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  1. Modified 1988 Exclusive Coupe

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Wheel centre Cap

    What colour?
  3. Red Exclusive coupe at auction

    What the hell on gods earth made them do that to the rear end!!!!! Horrendous
  4. German Manta GSi Convertible for sale

  5. 1984 GTE

  6. 1984 GTE

  7. Panels needed.

    Eckhard supplies the best chassis legs, really really good quality and i have them ready to go on mine. You pay for what you get.
  8. i have asked numerous times for extra pictures of the underside and interior and got nothing back really. I gave up in the end.
  9. Best place to get Exclusive Rear spoiler and Reat Bumper

    Good afternoon, I am guessing that it is for a coupe? as the bumpers are different. I think Kevin Abbott on here may have those parts for sale
  10. 1984 GTE

  11. Ebay: 83A GTE Hatch for sale A666MFC

    My family is the same with red cars, i tried to beat the family tradition and bought a 34,000 mile mint 1.8 hatch..........it lasted nearly two weeks and was written off. that was the first and last red car i and my other half will ever own
  12. Fuel Injection problem - LE Jetronic - Fixed :-)

    If it isn't running from cold or hot i would be checking the connection to the ECU (the plugs can come loose etc), I would also be taking no notice of AA people as the mixture screw comment sounds total BS! i would also check to see if the fuel is flowing to the rail. If these check out i would be thinking coil, earth or temp sensor.
  13. Some nice cars there, hoping to get across to one of the European shows next year, i have been over twice a good few years ago. Loved the shows.
  14. GTE coupe fuel tank and fuel pump carrier

    Kevin Abbott has a few tanks for sale