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  1. Manta A wiper mechanism and motor

    pm sent
  2. One of my customers is after a wiper mechanism for his Manta A project with the motor, anyone have one laying around spare?
  3. 2.0E CIH Valve stem Oil seals Required

    I've got 8 seals in my gasket draw, 4 black and 4 brown. All measure 13mm at the base and about 8mm inside top. Still soft and flexible, have springs around lower so will stretch and hold tight on 14mm seats. Will have come with gasket sets over the years but no idea what brand these bits are.
  4. Manta b coupe roof

    Oh and PM sent
  5. Flywheels

    If you are after a 6 bolt flat flywheel for the engine have a look at the earlier 2.0 ohc engines like the c20ne and 20seh should be a few of those around or put a wanted advert up for a 1.8 manta flywheel, sure someone on here will have one. I know i've weighed in several over the years when going to an XE engine
  6. Kent 234 or 244 camshaft cih

    There was a kent 244 on eBay the other day, not sure when the auction finishes
  7. Flywheels

    So if i am understanding you correctly you are trying to use a manta 1.8 clutch with a redtop flywheel. My first question is why not just use a manta 1.8 flywheel if you are using a manta 1.8 clutch?
  8. Jag engined manta

    think the engineless one was a different car, but its been a while
  9. Manta b coupe roof

    I believe the reproduction of manta roof panels in steel has been discused by the club. Not sure how they are progressing with it though but can't see it being a quick process Certainly i would never have a fiberglass roof and i doubt it would actually be legal to do for a road car as it would be classed as a major modification to the bodyshell.
  10. Manta B Twin light MOUNTING BRACKET

    I've used these in a couple of quad setups https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/231362682226
  11. Thermostat housing

    Errrr shall i add it to your list? i have one of those aswell
  12. Manta B Twin light MOUNTING BRACKET

    Not all quads had the metal backing piece. Most are just a plastic moulded quad surround and this attaches to the car by the long bolts at either side like this set (you need to drill holes for these bolts) The metal frame ones look like this on the back and attach at the 4 corners using the same holes as the original lights. There are a few other versions of the quad lights that have been made over the years, some as production ones and some as home made specials like these fiberglass ones. So it really depends what the rears of the ones you bought look like.
  13. GTE gearbox

    Whats going on with the end of the clutch arm then? Thats not a Manta end that i've ever seen
  14. GTE gearbox

    Errrr thats not a manta box is it? the clutch arm end is wrong and the rear linkage bar looks too long i think. So maybe carlton or something? it'll fit a manta of course but would take some work. Oh and its a tad expensive isn't it for a cih box? thats more 1.8 box prices but i didn't think CIH boxes had reached £100 yet
  15. Manta B Twin light MOUNTING BRACKET

    Is it just those rear brackets you are after, or the whole lot including the rings that hold the lamps themselves?