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  1. Dom400

    Manta B Irmscher Sebring Exhaust

    This is the one Iā€™m looking for, was rare back in the day. This would finish the i200 off perfectly if I can find a good one.
  2. !!! WANTED !!! Rare AF Manta B Irmscher Sebring Exhaust/Back Box Any hoarders out there want to clear some space and help me finish my project? Thanks!
  3. I bet, yours is looking a lot better de-stealthed and definitely stood out on the road! I moved up to Peterborough in January form Essex, not quite the same car scene around here but will back on the shows next year. For sure nothing happening at the moment as the car is not quite 100% together. lol
  4. You made my day mate seeing that one on the road, was on the way home but had to follow for a bit. Gave me extra inspiration to get mine back on the road, give us a shout next time your about!
  5. Took the day off work and got rewarded with this spot in Peterborough, first time seen one outside a meet for about 8 years!
  6. Dom400

    Manta chassis jig

    You star! I owe you many beers! šŸ‘
  7. Dom400

    Manta chassis jig

    I have just started to strip the body and inspect the damage. Still gotta take the engine out and get parts so no rush for a bit. Only just contacted retropower for the panels, so not planning to start cutting for a couple of weeks! Thanks!
  8. Dom400

    Manta chassis jig

    Hi, Starting rust repairs on chassis and require a jig to keep everything in place. Has anyone got a jig I could borrow or buy? Thanks! Dom
  9. Dom400

    Spares Heaven!!!

    Danny, Have you got his email? Did you get anything in the end? Thanks! Dom
  10. Dom400

    Spares Heaven!!!

    Could not believe the pics when I first saw them, he has some nice and rare parts there!
  11. Haven't sussed the language yet but just look! https://www.nettivaraosa.com/en/varaosa-ja-kolariautot/2525301
  12. Congrats! Trying to find the correct size tube for it atm is a struggle, might see if I can attach it to a length of wood so it doesnt get bent during delivery. ................................................................................................................................................
  13. Hi, the front trim comes from a B coupe that was fitted with non irmscher quads so will deff fit yours. the rear trim Panel comes from a coupe, reason keep was has all 4 mounting points and bolts, also plastic has not been damaged or deformed by over tighening.