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  1. opelnz

    NOOP up for sale

    I like the black one! Whose is that?
  2. opelnz

    Manta A/Ascona A?

    Thanks 🙂
  3. opelnz

    Manta A/Ascona A?

    Terrific! I'll bear that in mind if I decide to go ahead with the project. Thanks for the input.
  4. opelnz

    Opel signs for sale

    I would suggest they are not genuine. Merry Christmas to you too 🙂
  5. opelnz

    Manta A/Ascona A?

    Surely I can re-use those from the lhd car if they are in good condition? Except the steering rack of course.
  6. opelnz

    Opel signs for sale

    They don't look very vintage to me. I'd suggest you save your money and get a local signwriter to create one for you. Just a logo on a circular sheet of perspex should not cost too much 😉
  7. opelnz

    Manta A/Ascona A?

    Thanks Paul. Just need to think through the logistics now! There's a couple of Manta A stored in a shipping container that are very poor condition, but could potentially get one of them for parts if I can get the owner to realise the cars will unlikely ever get on the road again, and so only worth anything as spares. Bodies were rough, insect-infested, and was a bit of a health hazard going in the container with them about three years ago ....... but I still remember the visit! 😉 Presume I will need the bulkhead/firewall too. Anything else?
  8. opelnz

    Manta A/Ascona A?

    Just trying to find out if dashboard for Manta A and Ascona A are identical? Reason for asking is that I've been offered an Ascona A in left hand drive, and trying to work out if I could swap to right hand drive with a Manta A dashboard/bulkhead etc? Cheers Neville
  9. Looking for a replacement front windscreen for a hatchback I picked up recently. Ideally near to Warminster, Wiltshire for easy collection, or will consider anything that I can get other UK contacts to pick up for me. Tried NZ windscreen suppliers and no-one lists for the Manta even though it was sold here for a couple of years....... 😞 Anyone?
  10. opelnz

    Windscreen - hatch/coupe?

    Thanks for that. Also the same as early Manta B and Ascona B?
  11. Good looking car, and that colour does suit it too. I would not bother with the chrome sill trims myself, as they are just rust traps. I removed them off my Manta A and chrome sill covers off my Commodore B as well.
  12. I've just picked up a 1986 Manta GTE hatch in white (ex-Taunton, UK), for not very much, and it will need a few things sorted. Outside looks tidy, but inside is a health hazard contamination zone! First things first! I've noticed the windscreen is cracked, and my spares car one is too, so need to source a new front windscreen. I need to ask if the screen is the same for hatch as for the coupe, and maybe for Ascona B coupe/sedan too? I recall the Commodore B coupe's screen is different to the sedan, so if I should happen to find any Manta screen locally in NZ that it will likely fit. Also need a nearside headlight reflector (or whole unit if necessary). Thanks Neville