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  1. 2019 Club Calendar

    Sun morning photo of vboa rally should sort that.
  2. Manta A bonnet required can any one help

    I'm assuming you want a fairly solid one? I have one that I had blasted, but there are a lot of holes and some warping to contend with. It really would be a last resort option as it needs a lot of work.
  3. I'm after the round white plug that plugs into the back of the dials on an a series. Think mine melted! Anyone got one spare?
  4. Speedo cable

    If the speedo end fits the A series speedo then yes, thats perfect. Found what I think is a B series one in my garage that looks like I ran over the end at some point
  5. Sad a series

    Starting price has been bumped up to 999 quid. Wonder if he forgot a decimal point?
  6. Sad a series

    Might be handy for a few spares. Bit far away for me, but maybe the guy can pour it into a bag for me
  7. Speedo cable

    Annoyingly I don't have an A series one at the mo. Using a hall sensor on electronic speedo but putting original clocks back in.
  8. Speedo cable

    Need a Speedo cable for my A series. Trouble is, standard a one is a bit short as I have a 5 speed box. If a b series one fits, anyone have one spare?
  9. A series door lock part

    Any luck?
  10. You'd be surprised how many on here would be adept at one handed computer use.
  11. Rocker cover for 2.0S engine required

    You only really need to cover the cam chain and pulley. I cut the end off a rocker cover for that. I'm away thus weekend to get destructively drunk for a mates bday party but I'll get you a pic when I'm back on Mon. You're welcome to it if you cover postage.
  12. For anyone that is bored of how easy mantas are to restore https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Bedford-OB-Duple-Coach-1947-Spares-Or-Restoration-Wye-Valley-Motors-RI-Davies/163198954858?hash=item25ff6a6d6a:g:MVQAAOSwGThbcFtO
  13. A series door lock part

    Cheers Chris. Quite frustrating not being able to go out as I can't lock the car!
  14. A series door lock part

    I need the end of the lock barrel for drivers door lock. Anyone got a knackered lock I could harvest one from? As you can see, bit on left has broken.