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  1. Manta Coupe resto no.2

    I don't have the fixings for the louvre so I just have it on with 3m double sided tape, not the best but does the job...
  2. Manta Coupe resto no.2

    Thanks mate, yeah we'd been at it for a bit I got the louvre off German eBay a few years back and just couldn't decide whether or not to put it on. It's just a Laguna splitter so common as muck, I was after a Mantzel one but I fear I'd have it destroyed in no time as there's little enough ground clearance as it is but at least it's flexible so can bend every time it scrubs I did look at the Revolutions with black centres and polished lips when I was ordering these but they don't do them in 9 inch so went for the white ones which I think suit it well
  3. Manta Coupe resto no.2

    Small update since my last post, sold the bbs reps and got my new Revolutions on, along with a window louvre, love the revo’s but still not sure about the louvre Just fitted some old shit of tyres I had lying about before I decided what size to settle for so had to smoke them off Can’t wait till summer
  4. I'd definitely have this if it wasn't going to cost me nearly the same again to get it homegot all the parts to sort this one out on the shelf
  5. This guy has over 200 cars and bikes for sale, all belong to family member Steve, all listed around the same time and all crazy low prices... https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1986-Opel-manta-gte-2-0i/332588560893?hash=item4d6fd2b1fd:g:x34AAOSwodlarB~1 and check this out, quick sale price £4900, big Steve must be skint https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Sierra-Rs-Cosworth-3-door/332588560958?hash=item4d6fd2b23e:g:L3MAAOSwMxdarB~7 every car in excellent condition, well looked after with full service history....
  6. Revolution 5spokes 4x100

    I bought mine direct from Revolution. Only available up to 9 inch iirc.
  7. Revolution 5spokes 4x100

    They do come up very occasionally second hand but not often. I searched for 2 years and yeah missed a couple of sets but the last set on eBay went for over £400 and needed painted. You can buy a full set brand new for £600 so I ended up doing that and I'm glad I did as you can get the offset machined to suit yourself.
  8. Staggered 16" BBS reps 9"+8"

  9. Borbet Wheel Size

    My personal opinion is it will look shit if it's not lowered with the big 16 inch borbets. Widest you'll be able to go without arch mods is 7.5 but you'll need a positive offset of around 20/25mm. if I were you I'd see if you could borrow some 16 inch wheels off a mate or someone to try on before you commit to buy anything. Also, a set of lowering springs aren't expensive, if you're on a budget there will be nothing wrong with the likes of these https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/DIRENZA-LOWERING-SPRINGS-SUSPENSION-40mm-OPEL-VAUXHALL-MANTA-B-ASCONA-B-B-CC/151520944257?epid=2185681113&hash=item23475a2081:g:FjUAAOSwQiRUlEnb
  10. Jacking points - any rules, regulations?

    I used 4x2 box section on mine. Be the only bit left when the rest has rotted away Will see if I can get a photo up if I can figure out this photobucket carry on again...
  11. Manta lsd

    I'll second what Danny said, I've got a Quaife in mine and it's a snappy bastard, you never know when it's going to go round on you in the wet. Yeah great for doughnuts and burnouts but that's about it.
  12. Mantzel front spolier

    Long shot but looking for a deep front spoiler, anything out there??
  13. Pinion crush washer

    Anyone know where I can get one from? There's a guy on evilbay selling the full rebuild kit minus the crush washer and he says it's obsolete
  14. What's a South African bonnet??
  15. Advice

    Totally agree with Mike, it comes down to what standard it's been restored to i.e Shit standard Good standard Very good standard Showroom standard One man thinks he's done a great job and the next guy comes along and would class it as rough.....everyone's standards are different. Obviously a better idea can be had from a decent description and some photos but nobody can put a true value on any car without seeing it in the flesh.....