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  1. Lombard RAC Rally Re-Creation 2018

    ADZ is Simon Powells manta, also a club member
  2. This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  3. Hi Pete, i would be here a lifetime doing that mate, well over 300 cars.
  4. How much could my car be worth.

    That is a stunning car mate, i should imagine its going to a real wrench to let that go. Good luck in finding a good home for her.
  5. Cheap coupe for sale

    Ah, my bad, i didnt read the advert just looked at the pics, fair enough, like you say a very cheap coupe.
  6. Cheap coupe for sale

    Struggle to see how it has an mot without number plate light and a white fog lamp, only minor points i know but perhaps im missing something
  7. We all have our weak spots. Lol.
  8. Yes it was, i printed the advert off and still have it somewhere, It was a completely standard B series SR coupe in sapphire blue when i owned it. Yes that is carnelian red, its exactly the same as the one i had, as Steve says im pretty sure this is in Ireland now, Stunning car, this is one i would absolutely love to add to the list of ones i own.
  9. Had my first one at 18, im 54 now so a lifetime of Mantas and i had an 8 year break in that time too. Its the only one ive ever seen, ive seen 1 hatch in Carnelian red, Mainly it seemed to be a Monza colour. Unfortunately due to a very careless driver in a Cortina who found himself on my side of the road one night it ended up like this.
  10. Can anyone shed any light on some of my old cars, if you scrapped one of them maybe or wrote one off, lots have succumbed over the years, would be nice to know what happened to them. iTS A LARGE LIST !!! CYX 882V Silver B hatch. A431 BRX Gold 1.8 hatch. LNM 723V Blue B coupe. DMH 208V Blue B coupe. D69 LJO White GTE Coupe. A665 OKM Silver 1.8 coupe. D878 YRS Dolphin grey Exclusive hatch. B462 VOW White GTE hatch. XPP 340X Hazel brown B hatch. (owned twice) FKL 451Y Red 1.8 coupe. D600 OGS Steel grey GTE coupe. E427 UBO Starmist black Exclusive coupe. E395 TFD Starmist black Exclusive coupe. (owned twice) XRY 133Y Bronze B coupe. D563 SBM White GTE coupe. E132 YJO Red Exclusive coupe. BUD 909R Blue B coupe. A190 CBL Grey GTE hatch. C368 VNR White GTE coupe. The ones i know that have been written off . F910 DGO Red Exclusive coupe. E852 EJB / A200 EX Starmist black Exclusive coupe. (Owned twice) E555 KAJ Steel grey GTE coupe. F132 MCF White Exclusive coupe. BGH 902X Carnelian red B coupe. And the ones ive owned that still survive today. A12 OOB White i200. Owned by Geoff Twist. JRD 243W Bronze B coupe Owned by Ben Williamson. VPP 938S Linden green B now in Ireland. A666 MFC Red GTE hatch, currently on ebay. SGH 71V Bronze B coupe. F560 HGS Starmist black Courtney Turbo owned by Ian Martin. E100 OMM, Blue Exclusive coupe, owned by Simon Powell. (owned twice) C696 FNO White GTE coupe believed to be 3.0 ltr now. UUW 158S Blue B coupe owned by Fraser Andrew D118 BDP Platinum 1.8 hatch, Currently owned by myself.
  11. It would be nice for her to have it back, If i had not bought the Porsche i would be buying it back, Unfortunately with the new garage costs etc funds are at a low at the moment. so theres not a lot i can do about it. I assumed that it had been sold a few months back as it didnt come back on ebay or gumtree after the last listing.
  12. Mick went to look at it for her when it came up for sale a few years ago, and also let her know when it came up for sale a couple of months ago but she decided she didnt want it back. Im not sure for what reason.
  13. I would love to see it returned to factory spec. it was absolutely lovely when i bought it off Annie and still when i sold it.