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  1. Drivers wing, nosecone strip.

    I'm in need of a Drivers side wing, cosmetics unimportant, spot o' rust ok as long as not rotten through, doesn't matter what Manta it is from or MK I Cav even. Also I'm in need of the strip that runs between the nose and the bumper of the Manta. Cash waiting Can collect within reasonable distance, I'm in Leicester.
  2. Opel Manta GTE parts

  3. LOLLL.............. I remember coming over to your place Guysat, and was absolutely shocked when I saw this in the flesh.... I knew nothing about your car/project, and what a lovely shock when I saw it..... It was just one of those cars that pictures could not do justice to... The stance and the paint and just the sheer quality of finish everywhere was outstanding.
  4. Mint Manta?

    Well she's a runner.... So all I need to do is get the floor repaired and get the seat in so I can drive her, There are one or two issues.... I have no rear wipe (i have wash) no brake lights, and FFS no heated rear window (Godsake how many times have I had heated rear window issue with Manta's) Revs are a little high at 2000 rpm but could be anything, from dizzy out to the airflow meter adjustment bypass thing, to sticky throttle cable or the stop screw on accelerator pedal. judging by bodged repairs in the footwell area I'm going for the latter. Just need the weekend to come so I can shed some light on this and start getting stuck in. But I need to ensure everything is working first before I start undoing anything so I know it would have been something I have done if something doesn't work. (thoughts come to mind of "why the hell did I bin that timing light, I'll never have a car that needs this again he said") Also gauges are showing that there is ..... No charge from alternator, (which means my new battery will be stuffed in no time and where the fhell is that multimeter that Bettyswallox gave me?) Oil Pressure really high and needle flicks over to full pressure on ignition before firing up (usually cables wrong way round) Temp gauge showing a Bit too high, but could be true, heater was working well and quite warm..... Fuel gauge shows empty but moved up a little the other day when I dropped a gallon in her. Corrosion looks to be mainly floorpan and lower chassis rail apart from the lower A pillar on passenger side (drivers side is fine) And sorry people out there who are struggling with corroded and totally fcuked chassis rails (swan neck) but mine really are not too bad at all.... The exterior chassis rail around the bolt though is not so good, and crossmember will be dropped out and this area will be tackled, Drivers side again is excellent on the outside of the swan neck, but can't as yet see the inside chassis rail.
  5. Mint Manta?

    Well I got my Irmscher Exclusive hatch delivered yesterday. And how surprised I was to see such a damn good car.... Doors that shut, Excellent Glass, Superb window and door seals, windows that don't leak, a bonnet catch that works. Seats that are in excellent condition just need a clean, a carpet that is possibly the best Manta carpet I've ever seen. All the hideous niggly bits I normally have to do such as spending a day getting the door glass to seal correctly, and farting about with those stupid little quarter glass retaining hinges GRRRR. and trying to attach the front bumper steel bracket back onto the ABS bumper before spending hours filling and sanding and prepping......... This car in many respects is absolutely MINT Everything is there the car is complete except drivers side wing, (N/S wing a bit suspect, need to have a good look) and the black strip that sits between the nose and the bumper. Car got delivered late yesterday (long story) so only had a short time to see what was there in the car and fit a few bits into place before giving her a wash and a quick wipe down. Abot to go and get a battery and check out the engine bay and fuel lines before seeing if she will start and what does and doesn't work on her. Piccies...... From first receiving her, to a quick wash and wipe.......
  6. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Er.......... FPMSL Ian for 4cks sake man...... it's like "Hmm do the bats need feeding? they seem awfully quiet tonight" you are the only person I know who has ever even heard a fking bat lol you just made my night even better.
  7. Hi there

    OMFGG what a turnaround..... You would have been knocking on my door to lecture me to keep it original, and I would have been saying fuck off, now of all the modded Manta's I've done and I'm saying I'm thinking of keeping his original, i have YOU Mr. Virco saying "Hmm modify it" Don't really know what else to say, think i'll grab another beer and a fag.
  8. Hi there

    Less of the old Gits Ian , sure you are just talking about yourself there,,, well there may be others too. lol I am now proud Manta owner, " Irmscher Gte exclusive Hatch, 1 owner from new, 89 thou on the clock restoration project, all interior there and clean, mainly welding needed" And Oh My God! what the hell do I do with it???? Original is crying out to me..... And my ideas of a deep mettalic flame red as per the new Mazda colour with deep dish cross spoke alloys and wheels tucked nicely into the arches and a turbo'd or preferably supercharged cih..... Oooh time will tell......... And Irmscher Man, I shall be definately popping over to the Midlands pub meets. it was the Market Harborough meet that really set me off. Thanks Paul, pretty damn flattering that, tbh as I get a tad older I do need to be putting a little something in place for myself, I had a big customer base in Jap turbo'd vehicles, and main body of work went to Australia, it is all there for me to pick up the reins, but it is so damn nice in my day job finishing work at 4pm and a 12:00 finish on a Friday, but with my new car I'll be wanting stuff so stuff will filter through again and start to be available. Shall be over to the meets to see you all..... what a lovely feeling of continuity, sort of makes the world feel a very nice place.... But you aint getting a kissy smiley lol
  9. 84A GT/E Hatch Anthracite

  10. opel manta gte hatch auto