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  1. Manta b coupe roof

    I'm sure that there is somewhere on this forum how another member has done this, I'll go hunting it down now!
  2. Beautiful sight to see Herman, what a change to the majority of cars on today's roads. Thanks for posting th photos.
  3. will a Cih 1.6 bore out to 2.0?

    If you did that wouldn't you have to have larger exhaust valves?
  4. Nice one Ian. Looking back over your PROJECT I was thinking what do people like my son in law for egsample, know about cars, he passed his driving testa year ago, but phoned me up a couple of weeks back to ask me if he must take the car, ( a kia) to a garage to clean the soot that was inside the rear of the tail pipe!!! and a better one was can he use the same stuff to clean the car's windows as his wife uses to clean the kitchen window? I'm convinced that if " DAD'S ARMY" was brought back he'd make a brilliant PIKE!! and then I readwhat people like you are doing, I know what it's like I practically rebuilt a couple of Morris 1,000 travelers, even the complete woodwork, also a PS ROVER that was rotten, so I can appretiate what you are doing, and only wish I could still do it all over again. You will win in the end Mate.You are in the right club to help you.
  5. You must admit though Ian, it is well worth it, looks so much better, well worth that little bit extra elbow grease. just the same when you look at a woman it's usually the first glance that will decide if you are going to take further interest!!!
  6. Has anyone ever done a LHD to a RHD changeover, I wonder what the cost would be!!
  7. BARN FIND!!

  8. Ian, don't take this the wrong way, You are doing a great job here, and the photos and commentary are very good, but why didn't you clean that carb before refitting it to the manifold, it would look far more professional with a nice clean carb, and being aluminium it is not all that difficult to polish up, also the brake back plates could have been sanded down before painting. You are quite in order if you tell me to keep my nose out!!!! Snowy was quick to notice that vacuum pipe, I didn't see that!
  9. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    What a write up that is. BRILLIANT. even a school kid could follow it. By the way do way give OSCARS in this club?
  10. sunroof removal

    When I tackled that job a few years back, I took many photos as I was pulling it apart. and really needed them on assembly!!! It is a tricky little job. I should have kept the photos, if it wasn't for photobucket I would have put them on here.
  11. Drivers side front brake back plate

    YES! But Ian doesn't think they will match his wallet!!
  12. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1980-Vauxhall-Cavalier-MK1-Sports-Hatch-Barn-Find-2-0-GLS-Project/401516992988?hash=item5d7c4719dc:g:T9oAAOSw8UZaN4Wf
  13. A few bits for sale

  14. A few bits for sale

  15. A few bits for sale