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  1. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I couldn't go as had a family gathering but I plan to be at the March meet.
  2. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I'll be there
  3. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    8 January then
  4. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I'll be there on Monday. Anyone else planning on attending?
  5. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I'll definitely be there
  6. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    Great. Whose Shaun?
  7. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I should be there on Monday. Anyone else going?
  8. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I will defo be there for this one
  9. Hi there, I'm after the Senator B rear bumper steel/chrome insert trim strip and white retaining clips. As you can see from the pictures below, mine has dents and has come detached in some places. Does anyone here have these parts or know where I can obtain them? Anyone breaking a Senator? I am so far looking on Opel Classic Parts, MM Opel Parts Dronten, German eBay and also talking to a member on Autobahnstormers who hopes to break a Senator soon. I have started a similar wanted thread on Total Carlton. Many thanks. Neil
  10. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    Going to have send my apologies again for this one. Just got quite a bit on at the moment.
  11. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I'm not going to be able to make this one.
  12. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I dropped the Vectra into Body and Tuning yesterday morning so I'm carless for the foreseeable future.
  13. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    Great turnout last night. Food was excellent and everyone had a good time.
  14. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    It's Church Ln, Muston, Nottingham NG13 0FD Mick
  15. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    1. Neil - Deposit PAID 2. Steve & Jayne - Deposit PAID 3. Mick & Carol - Deposit PAID 4. Dan & Tracy - Deposit PAID 5. Mick & Emma - Deposit PAID