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  1. 1986 Manta Coupe Restomod

    Very professional work done there lads, really looks as though it's just come off the production line. Nice one!!
  2. Looks really good Ian, is there a photo of the outside? I have to tackle that exact spot on my Cav;
  3. Fasteners - Suspension

    What vehicle would they be for?
  4. EMPTY VESSELS make the most noise Ian, I'll give you one instance, a mate of mine had a pacemaker fitted,(heart) I was with him, but a distance away when he was cutting a piece of chassis out of an Austin Sheerline car, in a scrapyard, the tank was empty, next thing there was one hell of a bang, the gas that was lurking min then tank exploded, the explosion threw him onto his back, and somehow or other had an effect, I don't know how, on the pacemaker. He was dead, I think that when a tank is empty, and rust forms on the inside, fumes from the petrol are trapped in the rust, well that is what the policeman who attended the scene told me.

    If it didn't have one when new Dave, I will leave well alone then. Many thanks to all who replied.
  6. Wouldn't it be safer to remove the petrol tank Ian, with all that welding and grinding going on all around it? I'd hat to see it all blowing up after all that work you have done!

    My cavalier does not have an air intake pipe, the one from the nose cone to the frying pan on the carb, would this be sold by the length or is it a part number?
  8. Security

    A few years ago a pro car thief in Plymouth claimed that the only way your car was safe if he was around was to park it and take the road wheels in the pub/house with you.
  9. You say that you need to get your hand sorted!! I'd have them have a look at you head while you are there if I was you!!!!!!!!!!!!! 0400, there's only owls and burglars out at that time!!!
  10. Sorry to hear that Ian. I hope you get sorted quickly and back on the spanners.
  11. Manta A series rebuild

    There 's one thing I don't like about that car. AND THAT'S IT'S NOT MINE!!! Don't part with it, cos you won't find a better one.
  12. I have to say that that looks a very neat and solid job Ian.
  13. Manta b coupe roof

    I'm sure that there is somewhere on this forum how another member has done this, I'll go hunting it down now!
  14. Beautiful sight to see Herman, what a change to the majority of cars on today's roads. Thanks for posting th photos.
  15. will a Cih 1.6 bore out to 2.0?

    If you did that wouldn't you have to have larger exhaust valves?