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  1. Made up my templates for the OS door bottom repairs and cut them out of sheet Steel. Tomorrow I hope to get them welded in.
  2. Manta A series rebuild

  3. That’s very kind, cheers Fin - much appreciated.
  4. It felt like some strange forces were at work today in my garage. Last night my Wife reported that half of our lounge lamp had stopped working, its one of those with an uplighter as the main light, then a separate adjustable reading lamp m- you know the kind of thing. I dragged it off to the garage this morning, simply expecting to change the top lighting tube and the thing would live again - but no, it simply refused to work... After half an hour investigating what was wrong with a £25 lamp, I decided that it wasn't worth the time or energy and condemned it to the bin. Then after closely investigating my drivers door, that was also condemned as too much time and trouble to repair. Instead I would parch up the much better Manta door I had bought months ago, so naturally the Cav one would have to come off. The Manta door will need some patches grafted into the very bottom (where the drain holes are) and these are the cardboard templates made up: Tomorrow I hope to get those plates cut out. Sods law then said that all of the punches I had previously used to knock out the hinge pins had hidden themselves - how do they even do that?!?! So off I went to try to find something else to knock the hinge pins out with. Then it hit me, what about the adjuster bar from the newly scrapped lounger lamp? - so of I went to my 'scrap center' around the side of the house. Sure enough it unscrewed and was the perfect diameter and length for the hinge pins! While I was in the scrap center I decided that I would cut as much usable metal off the door skin of the drivers door. My thinking was that it was good metal and also I could recycle some of the old girls soul for the patch panels to be made up soon for the OS. This decision was further vindicated when I noticed how low my supply of sheet steel plates was now running... This is what the poor old Cav drivers door now looks like: My local scrap man will be happy to come and take that away though, along with the knackered lounge lamp So now the car looks a total mess again with a missing OS door and wing: Oh well, things normally get worse before they get better. And with that in mind, next Friday is hand operation day - so not much time left to make any real progress on the car, then who knows long my lay off will be? Cheers all, have a nice evening.
  5. This morning I adjusted the hydraulic tappets using the 'cold set' method sent to me by cam.in.head (Chris) in a PM. Many thanks again Chris, the engine sounds quiet and healthy - such a change from the bag of spanners I had to put up when I turned it around last weekend. The only annoyance is the blow from the exhaust/manifold area. That could be several things of course as things settle down after being installed and just left a few moths ago. Anyway, that's a job for another day, I'm not worried about that at all. Have a good day everyone.
  6. Coupe boot lock surround

    Hi guys, I am looking for the ‘chrome’ barrel surround with the ‘slot window’ - I don’t need the cylinder itself. Anybody got one kicking around? Beer tokens waiting.
  7. I wonder, this might look look quite cool:
  8. Rocker cover for 2.0S engine required

    Cheers Shug, much appreciated
  9. Bloody hell Julian, what a story. Point taken - I will get it out.
  10. Hi All, I want to set the hydraulic tappers on my Cav. According to my manual, the engine must be at normal temperature and running. As I don’t want to get oil everywhere I want use a rocker cover and cut a slot down the middle for access. So unless anyone can tell me how to either set them cold, or suggest another way, I am looking for a spare cover to butcher. Because of how I intend to use it, condition is not important, provided it doesn’t leak oil from the base. Beer tokens available.
  11. Hi Julian, the tank is empty with the sender and cap removed for ventilation - but do you know I think that I should. The only thing that I was worried about was moving all the filler pipe and associated parts and causing leaks later on. Is that likely?
  12. Thanks Sam, will do - luckily that's about the best part of the whole car Tonight I made a start with the old angle grinder and cutting disc combo on the OS boot floor to wheel arch area. Oops, is that my car on the floor?! Oh well, so much for "it's not as bad as the other side" eh? Cheers all
  13. After slacking off last night, I was armed with my trusted knotted wire wheel and angle grinder combination to see what other nasties were hiding. As usual things were worse than they first seemed, and that was bad enough As you will see, somebody has added a rectangular plate to the 'sill area' of the boot floor previously. That piece had actually lasted pretty well, its just the rest that is shocking... Hopefully tomorrow I can start cutting some of that grot away. Have a nice evening everyone.
  14. This evening I ran out of time, so didn't get too much done. I jacked up the OSR corner and took off the road wheel. Next I drilled out the rivets and removed the arch trim fitted to Cavaliers. This is what is now visible: Nothing we haven't all seen before is it...