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  1. Trim clips urgently needed.

    Thanks Chris, car is ready at body shop after my wheel off incident, just need the clips to finish off the wing, need to try & get some sharpish if poss. But may well be needing yours if nowt turns up, thankyou.
  2. Trim clips urgently needed.

    Hi folks need 4 or 5 of these rascals, they hold the thin body mouldings to doors, wings etc on Cavalier / early Bs. Cheers, Sam.
  3. MK1 Cavalier trim parts needed

    Is this the horn push you need??? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Vauxhall-Horn-Push-/112554481104?hash=item1a34c515d0:g:qyIAAOSwLKpZiLtf
  4. Some good bits on there, wish I had somewhere to store it.
  5. That bit of wood holding the tailgate up looks mint.

    I had mine refurbed & then set up at Rally Equipe, Bury, on the rolling road, it had never run as smoothly, well worth the dosh. Just a thought if you are still having problems.
  7. So close, then.....

    Well, while I have been away in the Netherlands my lovely mechanic chap has moved the car to the body shop & work will start next week, trouble is won't be worth putting on the road now til next year. But will be nice to have it back, in one peice & fully up to sexy goodness.....
  8. Shiny bit required

    Ha... waiting for the bodyshop to find a hole in their schedule, at the moment its another 3 weeks or so. So probably have to be resigned to another year off the road.
  9. Shiny bit required

    Team Manta North West do it again, all bits sorted (for the moment).. Thanks to Danny & Kev Abbott. Cheers.
  10. Pesky Coupe rear quarter windows!

    Hi Rob, check out this link, don't know if Coupe openers are same as hatch though.... The only way to get at the screw properly is to knock out the split pin thingy, these dudes from Reprotec are great, but I didn't bother trying to put the split pins back in I just used some 4mm (I think) bolts & little lock nuts. http://www.ebay.de/itm/Set-Ausstellfenster-Lager-Dichtscheiben-Opel-Kadett-Manta-Ascona-Rekord-B-C-D-/261135546176?hash=item3ccce43740
  11. Shiny bit required

    That's great Kev, give me a shout & I will fire across.
  12. Shiny bit required

    Hi Kev, give me a shout if you have one, I will pop over from work. Cheers. Shug, I'm pretty sure they are a different animal, but thanks for the suggestion.
  13. Shiny bit required

    Anyone out there got this wheel arch trim? Cash, beer or whatever waiting..........................
  14. So close, then.....

    Yeah will give the Faceache page a drop, forgot about that, cheers.