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  1. Gearbox

    I'm also not sure how long a 240 would last behind the torque of a lexus v8. Have you looked at the mazda rx8 gearboxes? They do an adaptor plate for fitting them behind the lexus v8 engine and its a way stronger gearbox
  2. Manta B 1.8s Brake Conversion Front

    I do not believe the carlton disc you refer to above is actually the right one. It lists as fitting the mk2 and mk3 carlton and as far as i know they are completely different setups, the mk2 is a 4 stud hub and the mk3 is 5 stud. So i think that is a mistake in the listing and the wrong disc for your car The brake caliper looks to be the early vectra one, which is the same as the mk2 astra 16v caliper that is a popular conversion. But they give no specifications on it and the part number they list does not cross reference to anywhere on the web. The problem with the vauxhall fit ATE calipers like that is they all look the same but without knowing the OE part number they replace or the specifications they may not be the right ones and at that price you want them to be right first time. The standard brakes work ok if they are in top form and you drive normally. But they soon reach there limit with enthustiastic driving and repeated hard braking as they get too warm, even on a standard 1.8 car. Being solid discs they cannot disperse the heat well unlike a vented disc. The excess heat also is what causes issues with the standard sliders as the one piece caliper transfers that heat into the housing, melts away the grease and they seize. The uprated sliders Dog321fish use are good but you can still cause them to seize up if you get the discs cherry red too often (not that i ever have of course ) The most common front brake upgrade currently is the mk2 astra 16v calipers and the Audi discs (as Biffy1984 runs, not mk4 fronts thats a typo) they fit under the 14" alloys and give a larger vented disc but also a pad surface area thats around twice as large. So more friction for a given pressure on a larger diameter disc which gives more braking performane. Plus its a vented disc so will not over heat and a modren caliper design that stays working.
  3. Zf Lsd

  4. 2.0e water pump gasket.

    Finally remembered to check and that is the right number.
  5. 2.0e water pump gasket.

    Can be bought from Vauxhall still and the genuine ones have a bead of sealer in the gasket itself. Which is much better than the aftermarket ones, i'll have the part number at work and can look it out tomorrow for you (if i remember )

    Often lowering them too much gets the front bump stops hitting the lower arms over bumps. You can shorten the bumpstop towers to move the rubber further away from the arm thus giving more travel before hitting. Or you can put standard height springs in. Personally i like standard height GT/e springs, preferable 400lbs up front with standard rears and a full set of Bilstein dampers. That makes a manta really handle
  7. Just popped up on eBay an early Manta B with plastic bumpers, started life as a hatch but was changed into a convertible in the 80's. Its the only Hatch convertible i have ever seen and has been done nicely. I've seen the car in the flesh and the paint is excellent, interiour is mint. Engine needs changing as after over 10 years of not running whilst trying to unseize it a piston ring was broken. The engine has been converted to a GT/e injection system. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/292708476072
  8. Manta panel on e-bay

    Then why don't you buy it.
  9. Seat lowering

    Never tried lowering the basic manta seats, which I presume is what you have on your cav. But the recaro seats are lower than those to start with and can be lowered another 15mm or so with a little work.
  10. Donut problem

    I normally fit uprated rubber ones from http://www.edelschmiede.com and have never had an issue with them even on lowered cars. Sounds like the really hard one you got is not suitible for a really lowered car. Where did you get it from?
  11. Axle rebuild info

    Hmmm i always drop my axles off to be built at a local specialist, so i haven't taken those out myself. But i have never seen them listed anywhere which is why i didn't know they existed. Still learning things after all these years
  12. Axle rebuild info

    There aren't any pinion shims, its just the crush washer. Shims are only used for the diff bearings to align the diff for backlash/mesh etc
  13. Donut problem

    When you fitted the doughnut did you bend the 3 little retaining tabs back down to grip the rear of the flanges each end? If you don't get them nipped up the doughnut will pop out from the housing, as thats all that holds it in position in the grooves.
  14. In the top line that says The listing you’re looking for is no longer available. Check out this similar item we found for you. Click listing and you get the linked advert. Just another crappy update feature from eGay that is stupid and not thought out well.
  15. Stuff I need to get her running

    I presume this is for a GT/e CIH engine? If so i think i have pretty much all of that available, i will check today and let you know.