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  1. Ascona A front indicator

    Are they the same as Manta A? I think I have one or two lurking about if so.
  2. Had a good look at this on monday, and chatted with the owner. Its an odd car. The front end pretty much needs replaced. The inner and outer sills are shot, are as some floor panels, the jacking points and the upper inner wings are toast. rear valance has gone. I call it an odd car because the chassis legs look fine! Swan necks are perfectly solid (at least on drivers side, couldn't see passenger ones) Lot of welding, but with a solid chassis it should see the road again. Owner will be restoring it, and I passed on the club website to him so hopefully he'll pop up
  3. injectors

    Are you certain it's not injecting fuel? I had similar issue with mine and it was because the injectors weren't pulsing and were permanently on so engine was getting flooded. No idea what the problem was tho as after replacing ecu and that not fixing it I ripped it all out and put megasquirt in.
  4. Where can I get replacement brake callipers

    Dr manta has them for 359 euro each on exchange. You'll be getting refurbished ones tho so may as well use bigg red for a lot cheaper.
  5. A Series - Coat hooks and fuel filler cap

    When locked the cap should turn freely. Key turns clockwise to unlock, and petrol cap turns anti clockwise to remove.
  6. Exhaust Recommendations

    Jetex do a 2 inch system but no longer seem to do the downpipe. You could get a custom job, I seem to remember there was a place in Elgin that did custom work. Cant remember the name tho. Edit: Think this is it: http://customcraftscotland.co.uk/exhaust-systems/2650221
  7. Manta a series axles

    The same getrag box used on manta's was used on some BMWs. Almost any gearbox will fit if you put a good bit of effort into adapting the bellhousing. You can get bellhousings 'off the shelf' to fit ford type 9 boxes to a CIH.
  8. Manta a series axles

    Axles fitted to 1.6N and smaller engines are different to those that were used on 1.6S and 1.9. Not sure on all the differences, but I know the smaller axle uses smaller wheel bearings.
  9. Going free or going in bin. (and by free I mean you pay the postage only )
  10. A series window frame seals

    Still needing a pair. thought I'd try once more before giving up and going germanside!
  11. Hello from Minnesota, USA!

    Opelgtsource in California has manta a bits. Mostly geared towards gt but many mechanical parts are shared.