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  1. Manta a series axles

    The same getrag box used on manta's was used on some BMWs. Almost any gearbox will fit if you put a good bit of effort into adapting the bellhousing. You can get bellhousings 'off the shelf' to fit ford type 9 boxes to a CIH.
  2. Manta a series axles

    Axles fitted to 1.6N and smaller engines are different to those that were used on 1.6S and 1.9. Not sure on all the differences, but I know the smaller axle uses smaller wheel bearings.
  3. Going free or going in bin. (and by free I mean you pay the postage only )
  4. A series window frame seals

    Still needing a pair. thought I'd try once more before giving up and going germanside!
  5. Hello from Minnesota, USA!

    Opelgtsource in California has manta a bits. Mostly geared towards gt but many mechanical parts are shared.
  6. Sounds more like your distributor is 180 degrees out.
  7. I have 3 on my a series, that's got a b jetex system on it. May have missed it, but have you checked you have a good earth from engine block?
  8. This has been kicking about my garage and is heading for the bin unless anyone wants it? Its just the headgasket and manifold gasket, not set.
  9. Rocker cover gauze 'filter'

    I scraped out what I could, and soaked the gauze in white spirit. Came out perfectly clean.
  10. Dr Manta sells door seals. As does Lenk (and PS-Autoteile I think) That car looks pretty damn good. If its clean and solid underneath then worth every penny I reckon.