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  1. Dash Light Fuse

    Whenever a fuse keeps blowing normally you say dead short but I've never found one what I do find is bad connections normally on bulb fittings this causes the current to spike or surge does it blow immediately or when you turn the lights on if so I would start with the outside lights first.
  2. Rally project .

  3. 2.0e water pump gasket.

    I have sheets of various sized gasket paper thanks Ian but not the easiest of gaskets to make and I have the artistic talent of a Neanderthal if you ever need a cave painting then I'm your man.just got the pump out of the shed and joy it does have a gasket. thanks mantasrme I think the part number is 90190983 if you can confirm as still would like a spare.
  4. 2.0e water pump gasket.

    Got new water pump from many many moons ago just need a gasket can't find them sold separately 1988 2.0e viscous.
  5. Yes still the rear brakes got to take the master cylinder off and send back to Germany for testing then a replacement will be returned will take a couple of weeks also water pump is leaking should have replaced that at the start but was trying to keep cost down to min as times are hard at mo.the car is a LHD 1986 mercury (ford of Mexico) cougar 3.8 V6 wide long two tons 120bhp and does 25 mpg and is known as a "slow turd" in the states paint work has done the the usual ford 80s thing but every thing else is solid good us steel.
  6. Hi Ian nice to see the hands not slowing you down looks like you be on the road before me at this rate.me and the car have had a falling out and has been put to the back of the garden until it learns to behave itself so I thought I would try getting this back on the road needs a new steering rack and front to rear brake line which I'll be doing this weekend sounds easy but you wouldn't believe how much crap they managed to jam into the engine bay.best of luck with yours just watch that hand will take alot longer to heal if you over do it.
  7. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    Ok thanks for that will swap them back as have them the wrong way round..oh and thank you Haynes.
  8. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    Well ain't that a thing just tried to start and no start I've replaced all the fuel hoses (2.0e) round the fuel pump,filter and feeds think I may have got them crossed have feed as o/s and return n/s
  9. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    I will try that but ran out of time for now will get back to it next weekend.many thanks for now and will keep you informed of any progress.
  10. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    aaaaaaaaaaaah it's still the bloody same aaaaaaaaaaaah .sorry I feel better now.looks like my new master cylinder is duff all the air is out I have put lots through and no air bubbles fronts feel good rears awful.pump the pedal a few times then squeeze and pedal goes down a long way rears at first grip a little but easy to overcome and then can be turned by hand.
  11. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    New cylinders arrived today going to fit and bleed on Sunday hopefully that will be it can't think of anything else it could be I have even checked the brake lines for kinks.
  12. So the days are getting shorter and wetter as I don't have the luxury of a garage to store my car have had a monsoon cover before not over impressed first two(returned) leaked the third lasted barely 18 months before ripping itself apart.ebay is awash with covers from cheap and nasty to silly money any recommendations on a car cover?.
  13. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    I have bypassed the the pressure unit giving the rears a direct feed from the master on both front and rear outlets and it's the same result very little braking there.auto adjusters do work when the drums are off all I can think of now is an issue with the new wheel cylinders which I have just checked and have a piston of 24mm not 19mm as listed .
  14. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    I have noticed in the past that these one way bleed valves work but often air is drawn back in via the bleed nipple thread.
  15. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    I have just moved the auto adjusters a lot to take the slack up and it's not till the drums are dragging I get good solid brakes don't think the pistons are moving far enough hopefully due to air just got to wait for my wife to get in then bleed down the old reliable way.