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  1. M56 coupe

    Must have been this un
  2. Just spotted a white manta coupe on the back of a truck heading away from Chester on the M56
  3. C20XE Head Gasket

    Have you checked for a airlock if it hasn't overheated Is there any oil in the water or the other way about when my xe head gasket went it was very noisy and rough running as it blew inbetween cylinders
  4. Fuse blowing

    Clean all the lights earths up
  5. Manta B Hatch project - Rear Valance needed

    Have a look on Germany eBay can't remember the German for valence though

    Similar stuff on this site.
  7. made that money cause its a 1.8 even if its knackered should make money by breaking it
  8. Useful Part Numbers

  9. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    just googled opel manta exclusive images and i reckon your ride height looks about correct
  10. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    From what I can gather from years of reading this forum it's a lottery how low the springs will sit from whatever supplier you get them from even if the the advert say -40 MM. For example
  11. Need Rear coil springs

    Sent you a pm with dimensions 👍
  12. Manta A series rebuild

    Also it might be worth looking at go kart fans very powerful for there size used on to run my heater before I got rid of it altogether
  13. nice car and it's a nice place to have fish & chips on the seafront what i have done when i bought stuff from the fellow member in the past
  14. been reading this thread from the start fair play on getting something done on a near daily event
  15. Colour change vote...

    yes there is a few shades of Monaco Blue Danny;s car is a totally different shade than mine think he his a expert on the shades and could tell you more hope you get your car sorted soon mate