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  1. Hi all, is there anywhere to buy these new (don't have to be concours), or are there any other compatible cars to search for? Alternatively, if anyone has an old but decent condition pair lying about, please PM me, they are for my A series. thanks in advance!
  2. A series fuel tank needed

    or alternatively will consider a B series tank.. or recommend a other types that would fit/match the a series. Much appreciated.
  3. A series paint codes

    Hi Steve, I have passed the above link /paint codes to the bodyshop to be informed that these are no longer available. What is the best /closest match to the original orange paint for A series manta? I will try to upload some photos of the ongoing restoration.
  4. A series paint codes

    hi Mal, please pm me or could you email me the pics as I cannot view them in here, thanks
  5. A series paint codes

    hi all and a merry Christmas to everyone. My a seies is currently in the workshop and will be fully painted in the beginning of the new year they have asked me for the paint code. Mine is the orange / flame red (like general lee) does anyone have the paint code for that? Also keen on the codes for the berlinetta metallic chocolate brown and metallic orange (or burnt orange) if they came in that ever thanks a lot in advance. Quick response needed please! Thomas
  6. set of rostyles please

    will cover postage to Scotland. PM me. must be rim size 13. many thanks all
  7. Hi fellas, anyone can point me in the right direction where I can buy the above new without needing to take out a mortgage?
  8. manta A rear quarter glass

    Hi all, unfortunately vandals stiked and I came to find my cherished A series with a smashed rear quarter window. This is the driver's side. Would be much obliged if someone could either point me in the right direction or part with their spare to help protect my manta from the elements as it is parked outside. PM me if you wish. I need the one, but if you have a pair I'll take them both. cheers, Thomas
  9. manta and Kadett B

    Hi all two questions: 1. What do I need in order to fit a cih engine and box into a Kadett B (factory fitted with 1.1 oHV engine)? any one has any experience on this subject? 2. will the wheels off an opel manta fit a kadett B? anyone know the offset on a Kadett B? I know they are also 4x100 thanks!
  10. Glass's car checkbook

    Hey all Does anyone have the above book for the years 1965 to 1981, I am trying to look up my A series' year of manufacture from the vin no. so I can send it to DVLA for proof. If anyone has got it and can help could I please ask that you PM me? many thanks in advance! p.s is it true that once your classic reaches 40 years of age it now qualifies for free road tax?
  11. Starting Problem

    Thanks Andy and everyone else, I'll roll up my sleeves and get to it this weekend and update. Pretty slick setup there Andy by the way with the stainless tank inside the boot etc
  12. Starting Problem

    where shall I connect the live +ve to if I put the pump in boot? also is there a safety or performance reason why I should not run two pumps in line (one in boot and one in front)? thanks
  13. Starting Problem

    Can I add to the pump in the engine bay, i.e run two fuel pumps? one in the back and one in the engine bay i.e one that pushes and one that pulls? Since I am getting a buzzing ticking noise from the pump when I switch the ignition on is this not clue that it is functioning properly?
  14. Starting Problem

    Hey guys My A series (2.0s) has been working fine for a while then all of a sudden boom, starting problems. First things first, I am not getting fuel through the electric fuel pump. The pump is earthed to a ground via a cable and also through its body. other cable connects to a live which comes on when I turn the key to the first position. At that stage there is a clicking and buzzing sound but no fuel coming through. My fuel gauge isnt working so I've topped up with approx 10L of 87octane fuel. I've removed the fuel filter in case it is clogged. No fuel coming through. The fuel pump is fitted in the engine bay. Should it be better fitted near the fuel tank as I heard that these universal fuel pumps are better at pushing fuel that pulling. Is my pump goosed? Is there a fuse that might be suspect? My battery seems strong, is it a weak battery maybe?
  15. Hi guys sorry, which authority then will verify the date of manufacture? Do y advise writing to Opel, Germany? or isn't there anyone in the manta club who has records or 'key' for deciphering chassis numbers? Can the club please provide some guidance with this matter? thanks!