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  1. Rubber fuel hose sizes 2.0e ?.

    8mm is correct and im pretty sure 12mm is too(10mm ?) you would have noticed if the sizes were obviously wrong on how they fitted anyway so the issues must be with the clips. Never had a problem re-using the original gm clips if good as new or actually new . sometimes you can have issues if using worm drive clips (jubilee style) especially on small sizes because they tend to tighten up "out of round". Also we are to assume that you are using the correct high pressure pipe suitable for injection systems. I beleive non injection pipe is flimsier and not as strong/ non reinforced ?
  2. Manta B Hatch project - Rear Valance needed

    It worked for me . also a few years back when front wings were getting hard to get i made a cav wing from an ascona one . Obviously different at the front but i seem to remember a difference somehow in the sharpness of the wheelarch lip/fold ? Maybee one was a pattern but i think thry were both gm. sorry if this is "off topic"
  3. Manta B Hatch project - Rear Valance needed

    Depending on the extent of the rot you can make any rear valance fit. I replaced my hatch one many years ago with a saloon one. Sure it needs the end lips removing and an exhaust curve adding but it wasnt any great hassle to do. Obviously better and easier to find a correct one if you can but panels are getting harder to get .
  4. ate master cylinder 03.2120-0528.3 ?.

    If you type in. Manta master cylinder. On ebay there is a black ate one comes up from mister auto uk. I got one of those for my cav a couple of years ago (though they were only £49 then !) it’s a bit more now but appears correct
  5. And why would anyone want mot exemption anyway. Sure we all know our cars are perfectly alright and maintained to a high standard but try proving that to an insurance company in the event of a claim. Responsible owners who cherish and maintain their cars well will know their cars inside out I agree but there will be many an owner who is not as clued up on the full condition of the car (possibly even some who don’t care anyway as it’s one less thing to worry about) i can only imagine that this mot exemption has come about because the powers that be don’t want old cars on the road full stop.when a badly maintained and badly corroded car causes a major incident or two it will just be an excuse to ban all old cars like China did.i will personally continue to have mine moted every year regardless and know of many other classic owners who plan on doing the same.
  6. Opel Manta Radio

    Thats the type I mentioned above just couldn’t remember where I’d seen it. Yes very retro
  7. Opel Manta Radio

    I have seen some of the new radio/ usb/card type units that look very retro with two big silver knobs on each side .they would look good in an older car but cannot remember where i saw them. Try ebay or a google search.
  8. Seat lowering

    Std cav seats would be harder to physically lower. The bar that runs along the front could very well be cut and shortened but the sides of the seat rest on pads which pretty much rest on the floor itself so not much you could do there if at all. One possible way to make the seating position lower would be to soften the cushion.this could be done by remaking a new foam bolster to the same dimentions but with a softer grade foam.not a 5 min job and needs to be done neat and properly to end up looking factory. a much easier way would be to soften the existing cushion by honeycombing it.(drilling a network of holes with a holesaw to keep the shape but reduce the density meaning when you sit on it you will sink further into it.) i did my sofa cushions in the house this way last year when i bought it. They were a bit too firm for my liking and this sorted them out .
  9. Tonight .i will mostly be eating .fig biscuits
  10. Mine were like that when I bought it in 86 . Just some slight bubbling of the outer skin. A few years later they were ground off and like yours were only confined to the outer chassis.leg section and the inner thicker piece was ok .small pieces were welded in . your car does sound to be in excellent condition in this area ,as mine was at a similar stage way back then.! mine needed larger pieces doing to the legs a couple of years ago but never as major as some cars seem to need.maybee cavs are better protected than later mantas !. anyway seeing as you are now happy with the grinder and welder I wouldn’t worry .you can always do some more if needed in years to come . No need to repair bigger than needed .
  11. Security

    To be honest there are various security options around. there are the good old style steering wheel locks and the ones which cover the entire wheel.better than the old crook locks of the 70's which could be bent off . there are various modern alarms / immobilisers inc top end insurance approved ones . it depends on wether its proper car thrives or "get you home after a night out" theives as to how effective different types are. The proper alarms /immobilisers are not always infallible as some theives may know ways around them or how to bypass them. ,everything helps a bit and gives you more time and makes it a bit safer. i personally like the idea of non commercial hidden and unexpected methods as they can be harder to get by you need to think like a thief. If your car had a faulty ignition switch how would you get it going and find ways to make it harder to do fuel cut off by either valve (mechanical or electrical) or fuel pump power supply cut off switch. ignition cut off by either removing power to coil or points or elec ign module. spark eliminate by shorting coil neg/green wire to earth. you could even get more "clever" by making a way (mechanical or electrical) to lock controls .be it gear-lever,pedals,handbrake.
  12. Security

    If I tell you where I hid my switch you would come and nick it ! ! ! Haha . Il email you a diagram when I'm at home . Cheers .
  13. Security

    I have a hidden 2 pole switch on my cars without injection. This shorts the negative side of coil to earth and joins it to the horn negative too. When the switch is in the on position ignition is totally disabled(like having points closed) and if anyone tries to Hotwire it or mess with ignition switch the horn will sound immediately.. on injection cars I have a hidden switch in line with fuel pump .
  14. You should be able to spray the inner arch/outer arch joint from inside the boot area.this is a good place to use up all those odds and ends of paint left in aerosols. Then once car is fully painted / finished you can do the same with clear waxoyl/dinatrol etc of your choice .
  15. As the fonz would say. Heeyyyyy thats good going mate. Ive always intended to do an “all nighter” in the garage but not got round to it yet. Although I did come home from the pub other night at 1am and started fixing a tv if that counts in some way !