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  1. You're interested even when it says Looks very nice in the photos, but that rings alarm bells for me personally. Don't know what the thick coat of underseal is covering up? Worth a look if you're nearby, but good luck with that ....... ;-)
  2. Opel Ascona B

  3. I'm guessing Mike Johns in the North Island of NZ? Okay, well you won't need the speedo now anyway ;-)
  4. There has been a surge of interest in the Commodore Bs again. Beaut cars. My Dad had a coupe when I was in my early teens, and always wanted to get one of my own ...... so I did ;-) Was it you looking for a replacement speedo for your Commodore a while back?
  5. Yes, already been watching this, but would prefer with an Opel badge ;-)
  6. At least a new bonnet, and offside sill but there will be more! Doesn't show under bonnet, and probably a rusty mess underside, but worth a look if someone lives nearby?
  7. I do mean twin slot of course
  8. Definitely a better finish than the Manta DIY jobbie! Did Crayford ever do any conversions on Mantas, or only Cavalier Mk1? I know it would be easy to change the nose to a single slot, but would still be registered as a Cavalier.
  9. Comparing the two, the Centaur's roof at least looks like it has been tailored to the car, around the smaller rear side windows, while the Manta's roof looks like a caravan awning draped over top, and the rear window just happens to be in roughly the right place......
  10. Looks quite nice with the roof down and targa top, but ugly as, with roof up.
  11. Rear disc brake kits

  12. 2 Door Ascona

    I nearly bought this last year, but backed out at last minute as had a bad feeling about it. The floor pans and wiring all looked very amateurish, and he hasn't been able to sell it since - presume the same seller.
  13. I'm sure these are greatly sought after, but maybe someone has a spare set they would be prepared to sell me? Can give a UK address to send them to, so no hassle with overseas packaging/documentation Thanks
  14. How's it going with your Manta? Just seen you say you had one of these at 17? Wish I was so lucky - could only stretch to a 1974 Vauxhall Viva 2 door in a lovely shade of brown Still, I've got one of my own now Just need to arrange the shipping .......