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  1. Why would you put a solid front panel on a manta?
  2. Definitely doing the lottery tonight!
  3. Rally Day 2017

    If I still had a Manta I would definately be going to this...it's a great day, but unfortunately I'm already booked up at at another club event.
  4. Opel Manta GTE Coupe Wanted

    Looks nice and original, even has only one wing mirror.
  5. Opel Manta GTE Coupe Wanted

    Is he putting it on Ebay?
  6. Ebay: 84B GTE Hatch for sale

    Looks like it sold.
  7. Paul C Looking for a Manta Coupe

    I bet it wouldn't...I once sold a mint 16v exclusive for £1500, I did only pay £950 though! If they were still dirt cheap no one would bother restoring them.
  8. Paul C Looking for a Manta Coupe

    That Dolphin grey one in the old ebay add looks amazing! Surely the best colour for an exclusive.
  9. Ebay: 84B GTE Hatch for sale

    Interesting to see what it makes... Looks stunning!
  10. Manta 400 R

  11. Some Billing Pictures

    Maybe there aren't many photos because there wasn't many Mantas there. I went down on the Sunday to try to get my enthusiasm up again after selling my last exclusive, but i left early, very dissapointed at the poor turn out. In 15 years of going to Billing i have never seen so few cars.
  12. Hi From North Wales

    The starmist black one in Anglesey will be my old one that i sold there 18 months ago, E928 VUJ, only 30k on the clock and drove like new.
  13. white coupe on the A500

    Saw you today coming out of Leek towards Cheddleton.
  14. jap tunning place

    Thought so, thats the one i owned in the 90's.