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  1. Cheap etch primer

    Nice spot, not sure what the quality of the paint will be. But at that price its worth a try
  2. You know its a basket case when the lower front suspension arm has rotted through and collapsed
  3. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    I know this is all about the centaurs but does anyone remember a Red 2 slot Manta b that was turned into a convertable from a hatchback? Apparently its picture appeared in the club mag years ago Stumbled across it where it has been slumbering in a garage for many years, didn't get the number plate but it had the same T roof as the Centaurs. It had even had a custom bootlid arrangement made for it but with the deeper tailgate vertical piece. Had various things stored on it and tightly parked in a single garage so couldn't get a good look, but its hopefully being dug out shortly so i might get a better look over it.
  4. Fuel regulator wanted. Manta GTE

    The fuel pressure regulator fitted int the loop of fuel pipe inside the inlet manifold, or the fuel damper mounted under the floor at the back with the fuel pump?
  5. Looks nice. Do you think he has enough horns under the bonnet
  6. Gearbox

    260bhp is certainly on (or just over) the limit of what the getrag 240 boxes can cope with, especially in a race car i would think as thats a more abusive enviroment than road use. The 240 series is also used in some other German 80's/90's cars notably some BMW's, however it is a totally different outer casing. But i would think the internal gears should be the same, otherwise why give it the 240 name. So if you do try to rebuild one there may be a source of parts in german gearbox specialists, but there are none i know of in the uk. Also the GT/e 240 box has the same internals as the 1800 box you use currently, but the outer casing is different. However you can actually swap the casings across (its not just a bellhousing its also the majority of the case, but the gear cluster is fixed to the tail section not the case) which is handy as the GT/e boxes get less abuse ususally as its a lower reving engine so there have typically been less rushed gear changes. Another option that might be of interest is swapping the box for something else alltogether. There are now adaptor plates available for the XE engine to fit the Mazda RX8 gearboxes, either the 5 speed or 6 speed (6 speed has same top and bottom gears virtually but an extra in between for a close ratio box) both of which happily handle upwards of 400bhp without issue. The RX box is longer though and has the gearlever almost 4 inches further back than the manta box. They use a ford spline at front and rear so clutch and prop are not hard to sort. Just a thought that might be of use to you.
  7. Manta B GTE Recaro Seat Fittings ?

    Thats what happens when i forget to scroll up and actually read the first line PM sent
  8. Manta B GTE Recaro Seat Fittings ?

    Lock set for a coupe or hatch?
  9. Manta B GTE Recaro Seat Fittings ?

    I do not know what the opel name for them is but i have some spare clamps for the front of the subframes if you want some. I also have the rear pieces. There isn't a cable to the hook, on the gte seat subframes the hook doesn't move. The whole subframe is stationary on the floor. The seat moves forwards and backwards on the runners mounted between the seat and subframe. I can get you some pictures later on.
  10. 86 gte coupe

    I remember seeing that style of strut brace for sale in the old days. Not that you need one on a manta.
  11. Wheels/tyres Opel manta gte

  12. Need Rear coil springs

    Exclusive are different to GT/e, which are different to 1.8, which i think are different to early B 1.6/1.9/2.0 Oh and hatch and coupe rears are different too
  13. Quad headlights

  14. From black to white

    It does look better white, i don't even mind the black spoiler. Looks nice with a black and white theme throughout, just wants black MANTA stickers on it Oh and those wheels changing
  15. Distributor needed

    Is it a c20xe distributor for the back of the head you are after, or are you front mounting a 1.8 dizzy?