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  1. Hello

    Don't you fancy buying A666 MFC back as it's currently for sale?
  2. These 'bodge' repairs still kept these cars from being scrapped which mean they can now be repaired properly. Looking forward to seeing this when it's done.
  3. Looks pretty good from the back!
  4. Manta 400R

    Can you ever have too much?
  5. That first picture from the rear is Manta perfection!
  6. If it was abandoned in 94 then thats alot of miles in 2 years...good cars though very underated.
  7. Manta i200 at auction

    What are they gaining from continously relisting?
  8. Lucky uncle Alan

    Has anyone emailed uncle Alan yet?
  9. 87 exclusive coupe

    Yes that's me...why?
  10. 87 exclusive coupe

    Believe me I'm tempted...my favourite colour aswell. Just got to get my new garage finished first.
  11. 87 exclusive coupe

    Has anyone a ballpark figure of what this would cost to do right?
  12. Probably just wrong time of year.
  13. How much do I wish I hadn't sold my 30k mile exclusive a few years back...according to mot checker it's not been used since.
  14. I think it says 31500 miles.
  15. For £20k I'd want all original paint!