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  1. 85 coupe resto

    I always use a rubber mallet to gently tap the rubbers down as I go and into the corners that should help 🙂 Car looks great 🙂

    Very nice 😃
  3. Living up to my username

    It’s the original paper factory repair manual I’ll need to dig it out and picture it 🙂 nothing I haven’t found that I need 🙂
  4. Living up to my username

    It’s not bad I just prefer to pick out panels and replace rather than patch 🙂 I’ve managed to find every outer panel over the years 🙂 the parts in the pic above are the genuine gm strengtheners used when replacing swan necks 🙂 they are in the factory body repair manual I’ll dig it out at some point 🙂
  5. Living up to my username

    That’s the plan 😃👍 I have already started 🙂
  6. Living up to my username

    Some of them did back in the day when a local smt Vauxhall Opel dealer shut down I’ve been collecting for twenty years 🙂 Cheers Danny 🙂
  7. Living up to my username

    Thanks 🙂 there are more 🙂
  8. Living up to my username

    The purists might not like this one but here is my project 🙂
  9. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Excellent work 🙂 what is your preferred method for dressing welds and blending them nice and smooth?
  10. Recaro seat badges

  11. Manta i200 at auction

    A couple of things that didnt look right to me Washer jets in front bumper and the bumper is fitted wrongly (its pulled upwards to follow the swage lines on the wings) Wrong 3 piece spoiler (Looks like an exclusive one not the narrow i200 400 one) Not relevant to being a genuine i200 but why is it completely without wing mirrors?
  12. GTE Coupe 1984

    It looks like the Skull Crusher sweets i used to get in my 10p mixture at school!
  13. GTE Coupe 1984

    You’ll get there🙂 I’ve found a power file and some sharp panel splitters very good for removing spot welds without damaging or holing the panel below which you want to weld to allowing you to neatly plug weld the new panel on if no access to a spot welder 🙂
  14. GTE Coupe 1984

    How is progress going?
  15. Same colour as my first ever Manta love it!!!