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  1. Curiosity...What tool do you find best for cutting the steel patches out of the sheet?
  2. A-series - loose window

    ah! perfect, yes, that's exactly what I need I think. Good find, thanks a lot!
  3. A-series - loose window

    Thanks, yeh, the other window is actually a little loose at the front, but secure at the back, but not as bad as the other side! I could take the whole window assy etc out to examine, but I'd rather not unless I knew there was something I could actually fix.
  4. Keep plugging away Ian, your bravery is only matched by your determination! Thanks a lot for the effort in documenting everything. Great stuff to follow for us mere mortals! Fin
  5. A-series - loose window

    Guys, I was replacing the door top window seals on my A recently. When I had the door card off, I decided to investigate the reason my window is 'loose'. With the window up, and the door open, you can wiggle the back of the window quite an amount in and out. I can just about see down inside the door. I've never had one of these apart before, but it looks like there's a U-shaped channel (circled in yellow below) attached to the glass, that fits around a rail which guides the glass up. There's a lot of play in the one of these at the back of the door, and it lets the window move in and out. The one at the front of the door doesn't have this play. Should there be a nylon insert or something in that u-shaped channel, to give a more secure guide on the rail? Or is there an adjustment, or something else? Thanks, Fin
  6. Hope your layoff isn't too long, I'll miss your (unfailingly cheerful!) updates! Good luck with the procedure, hope all goes well. Fin
  7. Manta A series rebuild

    It's come out really nice, enjoy it! On the interior, did you buy a carpet set somewhere, or make your own? If you made your own, what type of material did you buy?
  8. Fair play for keeping at it...you don't do sitting around , do you?! Thanks for taking the time to post up here too, all good info for those of us not expert welders! I'm not sure if you mentioned it anywhere above, but what are you using to grind the welds down, a flap disc? I'm always amazed when someone in one photo shows a picture of a patch welded in, and then in the next picture the welds are completely invisible after 'a bit of grinding down'...it's never like that in the world I live in!
  9. Was in Northern Ireland before going up for sale last year...
  10. Manta A back on the road

    Hi Alan, I sent my email address via text to your mobile on Wednesday, did you get it OK? If you email me (or PM me) your address I can get a postage quote. Rgds, Fin
  11. Manta A back on the road

    Hi Alan, I found the filter housing, see below, it even still has a filter in it! Is this what you need? It is in perfect condition inside and underneath, but the top will need a wirebrush/sanding down and a lick of paint. The breather pipe with it is cracked, but all the clips holding the lid on are tight and in good condition. Regards, Fin
  12. Manta A back on the road

    Hi, I might have an air filter housing, I know I did at one time, just can't remember if I threw it out! It would need a lick of paint, but you could have it FOC if you cover the postage. I'll have a look in the garage and see if I can find it. Fin
  13. Anyone know this one, looks like a pretty memorable reg number (LPB333K)? https://www.donedeal.ie/cars-for-sale/opel-manta-a/18738960
  14. will a Cih 1.6 bore out to 2.0?

    I seem to remember reading something that the 1.9 and the 1.6 were the same block, but the 2.0 was a different casting. You can certainly take a 1.9 out to 95mm bore, so if it is the same as the 1.6, it should work, but it seems like a lot of metal to remove! Bravery...