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  1. Calibra turbo front calipers

    Disc size is not really relevent to master cylinder size, piston size is more so. But even then the only real difference most will see is the pedal travel before the brakes start to have an effect. The most common brake swap for the Manta in the UK is 256mm discs from an Audi with astra calipers marked 52/24. After that is the larger 284mm discs from a sierra with the early calibra turbo calipers (also on calibra v6, cavalier 4x4 + v6) marked 54/24 with these i normally also recomend rear discs to level out the braking performance.
  2. Passed with no advisories

    Never doubted it would sail through an MOT, after all it was screwed together by an expert Still think it wants something done to the rims like a silver painted lip or something to break up the black of the rim from the black of the tyre
  3. 1986 Manta B Fuel Tank

    Ccorrosion in the tank can be repaired, there are risks to it if you do not know what you are doing. But with experience and patients you can clean the tank of residue, cut out the rotten area's and then weld in new steel. You can also convert a standard tank to injection by adding a baffle inside it and using an in tank pump. Or if you do not want to play with it yourself there are plenty of companies out there that will repair and reline your tank for you. Whilst it isn't that cheap you will then have a tank that is good for another 30 years. Also its a lot easier than finiding a good injection hatch tank.
  4. 2.4 Engine C24NE Wanted

    Some very useful information there for the CIH engines but i'd still just fit a C20XE
  5. Its thanks to Stoo2000's amazing work he found a work around after the last forum update was enabled.
  6. Quiafe Differential

    Is it for a 3.67 or 3.44 ratio CWP?
  7. Rear disc brake kits

  8. Manta B Project Underway!

    Its not a forum thing, Its a new Photobucket limit for hosting pics saved on their site onto other sites. Basically they are trying to get you to pay them so your links will work again. All i think it will achieve is to piss even more people off with Photbucket than already were. Self hosting on your own webspace is the only way to be in complete control of your pics. But moving all those pics and editing every post with the new addresses is never going to happen which has affected a lot of good build projects on many forums already
  9. Manta 5 speed propshaft flange dimensions

    The nose of the 5 speed prop is 38mm, outside measurement of manta rear gearbox oil seal is 52mm
  10. 1987 Manta GTE for sale

  11. Hints and tips for replacing full chassis legs

    Yes, reaching over from roof side with hoist i would lift the shell slightly from that point, just enough to remove the upper spit mount out of the rail. Then lower again leaving lower spit mount and ust touch the axle stand, but leave the hoist under tension too. I think that would be easily sufficient to hold the shell in alignment while taking the full rail out and not needed a lot of bracing welded on to hold it in place.
  12. Pesky Coupe rear quarter windows!

    Yeah push out roll pin and its easy enough to do. Lots of people use their double sided hinges, much better to stick on than trying to re-attach the originals.