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  1. New Manta Owner

    oh god Is that ONW / FNW in the back ground? Great manta by the way, my GT started out life like that.....and is my pride and joy now
  2. Returning member from eons ago

    welcome back!
  3. Ask your dad if hes still got that headlight that ive been meaning to collect for the last few months
  4. Possibly one of John Lucas's latest aquirements maybe
  5. Prestatyn classic car show.

    you going in a Delorean?
  6. Returning member

    The mk3 carlton is 5 stud so they wont work. Im pretty sure the 2.2 mk2 caliper bolt pattern is the same as the manta bolt pattern.
  7. Hello

    Welcome back!
  8. 84A GT/E Hatch Anthracite

  9. Gutted, old cars bend so easily. Im guessing it was only your pride that hurt?
  10. Returning member

    Welcome back!
  11. Lucky uncle Alan

    Yep deffo a scam. He had loads of interesting things for sale, all starting at 1.10p and belonging to Alan...... all that stuff now been removed but i wonder how long until someone gets scammed.
  12. Mk1 caviler 1977 coupe

    Welcome Danny!
  13. 1970,s opel manta b weller mattig rims and tyres

  14. Hello from Minnesota, USA!

    Welcome! Nice to see a manta owner across the pond. One day I may need ask you a question about this