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  1. I have a copy of this article somewhere, I believe that Steves old Dolphin grey Exclusive now resides in Ireland, I drove this a couple of times back in the day when it had the 2.4 Irmscher engine fitted, lovely car and very torquey, it used to pull like a train. My good friend Dave Spencer (RIP) Viewed the red Exclusive E350 WBU many years ago when it came up for sale but already had tin worm in the swan necks so passed on it. Jackie Maher as most of you know is Micks ex wife and this car was broken up and scrapped a few years ago. As for the others i have no information.
  2. The back end was awful in the flesh, and yes the whole car had been painted onlt thing good about it was the interior that bore the hallmarks of only covering 36k, steering wheel was mint and the front seats were perfect. Too much money and too many mods to get back to standard the cost would far outway the value in the long run. You would never get the arches back to original without new quarters and new wings.
  3. I am, very much so I wondered if he still browsed the forums or not, thats one of the reasons i posted up on nere.
  4. Just a quick thread resurection, 3 years down the line. E100 OMM is now back in my ownership, 3rd time and feeling very lucky to have her back home again. Pics taken last weekend.
  5. Absolutely love reading these updates, so interesting, your dedication is amazing, keep up the good work.
  6. chrisb

    1985 1.8s Berlinetta Hatch

    Scotland seems to be the new Ireland, my blue B coupe and my Berlinetta hatch both went to Scotland this year when i sold them.
  7. chrisb

    Hello from Canada

    Nice find and welcome to the club, keep us updated on progress.
  8. chrisb

    1985 1.8s Berlinetta Hatch

    Really nice job, looks well now and a keen price too. good luck with the sale.
  9. chrisb

    Lombard RAC Rally Re-Creation 2018

    ADZ is Simon Powells manta, also a club member
  10. Hi Pete, i would be here a lifetime doing that mate, well over 300 cars.
  11. chrisb

    How much could my car be worth.

    That is a stunning car mate, i should imagine its going to a real wrench to let that go. Good luck in finding a good home for her.
  12. chrisb

    Cheap coupe for sale

    Ah, my bad, i didnt read the advert just looked at the pics, fair enough, like you say a very cheap coupe.