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  1. jasonpirtek

    Servo & master cylinder

    Anyone got a good master cylinder and servo Manta B/C
  2. jasonpirtek

    Standard springs & shocks

    Can anyone point me to a source for new standard Gte springs and shocks? There's that many diff types out there not to sure now what is standard anymore. Got uprated springs and Adjustable AVOs at the moment, I am now fed up of the hard ride (old age) want some thing more comfortable as I don't go racing around anymore, appreciate any help. Cheers
  3. jasonpirtek

    Original Mud Flaps

    They are looking as common as hens teeth Fajandillos quality!
  4. jasonpirtek

    Original Mud Flaps

    Typical they have gone
  5. jasonpirtek

    Original Mud Flaps

    looking for a original full mud flap set or just rears if anyone can help? Cheers
  6. jasonpirtek

    Bias Pedal Box

    Rally Desgin say they have them in their catalouge if thats any good? i got the TJM one last year did fit a treat. cheers Jason
  7. jasonpirtek

    Twin Headlight Fixings - New

    hi i would be interested jason.woods@pirtekworcester.co.uk if you can send a pic cheers
  8. jasonpirtek

    16V Conversion Gearbox Baffle Plate

    does anyone have one they want to sell? cheers
  9. jasonpirtek

    Mk1 Cav 4 Door Rear Arch Repair Panels

    no good they cant get them anymore