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  1. Looks like a converted GT/E or something as it has bronze glass and rubbing strips on the side. That well needs saving. Shame nobody can find out what the story on it is. I would of been in and on it if it was local.
  2. 2.4 Engine C24NE Wanted

    Nah, i like the CIH engines and would have a modified one over a valver any day. I can understand why people love the valver but the Irmscher 2.4cih on trottle bodies my mate had in his Ascona was rapid! it even nailed a new S3. I suppose its personal choice. Lamchop would a slightly thicker head gasket get over the 1mm issue you mentioned above?
  3. Manta Exclusive

    ^^^^^Anything but this Exclusive Manta then eh?
  4. Manta Exclusive

    There isnt that much left when its so rotten, the front has gone, the floors have dropped out, the sunroof has probably been letting water go in and all the 'nice' parts have been removed to save another coupe. But the price it went for was cheap if you break it properly.
  5. Manta Exclusive

    What a shame! poor manta. I imagine the interior is hot at too. Is this one of your cars Philip?
  6. Manta GT/E (Exclusive spec)

    This going to be a great car when done!
  7. Monaco Blue Exclusive Coupe

    I am doing too much Manta stuff and need time off them. I have been flat out so now its time to let some go to other people.
  8. I was 15 when i started in Mantas so there is hope for me yet. I will be the only one left with them in 40 years ha ha
  9. Ebay: 87D GTE Auto Hatch in silver

    Ha Ha, mine is still a passion and one that is tested many times, its not my job its just what we do as a hobby instead of collecting stamps or playing golf.
  10. Ebay: 87D GTE Auto Hatch in silver

    Sorry to say Philip but as somebody who restores and sells Mantas and parts they are worth mega money now Mantas. Most i know of are selling under the radar and others are made to order. We have just seen a soft top exclusive sell for 8k! a blue mk1 Cav is on facebook for 10k! I know of an Exclusive coupe that sold for 10k last month! so prices are great. My two i will have done soon will be a 10k coupe and a 5k hatch. What are harder to sell are hatchbacks with a poor spec such as auto boxes, rotten to the core or horrid interiors. But even they go in the end.
  11. Mantas are fetching great money, the interest in them is mental too! I think it another 5-10 years time Mantas will be worth more than a lot of Fords.
  12. Monaco Blue Exclusive Coupe

    I am too busy otherwise I would of jumped at the chance. It needs a very good respray and welding but it wont be extensive. Its cheap at that price! When the exclusive coupe and gt/e hatch we are building are done I am having time off the restoring other cars, going to enjoy my new house and start to get mine stripped and start the work on it.
  13. Ascona i2000

    I would put a modified 2.4 in if you can afford it. On throttle bodies!