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  1. 2.0 GTE Battery

    They should park up and be useable within 3 weeks easily if no problems but an alarm fitted can drain battery over a shorter period.any longer either disconnect battery or remove fuse 3
  2. Dash Light Fuse

    Yeah should only be a yellow one thats correct .. as ian says there are a lot of lights running from that fuse so plenty of chance for a short somewhere. one thing you can do if you cannot find any issues anywhere is to put a high wattage bulb on some leads and pop it in place of the fuse. Then go round and check if any lights are glowing.the ones that are glowing albeit very dimly will mean that the short is not on that line. eg if the front and rear lights are glowing then the short is not on the front or rear line etc. .you may be lucky depending on where the short is .if its near the fuse right at the begginning then no lights will glow but if its the number plate light for example it will be dead whereas other bulbs will glow dimly. Its a long shot but worth a try if you cannot find the fault. check wiring loom inside boot to lights and number plate lamp.check inside headlights for the sidelight connection.check under instrument cover hood,check behind radio / cig lighter light and clock( although i think cig lighter is from ignition feed rather thanlight switch) happy hunting
  3. A Series dipstick help

    Just remember thou that the proper cav/ manta engines had the dipstick go down a curved guide tube rather than the straight down entry of a 2.2 or 2.4?. Fine if you have fitted the correct tube..otherwise the reading will be off and the proper dipstick will be a loose fit in the hole. I’m sure you know what I mean . another way would be to fill the sump with the correct amount of oil ,assuming standard sump ?
  4. So long as the distortion is limited to the rear facing edge rather than the top and there are no high spots higher than the actual panel itself then it should skim over nicely and finish with a large sanding block .i once made a cavalier wing out of an ascona one and you couldnt tell the join even thou there was quite a bit of initial weld distortion. A far cry from some of my early wheelarch attempts where it looked like it had been riveted on ! It will be fine ,just make sure its well waterproofed/ sealed against inside outside damp penetration
  5. Fuel Injection problem - LE Jetronic - Fixed :-)

    Great news glad it’s sorted. out of curiosity and to check i would open up the old broken ecu and check for any signs of water ingress.they can get water leaks down the side of the footwell area from a variety of places and it would be a shame to damage another ecu.worth a good check down in the footwell for any evidence,wet carpet rust stains ,holes etc. any signs of water/rusty marks etc. And I would be checking corner of windscreen seal and up inside the inner wing and washer bottle area.most of our cars will be showing some level of rust in these areas by now .also as a precaution anyway it is always worth looping a plastic sheet over the top and around the front/back of the ecu.they were originally covered this way albeit not quite well enough. happy tinkering
  6. Mk1 Cavalier Axle Shafts

    1.6 shafts are thinner. Pretty sure 1.9 & 2.0 are the same (thicker)all interchangeable into each other’s axle (except 1256cc). 2.0 axle itself better for motorway cruising as its 3.44:1 rather than 3.67:1 of a 1.6. But a bit less nippy on acceleration.
  7. Mk1 Cavalier Axle Shafts

    Yes thay are . The difference being the actual thickness of the shaft .a 2 litre one is thicker hence stronger.although i still have 1.6 ones in my 2.2 !. otherwise they are totally interchangeable in terms of actual fitment.
  8. So thats the rest of this week sorted then !. How did you go on with the boot lock bythe way ?
  9. Stalks - Wiring for lights, flashers and wipers

    Try and get the later one if you can that shows the later injection system. Book 316
  10. You are cracking on with this at a great pace and learning all the way.will be excellent when finished. Just make sure that every surface in and out is painted and protected then you dont have to do it all again in a few years .( ask me how i know this !)lol when done what are you aiming for ? . Original white with a vynil top and two tone rostyles ? Or do you have any other ideas ?
  11. Stalks - Wiring for lights, flashers and wipers

    Hi there. The haynes manual actually covers the wiring pretty good with age related diagrams.never had any issues with them. should be easier as its a known source rather than random google ones. all will make sense when you have a look .you will see what i mean
  12. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    Just remember Haynes book is wrong anyway so don’t go by the pics. fuel feed goes to t piece between injectors and return to tank from centre of pressure relief valve
  13. Fuel Injection problem - LE Jetronic - Fixed :-)

    If i recall the green lt coil wire goes to pin 1 of the ecu as well as the tacho. You should be able to find the wiring diag on google images but yes i agree with your statement that if it drove home part way fine then its not a major failure or maladjustment or wired up wrong etc etc .something has happened/ gone faulty that is stopping the injectors firing. and also i agree this is quite a basic injection system and relatively easy to understand..nice to see that you are working out how it works as thats the best way in my opinion to fault find anything. look forward to your findings
  14. Brake overhaul but no rear brakes

    Is there anyway you can make up / weld up etc. A blank to try in the master cyl in place of the rear line ? this would confirm cylinder providing you are 100% sure that all air is out
  15. Fuel Injection problem - LE Jetronic - Fixed :-)

    Try not to alter anything inside the airflow meter if at all possible. You dont know if anyone has tampered with it but they may not have just because there are signs the cover has been off. Also you should be able to turn the throttle switch on its mountings to make the contacts close unless someone has been in and bent them before you. It should be adjusted so that the contacts open as soon as the throttle starts to move and then register full throttle as well. the fact that the engine runs(in a fashion) when you operate the 5th injector proves that you have ignition and fuel flow but points to a problem with the injectors not firing by either not having power or a fault with the ecu. it could also be not firing due to a massive air leak such as a servo hose off or other large bore hose. these cars can have issues with water ingress into the footwells and damaging the ecu . if holding the main relay contacts manually closed, or linkingthe contacts,does not help and checking the main earth connection to the inlet manifold is good then no action or even trying to fire a bit does sound like the injectors are not being fired.a maladjusted airflow meter or throttle switch,would not prevent it even trying.its also unlikely for all the injectors to fail. the haynes book does have a good wiring diag so if you are ok with a meter it would be worth checking voltages are where thry should be otherwise gte ecu's are cheap and plentifull to try if everything else checks out ok. are there any local members willing to bring you one or try yours in their car ?