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  1. opel manta gte hatch auto


    OMG Snowy, Cheers mate, how so damn cool and refreshing to know these are still available... It gives me options when looking for a Manta, I loved these carbs.

    F**k me never thought of using my old mate Google..... Not as clear as the instructions I was supplied with my DGV's but it is all there.... As a thought does anyone know off hand whether these are still available new... As at one time Weber produced a whole conversion kit for the cih and it really was a brilliant kit. Last time I tried to buy one back in 2007 I struggled to even get hold of a DGV Carb, and was told by various suppliers that "Weber had stopped production of the DGV/DGAV" IIRC I sourced one form a US supplier that was intended to be fitted to a Jeep, which was a common conversion in the US Apparently.
  4. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    OK I may be eing a bit lazy here, and still navigating my way round what is now one hell of a forum to what it was when it first started. Basically wondering just when and where the East Mids pub meets are these days?
  5. Hi there

    Bloody Hell Danny, If Kev still has that Hatch I need to see it,,,,, I best get in touch with him, I'm being offered Manta's left right an centre at the moment,,,,, Didn't know there were so many around still..... Loads off the road and in project / unfinished project status it seems. And a Big Wow and thanks to the comments people have put up, what a lovely welcome back to the club.
  6. mk1 cavalier lowering

    This is on Jamex -75mm progressive coils. But unlike a lot of aftermarket coils, they were not "Coilbound" meaning that the coils basically had a lot of air between the coils is as best as I can explain it. and ride was absolutley brilliant Fitted loads of aftermarket lowered springs in my time and these were by far the best, and yes on a lot of load they did hit the rubber bump stops, but I raiseed the bump stops on the car in the pic , poss not a good idea as this would mean the shocks bottoming out. Someone mentioned Monroe Shocks.... Monroe oil shocks were nice for a -25 drop, gave a lovely ride but were not a heavy duty long lasting shock absorber, not brilliant at speed on bad surfaces..... Monroe Gas shocks at speed on bad road surfaces were pretty damn good, but harsh at low speed on same road surface. Spax springs -55 I wouldn't piss on, a bit of harsh driving on 6 month old springs seen 2 of them break on me. Chassis Dynamics springs (-60 progressive rate) had about 4 coils that were not coilbound car felt like a go-cart, no body roll whatsoever. Been a while and done so many but they were the ones that stick in my head. Original springs cut down, actually works well, more you cut the stiffer you go, but coil ends don't seat in the spring seats correctly which is a serious worry, need heating and flattening and dressing back with a grinder to copy the original spring ends as close as possible. ME I would try and find the Jamex equivalent of what i had years ago, or source a spring manufacturer (which I may well do) to tell them the spring rates and dimensions of what i require and may well start a thread up of doing a group buy................ Apologies for pic, only one I could find at short notice.

    Right then done a few of these in my time and need to see if I can remember. If I remember correct, the mixture screw is turned out until the engine starts to "hunt" or run too rich for a smooth idle. Then the Mixture screw is turned back in until engine note becomes steady. Idle screw is then turned in (after already being backed out) to lean out the idle. Apologies but this is the best I can remember, but it is the leaning out of the carb where you need to progressively turn in the mixture and idle screw, to give you the smoothest running. Dead simple and brilliant Carbs, and if you follow the above steps you should quite easily get there. the thought of mixture screw being out by 2 full turns as a base setting rings a bell. just give it a go you'll get there. I had a 2.0S rolling roaded with one of these carbs as I couldn't get a smooth enough idle, turned out I had increased flow through the engine so much that it was pushing out over 130BHP that they had to put in different idle jets.
  8. Hi there

    Hello Kev, yep back in the fold, paid up member again, just a damn shame I lost out on that White hatch you shown me pics of at Market Harborough, cash came through just a tad late . But I do need to take a drive up and have a boozy eve with the good ol' NW lads at one of your pub meets, HECK! last one i went to had Ian and Cheryl were there. and Mr Goacher. in fact the last meeting I got to up there was when you had Ian Grindrod there, OH MY GOD what a man, quote "I was there at Russelheim the day the Manta 400 was homologated " What a utterly fantastic bloke and what a brilliant evening that was. Don't do things by half up there do you. Apart from saying I talked like a Brummie wtf lol :-)
  9. Manta 400R

    Hi Kenny, Clive here. We briefly met at Market Harborough, I saw the gradual build of this on my trips over to Retropower, I remember the day that the Manta turned up and Nat told me it was "Hedleys'" from Hedleys Casebook, and the day the donor Skyline turned up. As Nat and Callum were about to scrap the Skyline shell they asked if there was anything I needed off of it, I took a bit of N/S wheel arch (as can be seen in the pic when about to be scrapped) and a big chunk of O/S rear quarter, as I had dinged my R33 Skyline. The Driftworks set up you have on the rear of that is awesome kit especially the rear camber adjustment arms my skyline was a daily drive and it ate the inside edge of rear tyres due to bad camber. And as you say "it likes petrol stations" yes mine did too, I was nudging 300bhp I'm guess you would easily be over that. That RB straight six lump is one fantastic beautiful engine though. I have a few regrets in life and one of them is selling my skyline. You must be loving driving that Kenny.
  10. Hi there

    Blimey good to see some familiar names there, as I wasn't too sure just how much the club may have changed since being away for what must be 10 years now apart from a one year membership back in 2012, so thank you all for your comments. Idea has been for a Hatchback for a while, I never actually owned a white GTE hatch, which to me back in the late 80's and early 90's were the epitomy of the Manta back then. So thoughts are to get an old B series and replicate a GTE, or better still actually get hold of a white GTE Hatch, then do some clever engine work maybe with retaining the cih, and the B series with the lower CR would suit my ideas better than the GTE, as I bet engines are not so easy to source as the days where we stripped them down and threw them away in various skips near our workplace (Cough er Ahem) But realistically looking for a good Manta project any manta that is.
  11. Hi there

    Thought I'd drop in and say hello. Been a while since I was a member, but just renewed (possibly much to the horror of some :-) ) only kidding committee. Not actually owning a Manta yet, but keeping my eyes peeled as from approx one hour ago (due to some good news) and looking for a good project vehicle to sink my teeth into.
  12. Rear Speakers

    I think it was JBL that used to make replacement speakers that sat under the original manta hatch speaker grill Halfords used to stock them
  13. Digital Dash

    I remember going over to Mick Maher's place, he had one fitted and he wanted me to make some sort of Bezel to make it fit into the Manta Dash Surround,,,,,, If I Remember correct I never did the job.... Thank God,,, Not an easy task.