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  1. And another little bit cut out: And some fresh Steel roughly tacked in: That's it for this evening.
  2. A couple of quick jobs done tonight, before the torture of watching England begins... Firstly I welded up the badge holes at the bottom of the wing: Then I cut out the rot from the same area (see above photos) and welded a patch in: Needs a little more work with the grinder, but the rust is gone! C'mon England! Yes it does help - thank you kind Sir!
  3. Sounds like your valve stem oil seals might be passing.
  4. 1986 Manta Coupe Restomod

    Sounds great, I wish you luck
  5. Had a few spare minutes this afternoon, so decided to take the knotted wire wheel to the 'new' NSF wing to see what horrors were hidden under the surface... It was a pleasant surprise to find only three areas with smallish holes: I will get that cut out during the week and get some little plates welded in, job done. The two small holes above the sill location are for a 'Berlinetta' badge that was fitted, so they will get welded up too. The good news is that it is an original GM wing, so the fit is excellent.
  6. 1986 Manta Coupe Restomod

    Interesting. Can you explain why this will be an improvement on the original? Is it simply that you will include some screwed adjusters?
  7. Grabbed a sneaky hour earlier before the rest of the house woke up. Managed to get a bit more welding of the perimeter of the spare wheel patch plate done. As suspected, this is going to take me quite a while to get right as there are several subtle curves to incorporate in the main 'bowl', but this is hampered by the Steel's resistance to move due to the strength given by the tow eye. My plan is/has been to literally weld about half an inch at a time, manipulate the Steel, weld again, manipulate etc I'm hoping that this will keep the local heat in the metal (making it easier to bend) and keep the edge lined up. Then when I get to the last bit, wherever the plate is is where it is (if that makes sense..) and will be cut and shaped to suit the profile of the car. One things is for sure - the secret to plate fabrication and the success of the fit is all down to taking your time making the templates. Rush it and it shows, big time! With hindsight, I maybe should have taken a little longer with this template but the curves are difficult to replicate, then convert back to flat Steel again. It's going 'OK' so far, but the last edge might be a bit of a fight to get it to sit and look right. We shall see. ps Happy Fathers Day to all of you Dad's out there - have a good one!
  8. Spare wheel well drain hole?

    Thanks Chris, I've actually ordered some 38 mm dia. ones off Ebay (the same size as the ones in the NS and OS footwells. So after the panel is welded in I will position the required hole at the lowest point and use a hole saw to cut it out. My plan is to also use a dolly to level it off at that point surrounding the hole to make it look more factory.
  9. Some more work on the spare wheel well this afternoon. After making a cardboard template last night, I cut out the basic Steel shape this morning and used my trusty wire wheel to clean up the tow eye: Then started to try to form the shape. I came up with the idea of try to clamp it to the original, but first checked how closely that match the profile of the wheel itself. To be honest that really didn't work out too well, so that idea got abandoned quickly Then I welded the tow eye to the new patch panel, using the reference dimensions I took off the original piece: That tow eye will still be welded to the plate when the world comes to an end... it has a puddle welded in each corner and fillet weld around three sides. Then I quickly tacked it in the car in a couple of places: I detect that this panel is going to be a bit of a pain to get right, but I will take my time and use the heat generated by the tacks to help with the bending/adjustment as and when required. At the end of the day the rust will be gone, so anything is better than that! My Dad is coming around soon, hence the early finish and of course (being a Dad myself), it is my turn to be pampered tomorrow Have a good one everybody.
  10. Morning all, I am in the process of fabricating a new spare wheel well for my Cav Coupe and have a question... As this is the lowest point in the boot space, I assume that there should be a drain hole at the bottom? - if so, could one of you please tell me the size and exact position? Many thanks in advance.
  11. This afternoon my angle grinder fitted with a cutting disc slipped - oops! This was what dropped onto the floor: And after drilling out the remaining spot welds, the parts were seperated: Next stop a cardboard template, then some more metal bashing...
  12. Another hole patched up in the wheel well tonight - bit tricky to work on this one. Two elbows would have been useful It needs a lot more grinding back and levelling off, but another small step forward all the same.
  13. Back to welding and grinding for a while this evening - boring! Finished welding the top and edges of the lower patch panel in place, then ground down the welds a bit: There are some tiny pin holes to fill with weld, but generally that whole corner and lower edge is coming along fairly well now. The 'flange' that you see hanging down will be pushed up after the wheel well is cut out. I now totally agree with evo03 when he says that grinding is tedious and boring, it really is.... Anyway, Rome wasn't built in a day was it?
  14. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Stunning, great job that man.