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  1. Courtenay T 27

    Fuel Tank connection pipes

    I need to replace the pipes that connect to my coupe fuel tank. Any ideas what size pipe it is before I start stripping down Thanks
  2. Courtenay T 27

    Alternator required 2.0L GTe

    Brilliant, thanks. Will pm you
  3. Courtenay T 27

    Alternator required 2.0L GTe

    Looking for an alternator for my 87 2.0L Im located near Chester Thanks
  4. Courtenay T 27

    1984 GTE

  5. Courtenay T 27

    Alternator request. 87 GTe

    Could do with a replacement for mine.. the one that's on mine is not quite lining up Thanks
  6. Any good for someone? https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/2408987325791848
  7. Courtenay T 27

    Manifold Bolts

    I'm after at least 4 manifold Bolts please
  8. Courtenay T 27

    Thermostat housing

    Yes please
  9. Courtenay T 27

    Thermostat housing

    As above, I'm in need of one for a 2.0l cih engine Thanks
  10. Courtenay T 27

    Clear out. FOC

    All gone sorry
  11. Courtenay T 27

    MK1. Cav

    Just spotted this on fbook.. https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/373519996475047
  12. Courtenay T 27

    Clear out. FOC

    All yours, Ill PM you my address
  13. Having a clear out of spares that I am never going to use. These need to be collects and gone as a job lot.I have no time to separate and sort out. Maybe use for someone/ all/ club members? Link to pics are here https://photos.app.goo.gl/8zYIKXxWNnoIYath2 Lots of bits and bobs, maybe total rubbish, but dont want to just chuck away. Some Frontera 2.4 parts, mainly Manta Located in CH66 near Ellesmere Port
  14. Courtenay T 27

    Exhaust manifold

    Im in need of a 2.0l GTe Exhaust manifold if anyone can help. Thanks
  15. Courtenay T 27

    Silicone hose kit

    Where's best to get a new set for my 87 coupé? (Blue) Will also need intercooler hose too. Cheers Ian