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  1. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    John Taylor article was 'Country Life' July 1978, according to Vauxpedia site. Wondered what that was - was too small to see clearly when the car was on eBay.
  2. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Hi Simon, Try this link (although I guess you may already have seen all the info.) Cavalier U-car. Section 3 press photos, Section 8 Centaur. Should be able to read the article featuring WGU/026. Some of the dates and details do not seem quite right (stating there was only one 1900 for example, when you know different...) but he has got access to a lot of info. on the site. I have not been in touch but whilst researching the history of my Chevette 2300HS I spoke with Andrew Duerden at Vauxhall Heritage - he was very helpful with the HS but unfortunately Vauxhall have nothing regarding Centaurs. Which is understandable really because as Andrew rightly said, the cars were not a Vauxhall engineered product even though they were sold through the dealers. What other published info. do you have? I have a copy of the original 1978 Autocar article - has some fantastic colour pictures of VMV/YGW and I think possibly also WGU on the title page. When I get to a decent scanner in a week or two I will try and get a copy posted up if you are interested. There may also have been another article featuring WGU 777S. One was posted on the OMOC site a good few years ago but will have disappeared when the site was upgraded - be interested to get a copy/scan if someone has one. http://vauxpedianet.uk2sitebuilder.com/vauxhall-u-car---cavalier-mk1
  3. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    You probably came across this auction last year in order to note 065 in your listing. There are a couple of errors but it does note that a red car (VMV 77S / YGW) was the first and the 1978 magazine article below states WGU 777S was the second, with differences in the design compared to production versions. I did a V888 history enquiry on WGU - will put up some details later. Decent photos will be tricky as it is locked away in storage away from home at the moment but I will see what I can do at some point. LIJ 9716 may be a red herring - cannot see KJ Motors registering a car at Downpatrick, County Down VRO. All the KJ cars are London and South East VRO - MV, GU, GW. Even my 083 was first registered at KJ Motors - MY. Possibly a typo with the dates, or when the car was exported or re-registered? Centaur details from eBay auction – December 2016 KJT 202W – Car 065. Registered 1st August 1980. Orange Tan The colour is called Orange Tan. I worked at Vauxhall dealer KJ MOTORS Bromley which was owned by Garth Macgraw who also owned Magraw Engineering. He was also best friends with the owner of Crayford Convertibles who lived locally to Bromley in Kent. All cars were Cavalier GLS Coupe models and never the Opel Manta versions. I am not sure how many were made but i think about 200. The very first one made was a solid red one which remained in the ownership of Garth Macgraw in his Bromley showrooms until his death in 1983.
  4. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Found it! Probably the rarest part attached to a Centaur because they just degrade in UV light - bit of a problem with a convertible... The dashboard badge is from a 2000 production car MMY 679W - car number 083. The glove box sticker is from a 1900 pre-production prototype car WGU 777S - car number 026. Badge is made from a very thin acetate-type material, about the thickness of heavy cartridge paper. The 'Centaur' wording is dull-embossed from the back to give slightly raised lettering, the 'Cavalier' wording is not embossed (too fine). Lettering is then printed on the back and then the black over that, also on the back face. Looked like this when the car was less than six years old and now been stored away in a box since I bought the car 31 years ago. Unfortunately the outer ends had disintegrated and the parts were too small to keep for reproduction. Best I can do I'm afraid and trying to remember what it looked like - thinking maybe it was diagonal stripes or chequered or maybe chevrons like my slightly dodgy sketch. Font type is exactly as the glove box sticker but about 30% larger. I think it may have been silver originally but is now gold-coloured after the plastic turned brown. If you want to make a reasonably accurate copy the 'Centaur' wording is 67.5mm overall from end of the 'C' to end of the 'r', lower-case characters are 9mm high, upper-case 'C' is 11mm high and the stylised 't' is 16.5mm high. Lower-case and the 't' letter located centrally on the strip, which is 19.5mm wide. I am guessing the badge was about 200mm long (as per the sketch). 'Cavalier' wording is very feint but is approximately 33mm long. 026 and 083 are both with me, so if you need any more anorak info...
  5. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Hi Simon, A few where I have note of the reg. numbers: VMV 77S (now YGW 543S) WGU 777S BJW 464T DGX 124T GFH 345V JMV 945V MMY 679W LKR 629W JYJ 222W WJN 360W OLY 405W (not 100% sure regarding this being a Centaur) There are about six or seven others I can think of but not the reg. numbers at the moment - will see if I can dig out any more details, commission numbers etc. Is your car ex-GFH 345V, or are there two green Centaurs with towbars? How much info. did your friend get from the previous owner of the red car? I have a few photographs which were sent but not sure if these were passed across. Interesting to see which cars you have listed - how many 1900s or Manta versions?
  6. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Is OLY 403W in the photograph an original Centaur converted to later Manta appearance?
  7. Rally Day 2017

    Hi Adam, B600 OEA did not go to Ireland, although I believe both the other cars you mention did.