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  1. I spoke to Ben when he posted it up. But didn't follow it up. I must admit when I saw pics of it I was pretty miffed with myself. As you say at 4500 it was a bargain.
  2. That was up at a different dealers a few months back for £6995. It was offered by the original seller for £4500 on here originally.
  3. Drivers side early B deep headlight glass wanted

    I need one as well sutty so if you find a stash.
  4. Adrian flux

    I still have my manta insured with Flux but have taken my VW T5 elsewhere. The renewal came in at £460+ so got a quote with Advance insurance who I insure my mk2 Golf GTI with and they came in at £362 for the year. I duly told Flux I wouldn't t be renewing at which point they came back with a quote of £358 to keep my business. !!! Was a little dissapointed at them telling me they look for the best quotes on my behalf and then being able to drop the premium by £100+. I still took my business to Advance. So Flux have lost another customer for trying to be greedy. If the quote was anything under last year's premium I would have just stayed with them and not looked round. But I'm glad I did now.
  5. Hi James did you have a look for any early headlights. We came away on holiday the first thing Monday morning and forgot to pm you mate.
  6. Manta chrome bumper

    No its staying original for now. I've fitted a period radio cassette player and some new old stock pioneer box speakers on the parcel shelf and original rear mudflaps. But plans have changed and due to health issues it might have to be sold but that's not certain yet.
  7. Manta chrome bumper

    It's auto would have preference manual but beggars can't be choosers. It was lucky to find one at all.
  8. Manta chrome bumper

    I bought one last year as Rapierdave says they dont come up very often. Mines a 1977 B SR.
  9. Yes it had a few lumpy bits under the chrome sill trim on the drivers side when I had it.
  10. My old car, i sold it for 1200 quid back in oct 2015, had minor bubbles in the front wings and rear arches were bubbling, worse on the drivers side and it needed a clutch as it juddered very badly when hot. Guy i bought it from had it for 10 years, i only kept it for about 4 months, looked nice from about 10 foot its obviously had bodywork since i sold it.
  11. Adrian flux

    My manta B is insured with Adrian Flux and at 68 pounds is extremely competitive. My 2014 T5 camper is also insured with Flux.