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  1. Rothmans Ascona 400R

    Its a very nice car and i think being honest, the price isn't a silly one. As for the 5 stud comments, I have to admit it is something I would have to do, but each to their own.
  2. Manta A - Wing type sump C20LET how much oil?

    You’re best using the 1.8 dipstick and tube off the Manta engine. I do have one for sale so PM me if interested
  3. Manta A - Wing type sump C20LET how much oil?

    Are you using the Manta 1.8 dipstick and tube?
  4. Manta B GTE Side wing indicators wanted.

    Should have some kicking about
  5. Manta GTE Hatch Parts wanted. Screen wash etc?

    Should have a washer bottle
  6. Manta B GTE Recaro Seat Fittings ?

    He is after a hatch lock set David.
  7. Antifreeze green blue red?

    I have used red in my Manta, but i have seen every colour possible in them over the years.
  8. Manta B GTE Recaro Seat Fittings ?

    What engine is in your Manta? as by header tank do you mean the washer bottle for the screen wash?
  9. New Guy 2 Manta Forum.

    Welcome along, join up online and you will have full access tot he vast knowledge on here.
  10. New Manta GTE project door locks.

    PM me i should have a complete lock set
  11. Fuel pump relay

    If you just get the part number it should cross reference and should be cheaper
  12. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    What a nice car, well done that man.
  13. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    What a build! i have been looking into converting the original speaker pods too as mine are a bit rubbish (made my pods when i was 17) so its on the list as is the one in the dash. This car is going to be brilliant, cant wait to see it. I think this has to be one of the best builds i have followed in a long while, glad to see a car i saved from the crusher as been saved. Huge well done! hopefully i can see it at Market Harborough if you are going>
  14. Breaking 1.8 Manta

  15. I think the 400's as standard didn't come with a sunroof. How gutting to think people paid extra to have them fitted. some nice cars there though, i would not mind owning any of them.