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  1. 2.0 GTE Battery

    The battery chap told me when I got a new one back end of last year to top up charge every 6 weeks or so if not in use. MIne is stored over winter so at the end of the month I will park & up & remove the battery, and top up every 6 weeks or so.
  2. Dash Light Fuse

    Sorted on Sunday, cleaned all contacts & earths around side light, changed for a yellow & away we go. Thanks chaps.
  3. Dash Light Fuse

    Cheers Chaps, will have a good look at the weekend. I noticed the cowl wasn't illuminated, the heater motor was working nicely but obviously couldn't check the side lights as I was pottering along the M66 to work. When I replaced the fuse (quite a thin strip of copper) & switched the lights to side it pinged straight away, I left it at that. Would you suggest trying a yellow one?
  4. Dash Light Fuse

    Hi learned ones, my dash light fuse (number 2) popped, I replaced & it popped again..... I have a RED ceramic fuse in there, not sure what amp size this is or if it is the correct one, anyone help with the info? Cheers Sam.
  5. Rally project .

    Magnificent, you folks are without doubt lunatics.....
  6. Blinkin Erry, I have had my hatch for 35 years, you have had the equivalent of one a year over the same period. Behave yerself.
  7. Newbie - pass wing mirror and engine issues

    Beware when you remove the door card, there is a littel springy circlip thing holding the window winder in place... These things leap off into the stratosphere never to be seen again
  8. Julian has a good point, also while you are at this stage you may as well get the tank out & if there is anything that needs replacing or fettling, now's the time.
  9. Save your arch trim if at all possible, it's hard stuff to find in good nick.

    My 1980 Sportshatch had the pipe fitted, pretty sure I have the front browny beige plastic thing somewhere if needed.
  11. If I get chance I am going to pop to the meet tonight, might even see another one & talk some B0**cks.