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  1. Gearbox

    I remember finding this: https://www.opelgt.com/forums/clutch-transmission-drive-train-upgrades/27970-getrag-240-question.html when I wondered the same thing.
  2. 2.0 radiator

  3. 2.0 radiator

  4. Anti roll bar bushes

    I'm assuming its the front bar. Which one are you after, the one in the lower control arm or the one to trailing arm?
  5. A series engine mounts

    https://www.rallydesign.co.uk/product_info.php?products_id=7218 Something like that?
  6. A-series - loose window

    I don't think mine have anything on that U channel. At 45 years old tho, it may well have lost them over time..
  7. That's news to me! I haven't arranged a viewing with anyone. Unless the person he spoke to sounded rather pissed
  8. 2.0 GTE ECU wanted

    Got a 2.2 one spare. Condition unknown, but I think it works. (I replaced it to fix a problem, but the ECU wasnt the problem) No idea if its suitable for you or not tho.
  9. 2019 Club Calendar

    Sun morning photo of vboa rally should sort that.
  10. Manta A bonnet required can any one help

    I'm assuming you want a fairly solid one? I have one that I had blasted, but there are a lot of holes and some warping to contend with. It really would be a last resort option as it needs a lot of work.
  11. I'm after the round white plug that plugs into the back of the dials on an a series. Think mine melted! Anyone got one spare?
  12. Speedo cable

    If the speedo end fits the A series speedo then yes, thats perfect. Found what I think is a B series one in my garage that looks like I ran over the end at some point