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  1. David wilkies car from leadburn
  2. mantajock

    Front splitter

    I use i240 kit so a wee bit wider .that one in photo is what a was looking for and bolt a tray under crossmember make flat for down force
  3. mantajock

    Front splitter

    Looking for front lower splitter for manta .not bothered what it looks like as a will be modding it
  4. mantajock

    Date Of Manufacture

    Where can you find manufacture date in manta b .think a went to opel in germany before .
  5. mantajock

    Club stand for Retro Rides Aug 19th, Shelsley Walsh Hill

    Would love to .have to check my event list .no sure if this the date a was meant to be going down
  6. That would be me you bought it from .did a not trailer it to dundee for you
  7. mantajock

    I240 Kit

    Looking for 240 body kit only need rear arches but will buy full kit
  8. mantajock

    Boness Hillclimb And Car Show

    Got a pitch for the club here if a can get numbers who are coming so a can let them know who is coming .my manta will be on track and a cavy .come and support 2 club members racing .6th n 7th september. Now 2 cavys and my manta competing
  9. mantajock

    Roll Cage

    Well 2 bends not counting the top one .so no good for competion but ok for road car .looking for 200 ish
  10. mantajock

    Roll Cage

    not realy got a price in mind for it , what they worth second hand
  11. mantajock

    Roll Cage

    pity , a have sd cage a will be selling
  12. mantajock

    Modstock 2014 24Th May

    sorry a cant make it , racing that weekend
  13. mantajock

    Opel Manta B Wanted

    great to see younger generation still there to keep the manta going , you have good taste boy
  14. mantajock

    Manta Lsd C20Xe Engine

  15. mantajock

    Strathallan Stirling Next Sunday 18Th May 2014

    stand booked for us see you all sunday