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  1. biffy1984

    Air Ride Manta

    Jamex shortened shocks.
  2. biffy1984

    Air Ride Manta

    Thanks for the comments🙂 These photos are parked height, bags deflated, so not really driveable since the back tyres are about 2mm from touching the arches. I will run it about 30mm higher in the front and 10mm higher in the back so it’s level which works out to be 5.5bar in the front bags and 2.5bar in the rears. Could easy be higher but I prefer the low look. Slightly lower than it was with the -60mm springs. The front bumpstops have to be cut away to get the bags to sit in. The bags are a piece of piss to fit, one bolt up through front wishbone into the middle of the bag and the top just sits in the recess the old spring sat in, although I’d prefer if they were fixed so will do something with that next. Rears just bolt in from the bottom again with a large machined washer on the bottom of the axle to keep the bag central, again no fixing at the top, they locate themselves when you pump them up. Routing the pipes and figuring out the management was the biggest pain. The kit came from on air ride system, a company in Croatia. I found them on Instagram. Management is very basic with 4 valves, 2 inflate (front and rear) and 2 dump. 2 switches in the centre console and a digital dual pressure gauge in the dash but it just took me ages to figure it out having had no experience with air suspension before. I do have a remote as well which I’ll maybe wire in sometime. Ideally I’d like to get the Airlift 3p management, so much more advanced than this with preset heights, phone app etc but it’s so expensive....maybe some day! First I had it out for a run after fitting it all was yesterday, I was quite worried it would be bouncy and soft but it’s quite the opposite, a fair bit harder then the spax springs I had fitted before. Has anyone figured out how to delete old photos on the forum yet?? I do have plenty of photos of the fitting but my attachments now is 99%😫 You’ll get your clearance just by pumping up the bags. I no longer have to use blocks of wood to get on the 2 post ramp, just pump her to full height and swing the arms in. Back seats are still standard. They’re in good nick apart from a bit of sun bleaching going on at the top. I have enough new material to do them so they will be on next year’s list of jobs!
  3. biffy1984

    Air Ride Manta

    Thought I’d share a few pics of my latest mods on the old girl. Bought some brand new daytona check material and had the centres of a pair of leather Escort RS Turbo recaros retrimmed. So much comfier than the GM seats. This past weekend has been spent fitting my new air ride set up which I’m glad to say I’m very happy with. I was sick of being pissed off with my ride height so thought this was the only way to go😎 Has anyone else got air ride? If so I’d like to hear what you think of it...good or bad...
  4. biffy1984

    Chopshop Manta

    Wonder if this ever got finished? Abandoned project?
  5. biffy1984

    Manta 400 3piece spoiler

    Do you still have the fibreglass one? Might of been interested in it if you do...
  6. biffy1984

    Manta 400r

    Not going for 9’s all round Pete?
  7. biffy1984

    Ally radiator

    I fitted this in mine, perfect size and hoses spot on, just had to alter the mounts slightly and weld a bracket on the bottom for the bobbin. Great radiator for the price... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Aluminum-radiator-For-Ford-Capri-MK1-MK2-MK3-Kent-1-3L-1-6L-2-0-Essex-Escort-1-6/273409870411?fits=Model%3ACapri&hash=item3fa87f8a4b:g:jOgAAOSwwgNbdNmz
  8. biffy1984

    Manta B 1.8s Brake Conversion Front

    I have on mine Astra mk4 calipers and Audi 80 b3 256mm discs up front and Astra mk4 discs, calipers and cables on the back. Works really well. Front calipers bolt straight on, Audi discs need the centre hole machined out and holes redrilled to fit the back of the manta hub. Manta flex fits too. Piece of cake really. If you decide to go for the mk4 Astra rears you will need adapter plates for mounting the calipers from mantasport on here. You can use the manta cable but it's a bit crude as the caliper has to be mounted up top so you need to unbolt and swing the caliper up around to bleed it then bolt it back on once it's blead. I used the Astra cable which was bit of a frap as I had to weld cable anchor points to the floor and extend the threaded adjuster on the lever but well worth doing if you want it to look right. Oh and you need to sort your flexys to the caliper, I used Astra mk4 front flexys on my rear calipers iirc then welded brackets to the axle to mount them. Hope this helps
  9. https://online.handh.co.uk/m/lot-details/index/catalog/91/lot/42930/?url=%2Fm%2Fview-auctions%2Fcatalog%2Fid%2F91%2F Lots of other cool stuff too
  10. biffy1984

    Large drum backplates

    I have the full set up here after converting to discs if you're still looking?
  11. I remember BUD909R was on eBay a few years ago, sure it was matt black with quad headlights, maybe no bumpers??
  12. biffy1984

    Lower wishbone poly bush difficulties

    Not sure about Strongflex but the ones I got from TJM on here (Superpro I think they were) I had to cut that sleeve out and the new bush came with a new sleeve to press in iirc. If you can stick a pic up of your problem I'm sure someone will point you in the right direction.
  13. biffy1984

    Monza GSE long shot

    Do you need the complete back panel or just the valance? I have a new genuine GM valance I bought off German eBay a while back for mine but the car is so rotten I think I'm going to dump it! PM me for more info. ABS club have lower rear corner panels in stock if that's what you're after?
  14. biffy1984

    Club stand for Retro Rides Aug 19th, Shelsley Walsh Hill

    Did anyone off here end up going? I seemed to be the only Manta there....awesome show though and plenty of other really cool cars to perv over