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  1. Rally project .

    Very tidy work
  2. Manta Resto

    That look handy I will give the a call as I have seen the do a clutch space also
  3. Manta Resto

    Hi all just received my new 4ha rear axle and a r25/28 gearbox it looks like the gear selector will need some altering has anyone done this mod before, any advice is needed, I'm still undecided on where or how I will fit the top link bars on the axle 2, the axle came from a se6 reliant I will take some pics this week Also which lower arms will I need commerdor A or B found a opel breaker on eBay with lots of old opel parts for sale?
  4. Manta Resto

    Just read through that topic and will be a massive help thanks herman
  5. Manta Resto

    I thought it might keep the car more stable if it was 4 linked? I was doing some more searching on Google and found these pics, I know they are 400 rear ends but the top link arms are off set on a angle and are also quite short, I could try and make some new mounting brackets on the chassis around those areas, or would it not work?
  6. Manta Resto

    After talking to retropower I have now decided to use a 56 inch 4ha rear axle, But I would really like to keep the back seats standard, could I put the top link roads on a angle and attach them to the chassis legs as I have marked out in this picture? any ideas welcome lads as I'm still in the long task of rust repairs P.s that's not my underside in the pic but wish it was
  7. Manta 400R

    Thought it would need a lot of work, looks fantastic though
  8. Manta 400R

    What a stunning car ! Where did you get your lamp pop as that's the best fitting one I have seen?

    Very nice
  10. Manta Resto

    Hi all been on with the mental work and cleaning the under side of the manta and was thinking about the rear axle, as I'm making a 400r I must have a 5x120 rear axle so it looks correct, I was looking to convert a 4ha Salisbury axle to the correct stud pattern as they come with a lad also any ideas lads
  11. Manta Resto

    Thanks lads looking forward to it now 😭 I have a home made spit so that helps I suppse, just need to get down to it then and get my PPE ordered
  12. Manta Resto

    What is the best way to remove all the old under body protection off the car as I have got a blaster coming after Xmas and he has said he needs it removed from the under side of the car? Also the outer sills I have dont have the front sections on them can you buy them or will I need to make them, thanks to everyone who has been giving me advise and guidnce so far 🖒😁
  13. Manta Resto

    Thanks for the info on that i didnt even think to check, I might be better getting another jack or call the RAC like everyone else lol 😂
  14. Manta Resto

    After a very long time finally life has allowed me to get some work done on the old girl managed to replace the drivers front floor and get the jacking point and outer chassis legs on, chuffed now I back on with the resto Still loads to do though lol