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  1. That looks a very nice car.
  2. I believe this car is now sold,
  3. GTE northampton

    Ive never seen this one around either, another local owner perhaps thats not on here?
  4. I think the Black hatch you sold Dave was a belter for the money, I would have paid that in a heartbeat knowing the car from way back and the previous owner pretty well. And it didnt need any work, Like you say the market place seems to be around that figure for a hatch, just some are better than others in that price band, and yours was probably one of the best.
  5. I was watching till the end. I have a feeling it's way off the reserve as it's a fair bit under my offer.
  6. Thank you for the comments, Unfortunately its down to space im afraid as i have these as well !!!
  7. Current pics taken about 3 weeks ago.
  8. The reg was UDP 3S. I found the car many years ago in Reading for sale but a trader had it and we couldnt agree on a price so i walked away from it, a few years later after my grandfather had passed away i went and found the house again and spoke to the trader who informed me that the car sat in a field for a few years after that and was then scrapped.
  9. The more i think about it i should just keep the Golf and the coupe, they are both very nice cars and im very lucky to have them. Go on Get a mk1, Great cars to drive and an investment too, cant go wrong.
  10. Yes but that means selling my mint original multi concours winning 1989 Golf Mk2 GTi, thats done 26k from brand new and poeple in the Manta club who know me know what this cars like and know how i feel about it. Its been magazine featured and was on display at the nec classic car show on the Meguires stand last November. Its won many awards in my ownership and is going to be featured very soon in another publication thats out next month and will also be on the front cover. Im really not sure im ready to part with it yet to be honest, But have a real soft spot for that hatch.
  11. Yes my Sapphire blue coupe is very nice thank you for your comments, i just have a "thing" for a nice silver B hatch, but thats just me. As i said before im a little sentimental as it takes me back to a time when i had mine and was newly married etc and a lot of extremely fond memories. But also sentimental on the coupe as when i was 13 i went with my grandad in 1977 and picked up his brand new sapphire blue auto coupe from the main dealer in Reading. He had 6 mantas in succession and ive had 33. Would be nice if i had the funds to have both sat side by side in the garage.
  12. Everybody has a different opinion on values of Mantas these days, the current owner posted on facebook for an idea of values and the opinion from members of the owners club in the "know" for a B hatch auto was tops about 4k, which i tended to agree with, anything higher was getting into GTE money and is a lot more sought after by Manta folk. The car is not without its faults and ideally could do with a respray (current owners view too) to erradicate all the 40 year old chips scratches etc and the bit of rust thats coming through etc, But not trying to detract what is essentially a nice tidy car. I really hope it finds a good home and is fettled to bring it back up to A1 condition. The current owner is a fantastic guy to talk to and deal with and will answer any questions honestly, one of the nicest guys ive ever had the pleasure of when talking to.
  13. I tried to buy this car about 5 weeks ago, fantastic guy to talk to, very genuine and totally transparent, I had a buyer for my SR Coupe and wanted to replace it with this as its the same as my very first Manta i owned way back in the early 80s so a bit of sentimentality kicked in. But alas it wasnt to be, So watching the auction and will see where it ends up. I would still like it and my offer to him still stands, he agreed its a very good offer and probably on market value, but, he would like a bit more and i appreciate that fact as it means a lot to him.
  14. The lady was very proud to tell me she had taken it over 100mph when she used it regularly !!! it was well serviced during its life, Thats the thing that put me off a bit, you know what they are like for rusting and once its started to rust is it a case of chasing it for the next few years. But to be fair its a nice tidy car with a nice clean interior.
  15. I went and viewed this car about 4 weeks ago, Absolutely lovely old couple in there late 80s own it and have done for 27 years, genuine car but has had a new pas wing at some point, if you look down the drivers side looks to be an old body repair on the drivers door as the panel is a little wavey, Its had some welding to the rear sills by the wheel arch and both sides of the floor pan. It had ahole in the pas swan neck but thats now been repaired and just been motd.