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  1. Not A Manta

    Or one of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1989-ROVER-MG-MONTEGO-2-0-EFI-NON-TURBO-/281298483318?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item417eb23876 even has MOT
  2. Not A Manta

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Ford-Sierra-GLS-/191117202368?pt=Automobiles_UK&hash=item2c7f7913c0 do the world a favour
  3. Dashboard Lighting - Gt/e

    PM Sent to Julian thanks! Lepo thanks for looking, if Julian has a standard one going I'll take that but I'm curious as to how that setup has been made, is it regular wires soldered onto the bulb connectors rather than the ribbon cables?
  4. Dashboard Lighting - Gt/e

    Anyone breaking a Manta B happen to have the dashboard lighting wire strip going spare? I'm looking for the two track ribbon cable that plugs in above the headlight switch and goes around the top of the dashboard connecting the two top dash-lights and the bulb that lights up the heater/fan control sliders? I've got my dashboard apart to replace the voltage stabiliser and I'm putting in LED bulbs at the same time but one of the two top lights is dead, tried swapping the two over and the same one is dead still so I figure it's the connectors on the wiring strip not the bulbs or holders.
  5. Rear View Mirror?

    Doh, could've sworn I put that in my post Car is a B-reg GT/E coupe with the brown/yellow check interior.
  6. Rear View Mirror?

    Mine has been broken since I got the car, the ball-joint has broken where the mirror attaches to the stick coming down from the roof mount.. anyone have a spare, or know of a mirror from another car that can be used in place?
  7. 2.0I Gt/e Radiator?

    pm sent
  8. 2.0I Gt/e Radiator?

    Anyone selling a radiator that'll fit a Manta B, 2.0i GT/e (1984)? My radiator doens't leak, but all the fins are rotted off the bottom two inches of the core plus there's several places higher up where stones / debris have claimed little pockets of fins Since the hot weather arrived my car has taken to heating up gradually on long runs, it'll hold normal temperature at town speeds but a couple of minutes on the motorway has the temp needle edging upwards, holding 70mph for a few miles sees the needle evening out at the last white marker on the temp gauge, i've found I can make the needle go back down towards the previous marker by putting the heater on full hot.. i'm not losing water or boiling up so i'm hopefull that the rest of the system is ok. Ideally after a good replacement that I can drop in.. i'm using the car as a daily-driver at the moment so can't really take the rad off to have it recored, but any info on where / how much I could get my original rad refurbished would be useful also? cheers
  9. Wheels And Bumpers

  10. Oakie's Manta B1 dedicated ring tool

    Hi Nick very impressive golfs, that much power from one of them must have surprised a few people on the track not sure about build diaries as such but i know there's quite a few discussion threads on the forum about XE conversions and drum to disk upgrades as well as many really clever people I'm not a technical person by any means but If the exhaust on an XE engine gets in the way, would an LET engine clear it any better? i've never looked at the two side by side but i'd have thought it'd be different what with the turbo unit being there, plus you could fabricate a different manifold to move the turbo around? Of course that idea could be as easy as saying "well, couldn't we just move the channel tunnel over a few feet..." please keep us up to date with the project and good luck with it