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  1. I hope that all O M O C members realize that we are getting all this excellent info for just 25 quid a year, I have never seen so much detail in any other club.
  2. Brake fluid resivoir cap.

    Sorry Mike, but then one I have is an ATE one but it isnnt the one with the terminals on, just a plain cap, if you want it you are welcome to it, just message me your address and it will cost you nothing. Hope you lose in the six nations today!!!!!
  3. Brake fluid resivoir cap.

    I think I may have one, will have a look in the morning.
  4. Too many silencers?

    I removed the front flat resonator on my Cavvy about ten years ago, so only have the two silencers now, and she sounds really nice.and sporty.
  5. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    I was going to make a comment here, but I am lost for words, I don't know what to say!!!!!!!!!
  6. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    I second that Danny, that guy is a real craftsman. Can't praise him enough.
  7. I know that the chrome is the cause of a lot rust problems, rear arches for example, but to me it is not a Mk1 Cav once the chrome has been removed.
  8. I had exactly the same problem when I bought my Cav 9 years ago.Well not really a problem, but you know what I mean! Perhaps it's " Polar White related!!!!!
  9. Your Polar White Cav is just one year younger than mine, so I expect you will have the same poor headlights as I have had, I changed the bulbs in my car a couple of days ago, I fitted a pair of "Ring" Xenon bulbs, it says on the box that they give 130% more light, and they really do give more light, the light is more whiter, if that makes any sense!!!! am that as you are renovating in that part of the car now, you may want to change the bulbs, if you do, don't handle the new bulbs by touching the glass. And as Martin has just mentioned, You are keeping yourself busy, and I like the way you report every detail, even a mention of a slight mistake, or a lack of concentration ie like leaving the grommet off!! Keep up the good work, you will get there in the end.
  10. OMOC Calendars 2018

    I'll have another one please, if you have one to spare Paul, send me a PayPal invoice, as I didn't make a note of your address. After Christmas will do if you'r to busy! Julian. P M, sent.
  11. Take care if you do run through the gears like that, be careful you don't put it in PARK if the wheels are still spinning or you will snap the PARKING PAWL in the gearbox, same applies, as you very likely know, if you select "P" if the car is rolling to a stop.
  12. You got to admit it. This club is worth every penny. Nice Christmas present Ian.
  13. I just heard a strange noise coming in from the East, could that be your engine firing up?
  14. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Calendar just arrived Paul, Brilliant!. Many thanks. Diolch yn Fawr.