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  1. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    just googled opel manta exclusive images and i reckon your ride height looks about correct
  2. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    From what I can gather from years of reading this forum it's a lottery how low the springs will sit from whatever supplier you get them from even if the the advert say -40 MM. For example
  3. Need Rear coil springs

    Sent you a pm with dimensions 👍
  4. Manta A series rebuild

    Also it might be worth looking at go kart fans very powerful for there size used on to run my heater before I got rid of it altogether
  5. nice car and it's a nice place to have fish & chips on the seafront what i have done when i bought stuff from the fellow member in the past
  6. been reading this thread from the start fair play on getting something done on a near daily event
  7. Colour change vote...

    yes there is a few shades of Monaco Blue Danny;s car is a totally different shade than mine think he his a expert on the shades and could tell you more hope you get your car sorted soon mate
  8. Colour change vote...

    No debate
  9. pair of wipers (arms) A or B series

    Got some second hand B series's ones the paint isn't brilliant though can do £15 posted
  10. Need Rear coil springs

    Thinking now these were never on my car I bought them with a job lot of parts from that crashed 400r a few years ago they were sold to me as standard springs
  11. Gte exclusive rear coil springs std length

    Think these are standard exclusive coupe rear springs
  12. Can recall the thread on total Opel one of fergals creations
  13. bye then don't think you will be missed the people running the club are doing it for free and giving up there time to do so how do you think the club pays for its website , insurance for shows , magazine ect i have been in the club now over ten years and worth every penny p.s good luck with your page and learn to spell or use spellcheck you absolute fool
  14. 1985 GTE Hatch restore / tidy

    It's glued on and it's a different profile to the front you'd have to cut part of the seal off to make it fit
  15. Hello Everyone

    Will have to pop up to meet you terry when the weather gets a bit better so your not far from the frog in the wall probably 5 miles were I am in Mossley