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  1. IanMc

    Manta 400r

    Great news all round!
  2. Another evening getting some small jobs done: - stripped the old NS Cav done down to just the metal shell. By the way @evo03 - do you still want me to cut out the lock section of this door too? - if so, I can cut it out for you at the weekend and send you both next week. - fitted the Cavs NS mirror and front glass support runner to the replacement Manta door. - fitted the Cavs lock cylinder and chrome outer handle to the Manta door. - prepared and fitted the Manta’s glass seal to the Cavs chrome door top trim strip. Both of the Cavs glass seals were totally shot, but the Manta’s ones are in great condition. Tomorrow I will probably look at adding a new flare to the OSR rigid brake line. Enjoy your evening everyone.
  3. IanMc

    Manta 400r

    Peter, I wish you all the best with everything. We will all miss your updates, but health first and everything else is second. All the best matey.
  4. Scratch that, all sorted now. It turns out that the top back edge of the glass was simply catching on the top seal. After adjusting the rear travel stop a little, all is now well.
  5. Pottered about for an hour this evening doing some odds and sods type jobs. For example, I refitted the drivers door glass, bolted the seatbelts back in and then got the outer door caps/seals ready for refitting after paint. I need your help with the aforementioned door glass though, I have about a 10 mm gap all down the rear edge - any ideas? By the way, it is definitely Coupe glass as it came out of the original Cav door...
  6. IanMc

    Under bonnet sound insulation

    Thanks Chris, definitely food for thought there.
  7. Has anybody fitted an under bonnet sound insulation panel from another make or model of vehicle, if so what did you use? Is it even required?
  8. IanMc

    New swan neck

    Superb Gerhard, very well done! Are you doing both sides?
  9. IanMc

    Full Restoration + 400r Build 83 Coupe.

    That really is a bummer, there is that damn fly in the ointment again. Will you go for a new, used or recon turbo?
  10. Yes, it think you are probably right Jason - perhaps there is a God after all
  11. Cheers guys. Yes you are correct Herman I use flux cored, gasless wire. I just got fed up with running out of gas every couple of days. I know I could get a bigger bottle, but: a) have nowhere to store it and b) I wouldn't have a clue where to get it filled. Therefore I have to live with the consequences...
  12. An early start today as we have visitors this afternoon, but still got quite a bit done. 1) Sorted out the upper arm spacers on the NS corner, so now both sides are correct to specifications. 2) Got the replacement NS door fitted after staring at it for months with the car unable to move - seems to sit quite nicely. 3) Got the first few little skims of body filler - this seems like a massive step forward to be even thinking about this kind of work. 4) The one fly in the ointment (there is always a fly isn't there?!) came when me and my Son tried to bleed the brakes. The OSR rigid pipe decided it didn't want to seal any more... I strongly suspect the flare is the problem here, so will sort that out one evening in the week. Have a good afternoon.
  13. Knowing that all of the large areas had now been done, this morning I decided to take a really close look at the Cavs bodywork to see if anything else needs welding. I only came up with two areas: - there are three very small holes areas of the bonnet (front near side corner), that would probably benefit from welding. They are so small, that it might even be possible to close them just by filling them with MIG wire (no plate). I don’t understand how this area even came to be holed in the first place - perhaps the car cover it came with held moisture in this area? - the small (1/2” wide ?) return lip on the underside of the front headlamp panel is rotten along about half its length. I suspect that has been caused by the holes for the retaining screws just rusting out and never being caught early enough. So as evo said a couple of months ago, there is always more rust to deal with, but we are now incredibly close to having all of the metalwork also complete. When these small bits are done (evenings this coming week), we can start on body and paint - the last section!
  14. IanMc

    Full Restoration + 400r Build 83 Coupe.

    Blimey, you don’t hang around do you?! Keep up the good work.