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  1. Engine bay tidy up

    Can you imagine doing a job like that on a modern day car, it would be a nightmare, but there will never be many who will have to attempt it, cos how many of todays cars will live for 40 odd years anyway!!
  2. Terrific photos Herman, some cracking looking cars there.
  3. ¢ordy$hine

    That is a terrible attitude.
  4. QUADS

  5. QUADS

  6. Trim clips urgently needed.

    I also looked for new ones on internet, but no luck, anyway there are four used ones in the post for you, for delivery tomorrow.
  7. Trim clips urgently needed.

    I have three, maybe four you are welcome to, message me your address and I'll stick them in the post today. No charge!
  8. QUADS

  9. QUADS

  10. QUADS

  11. QUADS

  12. door lock key

    Found it, and ordered it, Let's be fair just a fiver and no postage. Many thanks for that mate, that should be a useful link for many in this club.
  13. door lock key

    I'm back to locks & keys again,, I don't have a spare key for my door lock, so what are the chances of someone having a key with 105 stamped on it, I have about nine keys from past cars, but not one with 105 on, whether there were any cars with the same locks I don't know, but if there was I thought that maybe one of you guys has one hanging on a nail somewhere!!!