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  1. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    New fuel relay and coolant sensor and it's as good as new! I even fitted the decals!
  2. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    Yeh all thats fine. I am not really stuck, i am pretty sure its the fuel reg as it starts when the fuses are bridged and ticks over fine. When its warm it either cuts out or drives like a pig.
  3. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    It either doesn't run at all or splutters and coughs
  4. Rally Day 2017

    Yep i agree.
  5. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    So the car is all built up now and just requires a good wash! but of course there is as always with these cars a sting in the tail; it wont start without bridging fuses 5 & 6 It wont start at all once hot or if it does start, drives like a pile of poo! so i have ordered a new fuel reg and coolant sensor. Fingers crossed that cures it!
  6. Rally Day 2017

    Yeh I think Hermans car should be on a display given he is driving it over from Europe which is brilliant! I think it sums up the club and modern attitudes now the lack of interest in showing car. As area rep of the North West it turned into a complete arse of a job =, me and Kev got so fed up we don't organise anything anymore! Next year will be mainly drives out and track days i think etc as I get fed up of seeing them parked up in a field!
  7. Rally Day 2017

    No idea then,i believe its a total arse of a job to do.
  8. Rally Day 2017

    You can upload straight off a phone? that's how I do it. I want to see your 400! love how you drive it and i agree they are there to be used!
  9. Rally Day 2017

    We need pictures of your road trip! sounds ace! What the story on that i240 parked up? Also i nearly bought D600 DFK years ago and regret not buying it all the time, its one of my favorite cars! It now lives in Ireland in a very rich mans private collection. Shame it wont see the road that much as its there to be driven.
  10. QUADS

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  11. Group B Manchester

    I cant help but notice the lack of group B cars in the first video haha, there was even a rubbish MG! I didn't go, but heard its a good day but quite expensive!
  12. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    It will be for sale unfortunately, bought a new house forces sale and i want to get my coupe done and dusted.
  13. Lock Surround needed ASAP

    That would be great. Thank you.
  14. Lock Surround needed ASAP

    Some bits are missing to be honest
  15. Very late GT/E hatch. Barn stored 18 years

    Well I got the car back last night and it's looking great. It needs a good clean but that can wait. Today was a long hard day but I have done most of the work now. I just need to source a side repeater as body shop broke it! And then it new rear cylinders, radio, decals and off for an MOT!