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  1. Hi mate, many thanks for the kind words - much appreciated. As an Engineer, my first instinct is always to try to save and make serviceable again. It probably all goes back to my teenage years, where my only option was to try to fix things myself. In other words I learned the hard way, due to lack of money. Your rear drums can certainly be skimmed out if there is any obvious sign of scoring or wear lips - this will literally take minutes for any good machinist. Relinjng brake shoes is only really economic if replacement sets are no longer available. It’s obviously doable, but even I wouldn’t bother with that job. Good luck!
  2. Some good progress today, both at work and home. My mate Tim managed to hold the font disc to hub assemblies in our 4-jaw chuck on the lathe today and skimmed both for me. The Haynes manual said max permissable runout was 0.009" - he got it within 0.006"max, so good job Tim! Even at that stage they looked so much better: When I got home I managed to remove the front and rear wheel bearing shells from each with absolutely no problems at all - result. Then I treated the exposed, rusty surfaces to a light sand and then a coat of high temperature brush on Silver paint. I already had this standing by for the exhaust manifold, so it was an obvious choice. Hopefully you will agree that they look quite presentable now, plus they should allow the car to roll better and more importantly, stop better too. Obviously I still ned to just tidy up the edges a little, but that over-paint will come off easily with a Stanley knife a bit late this evening. I have a used set of brake disc backing plates on the way to me. Once they arrive they will also be wire brushed and painted Silver. Then I can fit up the new bearings you can see in one of the photos and then hopefully get both front corners buttoned up again. Have a nice evening all.
  3. Manta 1.8 clutch friction plate

    There are kits on Ebay, no just the friction plate though...
  4. Thanks for your help and advice guys, much appreciated. I actually received an exhaust downpipe gasket with the complete head set that I bought when I did the engine work a while back. However, your comments did make me check - its a perfect fit. A bit more work tonight with the drill and ta dah!: Another small step forwards... Have a good evening everyone.
  5. Great - many thanks for your input.
  6. Well done that man, good job I’m pleased for you. To be honest, I hadn’t really given it too much thought yet. My gut feel is to go for Stainless, but not sure if the dissimilar metal might make things worse?! Having said that, I’m not sure if that is possible at the moment lol
  7. OK some tiny amounts of progress on the exhaust manifold a short time ago. I remembered that I had bought some of those 'drill anything' drills at the Practical Classics show at the NEC a couple of years ago, so thought I would try those... Yes, they worked very well, at least on the one I tried an hour ago. As the manifold has M10 x 1.5 thread in it I carefully opened up the center hole from 2 mm to 8.5 mm. Then I tapped it out again (really only removing the rest of the bolt of course) - success! Only three more to go - but there is no hurry of course, its the end result that is the important thing Have a nice evening all.
  8. Thanks Chris. I have checked the manifold for cracks and all is OK thank goodness. This morning I had a little go at this job and decided to start with the ones that were sticking out the most, thinking they would give me the best chance of success and therefore motivation I used Billy blowtorch on four of them followed by my trusty stillsons - the good news is that two of the four came out pretty easily, the third just got chewed up a bit and didn't budge and the forth turned about 1/3 of a turn then sheared off again flush with the face. I might try welding a nut on two that have just a bit still visible and try drilling the others. I need to get a selection of cobalt drills first though as the ones I have wont be any use in there. Wish me luck! Hi Mike, Many thanks for your input, much appreciated mate
  9. I've been stupid again

    Thanks Chris, what would I do without your electrical knowledge As predicted, everything is now back to normal - phew!
  10. I've been stupid again

    Morning all, During my exhaust replacement work I decided to inspect the (twin) wiring for the oil pressure sender and gauge. I found some melting and chafing, so fixed that and refitted the wiring. To get the two end connectors easily through the metal loop on the back of the block I decided to cable tie them together. This make it a doddle to get them through, but then I moved onto the next job, forgetting what I had done. Long story short I turned on the ignition, the needle shot round to max, and there it still sits... Doh!! Have I done some lasting electrical damage to something? How do I get the needle back to zero? Feeling pretty dumb at the moment, but there you go its too late now As always, your help and advice is appreciated.
  11. Cut off the entire exhaust system this morning which had all but rotted away. As anticipated, despite repeated soakings during the week with penetrating fluid, 5 of the 6 downpipe to manifold bolts sheared off. The sixth one was missing already... So that now leaves me with at least 5 bolts to remove - any ideas - drilling?, welding nuts to the remains and trying again: On the plus side, I now have some useful access to other parts to clean, paint and generally inspect. Cheers all, have a good weekend.
  12. Another quick job tonight. This one has been niggling at me for a couple of weeks - namely the two track rod ends... Even though the rubber boots and the tapers look fine and they feel nice and tight when you move them in your hand, I just couldn't get comfortable with not replacing them. As the replacements were only a tenner for both, I decided to get it done. So both ball joints and now the TRE's have been changed on the front suspension. Still waiting for the brake discs to be skimmed/cleaned up so that I can fit those and the new wheel bearings that I have waiting for each side. As soon as that is done the wheels can go back on and we can move forward again. Have a nice evening everyone.
  13. Just a small amount of work tonight. I thought that I would do a tiny bit of detailing in a different colour to try to break up all the Black under the bonnet. So i painted the dipstick, oil filler cap and the rad cap in Silver. I think that it has lifted things a little under there.
  14. My manta gte project

    Changing the subject slightly, is that a Sunbeam Rapier next to your Manta? I love the overall look of those cars, the sloping back and the twin headlights always looked really classy. Good luck with your project by the way, the car looks in nice condition.