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  1. V8 Manta

    It is a good buy considering how much money nuttynik would of put into mega manta,....but this has been for sale on and off for a while now and its been ignored,does that mean mega manta is just to extreme and well to mega.. for most folk..maybe. For me I still like it,..but if you have noticed nik has extended the rear arches and that spoils the rare evo kit for me...however I can see why he has done it.
  2. 400 body kit best one to get

    As far as I know contact with said martin was done via lepo5 (club member).. still maybe?..not to sure about how much this Martin chap produces,goes without saying the arches,i would say at least you may have to get the rallytech bonnet,which is rated,would not worry about the airdam as your building a 400R. Also can I just ask..are you doing this conversion to a hatch...,or is your username a bit misleading in that respsect,... good luck with your project nonetheless.
  3. 400 body kit best one to get

    your probably looking at £900 to £1000,but I wouldn't expect too much change out of that,the martin kit is generally regarded in club circles as the absoulute dogs wotsits and that's down to the fact he has the original irmscher moulds. Rallytech are held in high regard aswell,apart from these two forget about anyone else you come across mate.
  4. Manta with Saab turbo engine

    Why can't you do the aforementioned
  5. Stonking engine coupled with the twin webbers.....yes please..this will eat a standard redtop for breakfast
  6. Great pics and very much appreciated Who owned the green evo never seen that one before,is it still about. That narrow arched 400 looks like the one that was for sale recently,i think owned by one of the H-400 crew possibly.
  7. Works manta 400 for just 12k is just incredible,how times have changed. Was it D902 RGS the Andrew Wood one
  8. you never know....it could be hidden away in a barn somewhere....waiting to be discovered...or maybe in someones collection being pampered. Have you got a manta at the moment.
  9. I remember seeing your old car for sale in the fast car magazine,and was impressed with it,mainly because the evolution kit had been fitted to the hatch rather than the usual coupe,and it looked arguably even better on the hatch,also remember it having aluminum arch liners,what engine did it have? There was a red evo hatch fast car magazine featured car,was that yours in a previous incarnation?
  10. Manta with Saab turbo engine

    Great spec on this manta,and the engine conversion looks like its been done to a good standard. But given the concept of the car its crying out for a 400 kit.....that would be the next stage for me. This has been offered for sale recently for a lot more that the current starting bid,depending on the amount of interest this attracts you could potentially have a well spec'd/tricked up manta for not a huge amount of money. I like it
  11. Doh! that's who I meant,what happened to that in the end did it go to Ireland by any chance.
  12. Your bang on there Dan,and the ultimate CIH that springs to mind is without doubt the Steve James monster albeit in 2.7 form,and to think that sold for about 5k is incredible when you look at todays marketplace.
  13. Hence the reason why there is so many xe engined manta's about. Gm were allocating a good batch of the next gen engines to the calibra,after the astra and cav. Ps....I still love the CIH....as i'm still keeping mine going but its getting tired now. Also I like shaun's hatch,with the nice upgrades and mods,may just need the panintjob to finish depending on tastes.
  14. Depends what you mean by correct engine there mate,...yes it still had the CIH engine,but it was not furnished with the usual goodies like the cam.solid lifters.&uprated dizzy. However it did have the period and mega rare irmscher rubber rocker cover...cover