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  1. Yep thats the same one, needs a bit of love in a few places but Jon will work his way through it all and get it perfect again.
  2. Recommendations for spot weld drill

    The kit that i linked to has one of the standard style drills in it for some reason, not sure of the quality as i have not used it yet.
  3. Recommendations for spot weld drill

    I have both the standard type spot weld drill bits but also recently bought one of these http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/111987092104 (but not from ebay) Its really good if the spot weld isn't on the flatest panel on the world, which a lot aren't. The standard ones are hard to keep in the right place someimes and skate around rather than dril a neat hole. With this type you use a centre punch then the sprung pin in the tool sits in the hole and you slowly bring the teeth down to cut. Works really well and although its not cheap it does come with a whole load of replaceable cutting teeth and if used slowly with a cooling/cutting fluid they will last forever. I'm still on my first cutter and its done laods already

    Retro power were talking about getting kits made up (as the quaife ones do not fit that well!) but not sure they have got anywhere with it as they are so busy with builds
  5. I've been trying to get Shaun to take better pics of it but his phone is unwilling to do anything usefull. Does look better in the flesh than the pics show. Still needs to do a better job at the text layout too mate
  6. Manta GTE 1987

  7. Disc spacers to fit xe brakes to manta

    Instead of the spacers you can just use Audi discs as they are the right size and offset to line up with the astra calipers, they do need the centre bore opening up and 4 new mounting holes adding (but so do the astra discs even with spacers). They work out much cheaper than going for spacers. I used to get the alloy spacers made and they were up to £90 a set plus then the astra discs and machining would total the lot out around £160 where as i now have audi discs modified and they are £85 a pair once done
  8. 2.0E Gaskets

    The GM part number for the water pump gasket is 90190983
  9. 2.0E Gaskets

    The best waterpump gaskets are the vauxhall original ones as they have a bead of sealant laid within the gasket. Still available from vaux (or were a couple of years back when i bought a couple. I can dig out the part number later if you want.

    15 amps is very high, i'd say you have a regulator issue. Can't help with a replacement but i'm sure someone local would be able to fix it, i kinow there are places local to me that do.
  11. Astra gte calipers brake hose

    Have you removed the lug from the caliper next to where the banjo sits? This is to hold the end at the right angle for the astra but its the wrong angle for the manta, if you file this down you should be able to use the standard hose (be careful not to get debris in the actual caliper!)
  12. The bulge on all the opel diesel bonnets i've ever seen is to allow for the fact the diesel CIH engines are extra tall compared to a petrol CIH
  13. Too many silencers?

    3 is the right amount on a standard Manta exhaust, i presume the cav coupe would be the same but i have never had one with a standard exhaust on. The first flat one by the gearbox is a resonator more than a true silencer.
  14. Rear disc brake kits