems like a lot of metal to remove! Bravery...
  10. A-series chrome trim

  11. A-series chrome trim

    Hi guys, I'm looking for the chrome trim that goes on the roof gutter of an A-series, both sides. Actual condition of the chrome is not that important, I'll be painting it black for a GTE look anyway. Anyone have any to hand? Thanks, Fin
  12. Hi, I've been following your thread with interest, fair play to you for taking the time to detail it all here. It's great to see the reality of a resto, as opposed to the '...and 7 years later it looked like this...' approach! Will be particularly interested to see how the welding goes, I have an A-series project that I will have to tackle some year, but apart from a beginners course, I haven't done any before, so it'll be a step into the unknown. Good luck with yours, keep the updates coming! Fin
  13. 1973 Manta A

  14. Manta A series rebuild

    Nice work! How many hours did that take?! (BTW, what did you do for engine mountings? 1.8 mounts + a rubber from some other car?)