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  1. 10/40 or 5/30 Engine oil.

    Like how you said every pound not every penny..
  2. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Er... that's pretty tidy stuff, rather spiffing.
  3. Lucky uncle Alan

    If it smells like a turd...... etc.
  4. Sure this was for sale not too long ago, seem to remember the bonnet pins, but I am on owd giffer so my mind is dull. Missing the wheel arch trims & all the badges from the rear so maybe has had some work. (the Vauxhall badge is from a later model, should have individual letters) I bet that red colour would come up cracking with a T Cut & re-polish.
  5. Mk1 caviler 1977 coupe

    Welcome fellow Cavvy, good forums here & really helpful, suggest you whip out your £25 & join OMOC.
  6. Hello Everyone

    Welcome, this is a good club for MK1 owners, loads of help, knowledgeable members (anoraks).....
  7. Spotted these on the bay, look pretty good from the pics. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/VINTAGE-OPEL-MANTA-B-H4-HEADLIGHTS-LEFT-RIGHT-UNITS-HELLA-GERMANY/372194621661?fits=Car+Make%3AOpel|Model%3AManta+B+CC&hash=item56a88738dd:g:e3cAAOSw5utaW1Vp
  8. Hello everyone

    Hello & welcome, good luck finding the car of your dreams. This is the place for information & help, not from me but the guys on here are great.
  9. Smashing, I take it the caravan was the brew hut..
  10. In the mid 80s chrome trim & whatnot was seen as really naff, slab sided block colours were all the rage, I nearly detrimmed mine in the mid 80s but managed to hold back & kept it all on, so glad that I did. In fact ordered new trim that was available 10 or 12 years ago & fitted it all this last summer.
  11. Hello everybody

    Hi and welcome, which car do you have?
  12. Hello and thanks

    Welcome Antonio, there are some very good guys on here, full of knowledge and really helpful.
  13. Too many silencers?

    Only ever had two on the Sportshatch.
  14. What a smashing colour, looks in great condition. Mmm, now I wonder what sort of price, I would guess £7.5k