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  1. Was tempted last time at £3250 but the 'complete restoration' put me off...looks nice though.
  2. Already for sale on here
  3. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Will you be tempted to keep this one?
  4. I did think 133/135 was probably a bit generous...if it only dropped marks for it's history then the rest of the car would have to be perfect and it obviously wouldn't be...what car would?
  5. I bet rust isn't such a problem coming from Spain though.
  6. Looks stunning...wonder how much though?
  7. I always remember in the 90's being told that DPP 117Y started life as a GTE but was converted at the factory to a 400...don't know how true that is. The silver 400 has been mentioned on Evo magazine's website as star of the auction.
  8. Just noticed it's 30 years old tomorrow!
  9. That's all I meant, this one has probably got issues that is stopping it from selling, to me it looks as though the wings are bubbling where they bolt to the inner wing, that would put off alot of people.
  10. I remember the rhd 400 being for sale in the club mag...I think it was about £10k at the time.
  11. I wouldn't worry Danny...good ones will always sell for a premium.
  12. Is this the one that came to Billing in the 2000's in a Brian James trailer, from Ireland I think? Absolutely stunning!
  13. Advice

    At least £10k for a well sorted exclusive coupe.
  14. Opel Manta 400R for sale

  15. XRA721Y Body work update

    That back end does look good👍