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  1. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Very nice. Few people know how hard it is to restore a car to this level. The blasting. Powder coating. Disassembly reassembly plating grinding cleaning it never seems to end. I wa speaking to my brother today regarding projects and just look at how many projects are ongoing compared to the completed ones shows how hard it is to get over that hurdle great job.
  2. Hi manta gte coupe

    Nice to see you here. Get some pics up when you can
  3. 1.8 Hatch

    Will the carb be up to the job of the new engine?
  4. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    I will try and add the original reg of the one I have ASAP.
  5. 1.8 Hatch

    Sorry to hear the headgasket problem mate. The car had done 11 miles in 10 years before you. Keep it 1800. I love mine. Hm mmmmmmm although I have done 2 headgaskets in 3 years
  6. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Oh fancy cast frame. Is that worth anything then ? We have all the history regarding the car if it is of any interest to you
  7. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    Looking at the car it was originally green. Then painted red and the manta parts added. We have the original reg at the unit. I will check. The hood is brand new and checked by Robbie Stintson at the vboa. It does not have any fittings but does come with a letter regarding how difficult it was to find a certain part that is included separately. It has a 2.0s engine and 5 speed box
  8. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    We still have number 75 but it is in a bad way. Think of a rusty manta, then think of one that has had a roof chopped off for 30 years see my post on breaking centaur We have a brand new hood for sale if you know anyone who is interested in it. Made by " the don interiors "
  9. 240 Gearbox Oil

    Proper stuff that, available cheap from your local vaux dealer and cheaper if they see your trade club number on your membership card ( if the trade club is still being run?)
  10. Turner Tour of the lakes

    Another tumbleweed passes though the forum
  11. 20XE retarded timing issue.

    Nice that. Why don't you join the club?
  12. Paul C Looking for a Manta Coupe

    What is your budget Paul? My Brother and I have a few exclusive coupes that are in the process of being restored to different price points. Cheers Kev.