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  1. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    Just fitted the rear springs I got from garymanc and has lifted the rear by 15mm so the kilsen catalogue is correct and will lower a gte/exclusive by 15mm.its probably me even when I first got the car I thought could do with being a bit lower. will be getting shorter shocks next year many thanks for the help and advice.
  2. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    Again even springs advertised as gte springs state 1970-1988.unless someone knows for sure which springs I need I'm not going to get any as rapidly running out of money
  3. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    I would love to put standard springs in but no one lists springs for an exclusive only b's up to 88 and I have read a few posts of people getting springs to find they have gained a few cm's.pic of old rear and 40mm lowering spring
  4. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    Pics are front then back wheel didn't do a before shot as was all up on axle stands when i found three broken springs probably sat lower then.i was looking for around standard height anyway and the kit lowers a b by 40 mm may get a 60mm kit with shocks next year as all out of cash and kidney's.
  5. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    Just to finish this subject off this is how an exclusive looks with a kilen 40mm lower spring set only problem is rear springs will come unseated if the axle is allowed to drop so will need shorter travel shocks.is it me or does it look a bit higher now ?.
  6. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    I can't get away with a 40mm drop as will never get it off the drive due to a slope and checked return policy and if fitted no refund that's why I need to know.
  7. I need a set of springs for an exclusive and see lowering sets for b's as the exclusive was lowered at production would this lower it further or where they fitted with shorter uprated springs anyone out thier changed Thiers how did it turn out.also the bottom turn on my front springs go straight for he last couple of cm's to seat into the lower arm is this the same with b springs.due to one of the fronts snapping this is the only thing keeping me off the road after nearly ten years and already harvested one of my wife kidneys to pay for the welding.
  8. Need Rear coil springs

    Well lost for words just lowered the front end thinking finished and bang osf spring just snapped!!.i don't suppose you have the front set Gary?.
  9. Boot drain outlets

    thanks just found the pipes may have a dry boot now.
  10. Boot drain outlets

    Pulled the tank out to clean out old stale fuel and noticed two drain outlets( the type that normally have drain hoses running into) roughly level with the bottom of the tank next to the inner arch's do these have a purpose?
  11. Hi Simon any news?.I have sent transaction details to you mail inbox.and yes your right the emails never made it... bloody computers.just found my membership number 5019 under my wife's name Judith Lee.
  12. Hi Simon sorry can't find my membership number all I could find was joined 30/09/2008 sure i'v seen it somewhere
  13. Payed via PayPal 6/6/18 still my membership is payment pending and still no full access.emailed twice with no response.please could some give him a prod sorry to put this here but don't know what else to do.
  14. When I got this car had green antifreeze I'm going to flush and treat system as stood about for many years.can I use blue or even red or should I stick to green?.
  15. Fuel pump relay

    My old deadish relay Siemens 90 158 443