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  1. Thanks Chris, in that case my car is correct as it is - well worth checking though. Thanks for the E-mailed photos by the way I did realise that the earth strap was on the wrong side, but when I went to move it during the Christmas break I spotted that the bolt on the other side had been sheared off.... Another little job for the list Thanks again for your help with this.
  2. Hi Herman, That is a VERY generous offer! Unfotunately I have just ordered a recon Delco unit from EBay (£30 delivered). However..... being a bit of a Magpie (read hoarder 😂), I might still be interested in a ‘spare’. Would you be able to let me know the shipping charge please? As I won’t be in any hurry, you can get a quote for the slowest/cheapest service available. Of course: 1) I don’t want to inconvenience you. 2) If any other members are interested I will gladly step aside. Thanks again Herman, top man!
  3. Morning Chris, Could you do me one last favour with regards to the Alternator please? Can you confirm the colours and positions of the wires that go to the two spade connectors on the side of the unit. There is a plug that should make it imposible to get it wrong, but these two wires have been repaired before and perhaps the terminals may have been removed and switched by mistake inside the connector block itself. Basically I want to make sure that whoever has been messing around in that area before has got it right. It does seem right according to the wiring diagram, but just want to be sure before I plug the recon unit in... Thanks yet again!
  4. Yes it is MANTAMAN, very well spotted Sir. I had actually already dealt with that by using some of that chemical metal stuff - one of worlds finest inventions.
  5. After pricing up the parts I would need, it was only about a tenner more to get that recon one delivered. The seller assured me that I would be refunded if it didn’t work, so no brainer really. Sincere thanks to Chris (cam.in.head) for all of his help and advice on this matter, greatly appreciated mate I have certainly learned a lot today!
  6. Well said that man, it’s such a bargain. To put that into even more perspective, £25 is about 15-20 minutes labour at a main dealer!
  7. Sorry Chris, I didn't check the Silver Diode block in both directions... However I have just done that and confirm: Top half (Neg.) = no reading in either direction. Bottom half (Pos.) = reading only in one direction. I was going to try these people for the bits required: http://www.jcrsupplies.co.uk/ Have you used them? Would you recommend anywhere else? Sincere thanks for all your help today matey!
  8. Thanks again Chris. OK I can now report the following: Rotor test 2 (200 Ohm scale) = 3.3 Ohms Diode trio test 1 - Black probe on long lead, Red to the 3 x pin loops Pin 1 = 585 Pin 2 = 598 Pin 3 = 581 Diode trio test 2 - Leads reversed Pin 1 = 0 Pin 2 = 0 Pin 3 = 001 (sometimes...) Silver Diode block test 1 - top half/negative to pins Pin 1 = 0 Pin 2 = 0 Pin 3 = 0 Silver Diode block test 2 - bottom half/positive to pins Pin 1 = 534 Pin 2 = 462 Pin 3 = 507 Silver Diode block test 3 - pin to pin test Pin 1 to 2 = 0 Pin 2 to 3 = 0 Pin 3 to 1 = 0 Brush lengths One measured 10.5 mm at its shortest point (on the curve) The other measured 9.75 mm at it shortest point. By process of elimination, I assume that the regulator is the White/Cream funny shaped block with the three mounting holes and two electrical connectors?
  9. OK Chris, I can report my test findings so far: Rotor tests Test 1 (on 20k Ohm scale) - Front slip ring to shaft: 0 Ohms - Rear slip ring to shaft: 0 Ohms - Front slip ring to other part(s): 0 Ohms - Rear slip ring to other parts(s): 0 Ohms Test 2 - please clarify Chris (as above post) Stator tests Test 1 (on 200 Ohm scale) Ring 1 to ring 2 = 0.8 Ohms Ring 2 to ring 3 = 0.7 Ohms, fluctuating to 0.8 sometimes... Ring 3 to ring 1 = 0.8 Ohms Test 2 (on 20k Ohm scale) Lead 1 to body = 0 Ohms Lead 2 to body = 0 Ohms Lead 3 to body = 0 Ohms
  10. Hi Chris, Re: test number 2, could you clarify please: - The scale to select - 200 Ohms or 200 K Ohms? - Am I to put a probe on each of the slip rings for this test? Thanks!
  11. Afternoon all, Just in case anyone else is interested, here are the internal parts of my Delco Remy 45A Alternator in all their grubbiness Upon strip down it was obvious that the front bearing had come to the end of its life, it did rotate freely, but made a racket and felt 'scratchy' - so a new one is on order...
  12. OK Chris the Alternator is stripped. I am awaiting your further instructions
  13. Confirmation of my (Delco Remy) Alternator model - well, I assume it is anyway