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  1. ijiopel

    Total Retro Show

    very nice mk1 astra brian. may see you down billing. all the best with the manta project sounds a cracker
  2. ijiopel

    Connors Day - 08.09.2012

    Dear All, I've Just been informed about this event by one of my Mk 1 Astra Friends. This is an event that has just been arranged for the purpose of giving a 11 year old boy - Connor - the chance to see a car show - he is not aware but its being arranged by his father whom has just found out that Connor only has a few weeks left to live - heartbreaking story - more info can be found on this website: http://bbs.scoobynet.com/scoobynet-general-1/947972-losing-my-son-please-help.html
  3. Thanks for the reply Robah, im thinking of getting an ashley manifold and a stainless system made at a local garage but just keeping my options open to see if there is anything else available first :-)
  4. Hello All, I'd like to finish my car to have her on the road for the summer - am after an Exhaust System including Manifold for a 16v Opel Manta Coupe or as full as a system as I can get. Do you know of one for sale? any suggestions appreciated. Thanks Mark - 07970949156