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  1. Back quarter card plastic seatbelt trim.

    Technique Kevin
  2. Great save! Will be a real good car when it’s done. It just needs some love
  3. I remember that car had a cracking interior. No welding done by us, it originated from the NorthWest. Glad it’s being done properly
  4. That looks very nice! and looks mint! worth 5k all day long and a real investment.
  5. It’s monaco blue as I am pretty sure this was rescued by us a good few years ago. Soon see once the reg is revealed
  6. Worth the money that. £1800 for a complete car! Great price
  7. Sunroof manta b

    Have you got it all operating correctly? Where did you buy the seal from as simevseals on the market don’t seem to fit as good as the original ones.
  8. It did yes. That car was the best Manta ever built. The ideas and engineering was brilliant. And this was mostly back in the late 90s/early 00s! Well ahead of its time
  9. Who was steve James? My mate mark James had a steel grey 2.7 and that was and will always be my favourite Manta. It was driven properly 100% of the time we had some great laughs in that car. Bloody ace
  10. I like the CIH engine, and in 2.4 version on throttle bodies etc there're the best!
  11. new project, parts wanted ***

    Standard 1.8 or recaro. Best to inbox me
  12. No opel should have fitted the 16v in the Exclusives.
  13. new project, parts wanted ***

    Is it a hatch or a coupe? what interior colour and type are you after? regards, Danny
  14. Handbrake lever+ Windscreen

    Is it a GTE or an Exclusive? if its a GTE it will be bronze, we will have a screen available in a few weeks but collection only.