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  1. Turner Tour of the lakes

    Suggested your run is leave ambleside on a591 to Keswick can stop in centre for a drink or wc. 18 miles.Back out of Keswick on a66 towards carlisle17 miles right turn onto a5091 troutbeck onto kirkstone pass or if fancy a bit further on a66 and just outside Carlisle right turn onto a592 heading passed ullswater lake down towards Kirkstone pass back down into ambleside on to a591 to Windermere for a lake side park up and chat before set off home. Lots of pubs for food on way.
  2. 2.4 Engine C24NE Wanted

    Guy in Wales will make a copper gasket for £100. If you send a standard one to copy. I used cometic on mine but as said check cam timing.
  3. two on facebook rally car parts for sale
  4. 2.4 Engine C24NE Wanted

    short piston is due to long rod/stroke ratio so both correct. crazy CIH engines out there if you have the cash. best engine for regular use is 2.2 imho more torque and more friendly than 2.4 to recondition i have a PMC 2.2 engine and stage three head and cam going in my ascona a connected to a getrag 265 9 inch clutch with 6 bolt cover.
  5. Opel Ascona B

  6. Egbert de boer has some in Netherlands give him an email.
  7. Shiny bit required

    Spoilt git😚 now get it done😦
  8. Mancona hatch now Finished!! Aug 2017

    Photo bucket is shit they stole my pics need to pay to get them back.
  9. Rear axle

    Better off with the opel record estate axle. Stronger than Commodore axle. Or a salisbury 4ha with Jag 5 stud hubs
  10. Gte gearbox

    Got one in my Unit in blackburn Lancashire. £100
  11. 2 bits that don't work..

    See you soon Sam
  12. 2 bits that don't work..

    Stop messing about you dithering fool. Give me a ring or text when next going garage.
  13. f reg exclusive coupe Monaco blue

  14. Strange one

    Ignition amplifier is a good one for this issue. Over heats cuts out cools runs great again. Had this a few times.
  15. Manta B GT/E

    C and G Clutches in Leeds are good I found made mine as I waited. Let us know when ascona is stripped of the parts you need off it.