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  1. Manta A series rebuild

    Nice work! How many hours did that take?! (BTW, what did you do for engine mountings? 1.8 mounts + a rubber from some other car?)
  2. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Ah, interesting to know, thanks. But both designed to do the same job, right?
  3. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Never saw the Fertan product before. Is it similar to BH Hydrate 80? Just curious as to why your preference for Fertan on the door skin seams? Fin
  4. 2.4 block

    Simon, If you don't get any joy with a 2.4 block, IIRC, with minor grinding it's possible to modify a 2.0L block to accommodate the 2.4 crank/rods. Fin
  5. A-series front spoiler fitment

    Thanks for the advice guys. Sounds like the Lenk one is OK, certainly from the pictures on Dougs thread it looks spot on. I saw that one on ebay go for £270 alright, seems like crazy money if the Lenk one is any sort of reasonable fit at all!
  6. A-series front spoiler fitment

    Thanks Luke. Would be interested to see a few pics when you get it if you don't mind. Cheers, Fin
  7. Hi, Just wondering if anyone has fitted an A-series front spoiler from Lenk Tuning, and if so, how was the quality/fitment? Thanks, Fin
  8. Ah I'm in Monaghan, bit far for a meet up! There must have been a bit of a trend for having old Opels in showrooms. The A-series I have was in an Opel showroom in the west of Ireland, along with a GT and a Kadett, but when the owners son took over the dealership, he got rid of all of them! Best of luck with the new purchase.
  9. I was up with Robbie maybe 3 years ago buying some parts for my A series. At the time he was in the middle of building a Cobra replica if I remember right. He gave me a look around his 2 Mantas, and if the car you have bought is anything like the standard of the V8 A series he has, you have some car! Dead jealous...whereabouts in Ireland are you by the way?
  10. Opel Manta GTE parts

  11. Opel Manta GTE parts

  12. door lock key

    Hi Julian, I got a spare ignition key cut earlier this year for my A-series. The original has 105 stamped on it, and I found out that the original blank was the same as this: https://www.charlesbirch.com/p-10814-silca-hu25r-orion-hf20l.aspx So I was able to get one cut. If I remember right there are different versions of the 105 though, not all 'opel 105' key blanks looked like mine, that same key number is used all the way up to a Vectra. If you do a web search for 'opel 105 key blank' or something similar, you might be able to compare a picture to your existing key. HTH. Fin
  13. Calibra turbo front calipers

    Long shot, but in the interests of maybe helping someone out.... I have a set of calipers that I was trying to ID...I thought they were calibra calipers...they are marked as 57/25....(which is a huge piston alright!) David Howell said about them "The 57/25 is the later calipers for the 288MM discs and are the same as the early Omega/vectra's had fitted. Too big for the manta conversions unfortunately." So they're probably no good to you...but just in case they are what you're looking for? Fin
  14. A-series bushes

    Folks, Just wondering, where's the best place to get A-series bushes? I'm not looking for rock-hard track bushes, just 'standard' type ones, if they can be got. Am I right in thinking that using Polyurethane bushes can make the whole thing feel a bit too hard for comfort on bad surfaces? Is it the usual trawl through the German parts sites? I see some of them list different bushes, but was wondering if anyone does a complete kit? What has anyone else used? Thanks, Fin
  15. Wanted. GTE gear box

    In the event that a second box comes out of the woodwork, I'm looking for one too...