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  1. And now on Gumtree, posted up yesterday at £6250,
  2. Lucky uncle Alan

    One of my old cars, C696 FNO, I scrapped it years ago and gave the rolling shell away with the logbook and a couple of years ago it resurfaced like this, looks really nice. but deffo a scam this time
  3. Highest bid was £3800. I would have bought it back for that (possibly) as have a big soft spot for it as i owned it.
  4. Ah mistook it for this car,
  5. Spoke to irmscher man the other night about this, he is aware of it going to auction now, apparently it was dealer converted to "i200" spec when new, but didnt have interior fitted and didnt come through the normal Steve Thompson cars route but another dealer thats listed on the anglia auctions website. I think it was the one listed for sale on here last year that needed new floor pans as it had been repaired with flat steel plates if anyone remembers.
  6. Manta i200 reg C878 DWU known to the Irmscher register, to be auctioned at Anglia car auctions on Jan 27th at there next classic car sale, last motd in 2016. Ad on car and classics website and on Anglia car auction website. Might be of interest to somebody.
  7. It was Annies car guys, she bought it new from Pedestal garage in High Wycombe and had it till about 1998/1999 then i bought it from her had it for about a year and sold it to a guy in Oxford who changed it about a bit, after that it fell into a state of disrepair but now looks like its been ressurected. Glad to see it survives.
  8. Vauxfest at Billing 1st & 2nd of September

    I spoke to Darren Ellis of dazsmodels at the weekend and he confirmed that he is involved with the organising of this show, can only be a positive thing to have another show to attend i feel.
  9. Viewing this car also and also being hyper critical. I think it would be about as good as you could get for that money. It was lovely in the flesh.
  10. I spoke to Ben when he posted it up. But didn't follow it up. I must admit when I saw pics of it I was pretty miffed with myself. As you say at 4500 it was a bargain.
  11. That was up at a different dealers a few months back for £6995. It was offered by the original seller for £4500 on here originally.
  12. Drivers side early B deep headlight glass wanted

    I need one as well sutty so if you find a stash.
  13. Adrian flux

    I still have my manta insured with Flux but have taken my VW T5 elsewhere. The renewal came in at £460+ so got a quote with Advance insurance who I insure my mk2 Golf GTI with and they came in at £362 for the year. I duly told Flux I wouldn't t be renewing at which point they came back with a quote of £358 to keep my business. !!! Was a little dissapointed at them telling me they look for the best quotes on my behalf and then being able to drop the premium by £100+. I still took my business to Advance. So Flux have lost another customer for trying to be greedy. If the quote was anything under last year's premium I would have just stayed with them and not looked round. But I'm glad I did now.
  14. Hi James did you have a look for any early headlights. We came away on holiday the first thing Monday morning and forgot to pm you mate.