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  1. Despite what I said earlier, I did manage to find a spare hour this afternoon So 1) Cut out the Steel patches that I need to fill the hole in the floor: The 2), in preparation for the work to be done when I get back, I decided to see how difficult it would be to remove the front and rear screens... Starting with the front screen, I removed the 'chrome' corners and infill strips and then I was ready to manipulate the rubber from inside the car. To my surprise, the screen came out easily after less than 15 minutes of messing about. Ads expected the bottom corners were shot, but the rest was fine, with just a little surface rust to be treated. The corners will need some thinking about, but they dont scare me too much - how difficult can it be?! Have a good evening everyone.
  2. Lombard RAC Rally Re-Creation 2018

    What a superb event with some fantastic cars!
  3. This morning task was to make up some templates for the floor repair sections I will need. Four patch panels in total will be required. I could probably reduce this number by increasing the size of a couple of them (by joining them together), but then you can lose a bit of control when you come to weld them in place as they become more difficult to adjust/manipulate. This is the hole to fill... And the cardboard templates prepared: I'm off on holiday for just under 2 weeks, so that's it from me for a while my friends.
  4. So today has been all about the OSF jacking point. I did have second thoughts, but in the end I decided to follow my plan. Up in the rafters of the garage I had about a Metre of Steel tube/pipe of the size I wanted to use. It had 3 mm wall thickness, so nice and strong for the job. After cutting two pieces to the desired length, I notched the end as the outside edge of the jacking point rises slightly. This meaning that the pipe wouldn't sit right without doing this. Next I welded the pipe into the two valleys of the existing jacking point: After that I cut away the rusty Steel from the centre hump and welded in some patches: With the top taken care of it was time to start cutting away the rust from the sides and bottom - here you can see the Steel pipe and the rust to remove around it: After forming up a couple of patch panels, they were welded in and the flange required to attached the floor bent: Is it pretty? - not really, in fact not at all Was it worth the effort? - debatable... but very satisfying Is it strong? - as a rock. Have a nice evening everyone.
  5. Well I guess they have all gone now - nothing now showing!? Try searching this on Amazon: LUCAS LWB112 61450 22FR RH CAVALIER MK1 78-81 OPEL MANTA 81-
  6. Hi Guys, As per the title, there is a small quantity of Mk1 Cav / Manta B OS / RH Lucas headlamps available on Amazon of all places. Perhaps these might help someone else? https://www.amazon.co.uk/LUCAS-LWB112-61450-CAVALIER-78-81/dp/B017MD64C0/ref=redir_mobile_desktop?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&ref_=ox_sc_act_image_1&smid=A1238C5ASNF49U
  7. A quick lick of White Smooth Hammerite, prior to the stone chip: Oops, just spotted the drips on the outer pedal support bracket - oh well, the underseal will disguise those...
  8. Right, the way forward for the OSF jacking point has been decided - I am going to try to repair it. Yes, its easier to just buy one and weld it on, but where's the fun in that? By making my own I might fail, it might look rubbish and it might take ages - but I will learn some things along the way that might help others and it will be way cheaper. This is what it currently looks like: My plan is: - Weld in two pieces of mild Steel round hollow section / tubing. These will go in the two 'valleys', either side of the central hump. - Weld the two ends of these tubes to the chassis rail and inside face of the sill. This should brace that corner, add stability and strength. - Weld in a short length of the same tube to the underside of the hump. - Carefully cut away the rotten sections of the right hand 'valley' (cutting around the tube as required). - Create some repair sections from sheet and weld them to the material left. I think that I can form the sheet around a round bar to get the curves required to match it up. - Cut out the rotten section of the central hump (leaving the tube I have temporarily fitted to brace and act as a shape guide. - Make up a curved repair patch for this section. - Remove the temporary tube under the central hump. - Stand back at glory at the mess I have made Will it work?, who knows?! - but I'm going to try anyway!
  9. A tiny update this evening. Only applied some seam sealer to the joints I welded at the weekend - got to try to keep that horrible water off my work lol Not pretty, but who cares when there is a some stone chip and a couple of coats of underseal to go on top.
  10. Dash Light Fuse

    Well done Sam, everyone loves a nice cheap and easy fix.
  11. I guess that these two photos prove that any bodge job can look half decent with some POR15 on top Apologies once again for the reflection of my Orange overalls!
  12. Hi mate, I hope you are well? I’ve got the pedal mount sorted, but sincere thanks for the offer! With regards to the jacking point, your probably right, but the thought of trying to dig the front up stand out from between the sill and floor skin worries me...
  13. I decided to press on and cut away the rot in the OSF floor. Whoops! My first decision is how to tackle the jacking point. Believe it or not, two thirds of it is very solid. So I guess the question is repair or replace? Even if I chose the repair option, I'm not sure at this point how I would do it. That will keep my brain busy walking to work tomorrow Enjoy your evening folks.
  14. Some good progress to report in today's little update. This morning I have managed to repair the rusty inner wing area where it meets the chassis leg. Of course this area also extends into the engine bay in the area of the master cylinder, servo and the OSF rigid brake pipe. So we started of with this: After the usual origami: Then some cutting and welding later we now have this: This area can now be treated with corrosion resistant coatings, panel sealed etc. After that I can refit the servo and master cylinder. The last two jobs mentioned will probably be done early next week. Then its inside to tackle the floor...
  15. Mike's Manta.

    Yes Mike - she’s beautiful. Really pleased for you. Enjoy the rebuild, your now on the home stretch.