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  1. Go for it Shug............ looks in better condition, than your original red shell.
  2. DVLA say's........ sorn status, no mot records, 3 ltr engine, 1983. Guess its been off the road for a long time? Ray....Was there a tax disc on the windscreen screen, to give a date when it was last used on the road?
  3. Old menber

    I took this photo of your Manta at Billing, I guess back in the 80's.....
  4. Old menber

    Hi Paul, Welcome back. Yes, bad divorce for me too...... partly due to 3 Manta A's on the grass in the back garden and the garage, house and loft, full of parts! Looks like WGF 300M is still on the road, as it's shown as currently taxed and mot'd. 2016 was the last meet at Billing, so stay tuned for the new venue in 2017
  5. Sagging Exclusive rear spoiler?

    Drop some viagra tabs in the bath, when your in there with the spoiler.................. will straighten everything
  6. manta rear springs

    I bought a pair of these uprated rear springs. They are sold as fitting manta B, standard height, but was assured , they will also fit my Manta A. I have not fitted them yet, so cannot comment on fitting, ride height and how much the suspension has stiffened up. They are still on Ebay now.............. Opel Manta B / Ascona B Road Rally Rear Springs 130/280lb Item number ............................ 272194565758 For more information, contact Stuart, (contact number in the listing), very helpful guy.
  7. Bodywork - paint

    That does look like a very good paint finish, on that cav Biffy! I have sprayed 2 cars at home ( panels & shell sprayed separately), with 2k paint and used a 2k mask. First was in my garage, which I cleaned out, damped down the floor, stapled poly sheets overhead, to stop the spiders dropping down, after passing out with 2k fumes! Results were ok, but still had a slightly all over dusty finish. The second car, I sprayed outside. Had to wait several weeks for ideal weather, not too hot and near zero wind and no swarms of insects flying about. Results were a lot better, no dust, only about 5 small flies which polished out. I aim to spray my A series at home, on my driveway. This time I will buy a large new or used party tent on Ebay, to use as a spray booth, setup on my 4 meter wide driveway. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3x6-m-Party-Tent-Garden-Gazebo-Canopy-Patio-Wedding-Fair-Event-Marquee-BOTP2-/361426364878?hash=item5426b0a9ce:g:cqwAAOSwxH1T-AN~
  8. A lot of cars for sale, get discribed as a barn find, but this one is for real, as seen in the photo. The model does seem a bit unusual. I thought the white head lining and that basic steering wheel, was only on the 1600 and 1600S models? DVLA say it's not been taxed for over 20 years and guess has just been standing all that time too. If I was bidding, would sure want to have a close look, at the condition underneath. Wow......The price of Manta A's in need of restoration, has really gone up. This one is currently sitting on Ebay, at £1,500 with 2 day to go! I bought mine on Ebay, 8 years ago, in far better condition, for only £350.
  9. Don't see many of these panels for sale. Auction on Ebay, starting at £500 ............... 351095740837
  10. Manta Hasn't Ran For 15 Years

    Hi Moonhead, Nice to see another Manta A, surface for restoration, guess there are not many more to be found out there? Thats a serious rats nest! Had one under my A's rear seat, but not on that scale, just a few chewed up bags. The slideshow works fine, Looks in fair condition, from what can be seen on the body panels and chrome. Have you had a close look under the floor, sills, inner arches and at the chassis rails?
  11. A Series Rebuild.

    Lot's of good hard work, going on there!
  12. Shugs increasingly solid Manta A project

    Hi Shug .......Your almost on the home straight with this project, stay with it, no going back now That rear valence had seen better days, new one sure is the best way forward. Not sure what you mean by someone welded over the filler hole (Petrol filler hole?)....did it have a filler cap elseware on the car? Buying tools is an obsession for me too, buy more tools than car parts at autojumbles and boot fairs. Also am a ebay addict, have been checking new Opel listings in uk and Germany, every day for the last 5 years, still do it now, even though I have most of the parts I need. Will have to go into rehab soon, to rid me of this Ebay addiction