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  1. Atlantean

    A Series Halo Headlights

    That's an excellent mod and I think they look great on the A — great into too!
  2. Atlantean

    What handbrake cable

    I don't like the look of calipers mounted at 12 O'clock — 9 o'clock or 3 o'clock look fine, this is where most OE calipers are mounted I have a set of Astra G calipers here that I intend to use for a rear disc conversion but I hope to be able to mount them at
  3. Atlantean

    Fuel hose lose in boot — what is it for?

    Thanks for that — I was guessing it must be some sort of breather hose — but didn't know where it was supposed to go.
  4. I just noticed this length of fuel hose lose in the boot of my 84 GT/E. It looks like an old hose and doesn't have any fuel in it — would it be some type of breather hose? There are clips on the hose but I'm not sure where it should go to — It seems to be coming from some point at the back of the tank on the nearside behind the sender unit. Has anyone any ideas?
  5. Atlantean

    Useful Part Numbers

    Is that a GL4 or a GL5 oil?
  6. Atlantean

    WANTED: Gear Lever Gaiter

    Thanks for the info Mike — I think I have located one.
  7. Atlantean

    WANTED: Gear Lever Gaiter

    The gaiter on my Manta B has split — has anyone got one in good condition?
  8. Atlantean

    Replacement Oil Cooler Manta B — Recommendations

    Yeah! This one looks far from factory — but for whatever reason it's leaking so time for a new one.
  9. Atlantean

    Replacement Oil Cooler Manta B — Recommendations

    This looks like a standard radiator on this Manta.
  10. Today I was helping a mate do some work on his 81 Manta B 20S automatic. I noticed the oil cooler was leaking. This oil cooler looks as though it has been patched before and it doesn't look factory to me but I could be wrong. I'm guessing he could replace it with a new universal one quite easily — has anyone any recommendations on a replacement oil cooler? Something like this would probably work.
  11. Atlantean


    What are the outputs on the 063 battery you have? For that engine I would say you need a minimum of 400 CCA (EN) but higher would be better - just don't go bigger that what the alternator can handle!
  12. Atlantean

    V6 Omega Manual On Ebay...donor Vehicle?

    Sounds like a fair bit of work needed all the same - the aftermarket ECU sounds like it would remove a major headache from the equation though
  13. Atlantean

    V6 Omega Manual On Ebay...donor Vehicle?

    I was pondering this same idea myself recently — I still have not decided if it is a runner or not!
  14. Thanks for that link - I was wondering about the transmission when I saw the ad here on Donedeal