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  1. Manta Exclusive

    Loads left on that parted out correctly
  2. Manta B Body Turner Plans

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  3. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    Nice work. Great pics and great attention to detail.
  4. Breaking cavalier centaur and manta hatch

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  5. F reg 1988 Exclusive coupe restoration

    Ok. So back onto this now as the exclusive hatch and the mancona are done. Work shop tidied up A posts added. All panels zinc primed inside sills replaced. I always find the bend in the lower part isn't ever enough so it's over to the bench for a bit of late night bending all the crap cut out and and butt welded where possible rear corner section replaced from a cut off a non spoiler b series ( I don't throw anything away ) lots of bilt hammer used and plenty of Electrolux thrown around
  6. Mancona hatch now Painted! April 2017

    Finished. Full mot. No advisories.
  7. Secret project 2, 1800 Exclusive Hatch

    Some pictures.
  8. Garage clearout

  9. It was NA, cnc head the lot!
  10. woooooooooo, how did that happen?
  11. Secret project 2, 1800 Exclusive Hatch

    It is completed. Fully restored. See the eBay advert. Great car. Rare. Will ever depreciate like modern crap.
  12. Paul's car. He sold it to a mate who said he would hold it to release some money for a business. It hasn't got the 350 horse engine in it Paul built but it does have around 200 horse. Paul is gutted it is up for sale. Great build. Solid shell. Great engine.
  13. mk1 cavalier lowering

    Mini shocks fit. Standard cheap way of modification. Just cut your springs
  14. mk1 cavalier lowering

    Just use standard springs and cut a load off and then try until you like the look. You will have to remove the front bumper stop cones and replace the bump stops and cut the back ones down. My red coupe is on its bump stops. Looks great and handles good too. The look is well worth the money spent in physiotherapy