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  1. Ball and spring in oil filter

    if i remember correctly there is also a filter bypass ball and spring under the seat where the oil filter screws onto .retained by a pressed in collar.i suppose this could "fall" out.? never seen it happen thou. sorry mantadoc just missed that you just said the saame !!
  2. Inlet

    i didnt know that. i will have to have a look at mine .cheers
  3. Crossmember brace bush

    ah .nice to see there are still some of us out there then. cheers for reading
  4. Fuel tank

    yesh forgot about deox stuff. it works wonders but also so does the base ingredient if you just buy it too. oxalic acid. i suppose you could then fill the tank with petrol proof epoxy paint as a safer option to welding up .ive heard tanks keep fumes in them for ages snd require a realy good flushing out first
  5. Crossmember brace bush

    yeah i thought facebook might have something to do with it. im not on facebook and dont ever intend to be as im sure is the same with many other members.surely not just me that hates facebook!.blimey that word gets used a lot!. ive heard from friends who are on other car forums that is happening too.the omega forum is still mainly normal at the moment but who knows how long. a friend on the viva forum says its getting bad and last time i tried to go on the totalcarlton site you couldnt even access anything at all.anyway thanks to those who have replied and any comments on how you managed fitting crossmember bushes (normal type) . many thanks.
  6. car lost power and RPM drop and car stalled

    I was going to say ignition amp too or associated wiring to and from the coil paying attention to the green wire that also feeds tacho. Any issues in this area especially shorting the green wire to earth would cause the tacho to flicker as it is this very green wire that the tacho reads from. Fuel starvation however woukdnt make the tacho flicker ,more a gradual fall off of revs / hesitation .
  7. Fuel tank

    There is a service called "renew" by which the tank is cleaned of all rust,epoxy coated and given a lifetime guarantee. It used to be done by northern radiators acting as agents i beleive so there may be someone still offering this service .
  8. Crossmember brace bush

    Hi. That was not easy but managed it. Just out of curiosity thou i have one question to everyone on here. Whats happening to the site ? . I remember not too long ago you could come on here and find loads of new content to read through in various subjects and spend an entire evening ,every evening reading through and repliyng to peoples problems etc. It seemed a very busy place / forum. Has everybody sold their cars / quit the forum nowadays cos you can stay off for a week or so snd then come on and expect loads of unread content but only to find a few new bits. (Im on the omega forum too and there are constant stuff appearing on there all the time).even when people put questions on there used to be loads of replies ,some within minutes of posting.plus an annoying thing on here now is that parts of the forum dont work right anymore and you cant always post answers .especially in the parts wanted bit ? .? .?.my guess to all this and i hope im wrong is that people are leaving this forum and just going on facebook .to quote the words of sheriff buford t justice.'what the hell is the world coming to ! '
  9. Crossmember brace bush

    Hi all. Just a quick one.ive removed the crossmember brace bush to replace the metal sleeve in the arm new sleeve now made and fitted.im now ready to refit the rubber but aside from the proper gm tool to refit it how does some members on here refit them.im assuming something to compress the outer top hat to allow it to enter the bush .then draw in as normal with rods etc. This is what im aiming for unless someone has an idea that ive not thought of ? Cheers.
  10. probably used to have a towbar on. does look good though. asking £5000 !
  11. anyone in Crewe or nearby Cheshire?

    I've never tried using the hole to actually 'back off' the adjustment and to be honest I'd bet you can't get to raise the adjustment arm and turn the wheel anyway .its not to my knowledge designed to be done this way. Providing the drums don't have a huge wear lip in them they should slide off the shoes.once the wheel is off a sharp crack on the edge of the drum should be enough to free them off or can usually be done through the spokes off the wheel with suitable blipping tool.knocking bar etc etc!. If they are rusted to stop the wheel turning.
  12. 2 bits that don't work..

    more than likely a bad connection inside the fog light itself.remove lens snd check 12v present when on.if no voltage the wire goes directly back to the switch.pull switch from dash and check.there should be a negative for the illumination and a wire that goes live when main lights are on.third terminal goes live when fog switch is on.straight to back of car.only front fogs when fitted go via a relay,rear is direct .
  13. Strange one

    Thanks for all suggestions will change ign amp and coil. Will also carry a different air box with me too.
  14. Ascona A N/s Wing

  15. Ascona A N/s Wing