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  1. plumster

    1981 Manta Coupe Project.

    Sounds like many a weekend & evening hour in the garage, good luck with it.
  2. plumster

    AIR4 with Rekord C

    Nice car, good luck.
  3. plumster

    2.0 GTE Battery

    The battery chap told me when I got a new one back end of last year to top up charge every 6 weeks or so if not in use. MIne is stored over winter so at the end of the month I will park & up & remove the battery, and top up every 6 weeks or so.
  4. plumster

    Dash Light Fuse

    Sorted on Sunday, cleaned all contacts & earths around side light, changed for a yellow & away we go. Thanks chaps.
  5. plumster

    Dash Light Fuse

    Cheers Chaps, will have a good look at the weekend. I noticed the cowl wasn't illuminated, the heater motor was working nicely but obviously couldn't check the side lights as I was pottering along the M66 to work. When I replaced the fuse (quite a thin strip of copper) & switched the lights to side it pinged straight away, I left it at that. Would you suggest trying a yellow one?
  6. plumster

    Dash Light Fuse

    Hi learned ones, my dash light fuse (number 2) popped, I replaced & it popped again..... I have a RED ceramic fuse in there, not sure what amp size this is or if it is the correct one, anyone help with the info? Cheers Sam.
  7. plumster

    Rally project .

    Magnificent, you folks are without doubt lunatics.....
  8. Blinkin Erry, I have had my hatch for 35 years, you have had the equivalent of one a year over the same period. Behave yerself.
  9. plumster

    Newbie - pass wing mirror and engine issues

    Beware when you remove the door card, there is a littel springy circlip thing holding the window winder in place... These things leap off into the stratosphere never to be seen again
  10. Julian has a good point, also while you are at this stage you may as well get the tank out & if there is anything that needs replacing or fettling, now's the time.
  11. Save your arch trim if at all possible, it's hard stuff to find in good nick.