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  1. So close, then.....

    We are back home... looks like a nice job, had a couple of other bits tidied while at it. Took the opportunity to clean up & refit the passenger seat, it's come up really nice with some leather cleaner, if Mrs B asked me to do this with the household furniture I would think she had gone mad !! I see now what a great job the trimmer did when he made the seats for me all those years ago. Thanks Club members for the bits, it's how we keep em going.
  2. Basic under bonnet ignition wiring help.

    Some pics of the wiring on my Cav, if you want pics of anything in particularlet me know, that additional dizzy top seems rather strange....
  3. Remember in the book & film Christine by Stephen King, Arnie started off doing the little jobs like replacing wiper blades.... The car did the rest itself..... Ohhh spooky. Er, I wouldn't rely on that happening though.
  4. Basic under bonnet ignition wiring help.

    If it's a Cav it may have A C Delco parts, mine is back in the garage at last so I can take pics at the weekend if you like.
  5. Replacing the Door Window Seals

    And... there will be a show tonight.....
  6. Prop damper

    Cor blimey that's a nice bottom......
  7. You got the deep red dash & binnacle that I had on mine, shame that the thing has split round the speaker holes (as usual). Good luck with that little lot.
  8. So close, then.....

    Thanks for the positive comments chaps, re the wheels: the car has had 13" polished Wofrace slots on since 1985 but I always thought they looked too small with a 60 profile tyre. I love the new ones (just as well as I bought the rascals)
  9. Classic Motor Show 2017

    Have fun. I can't help but thinking that November is the shittest time of year for a Classic car event.
  10. So close, then.....

    Whooppee Dooo, we're back in one piece. Had a few other bits diddled at the same time, but looking cool again. Thanks again to Dan & Kev for helping me with the bits needed.
  11. 1987 GT/E

    great find.
  12. Engine bay tidy up

    Not sure if this will work.....
  13. Hi there

    Welcome Clive, a few weeks ago when the wheel came off the cav after a long time getting it back to top notch I would have given it you for a tenner..... but it's nearly back to full chuff. Will be interested to see what you get and what you do to it.
  14. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Half a job as usual........... Looks like a proper job, well done.