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  1. Manta Resto

    Big over that ur gonna put ur turkey in! Or a blow torch, plummers type, And a sharp woodwork chisel, or sharpening stone and wide paintscrapper. Lots or fire and toxins, use gloves and mask, can see photos, if u have a spit, use if, if ur on ur back....... good luck! The blasting media would just bounce of it as it is rubberised Lovely job for xmas
  2. What!!!!!!!!! Thats alarming 24k, am i missing something, All in all fair play, it would even pay now a days to get retropower to build one hold it for xxxxx, amount of time and sell it, You can have all the parts in the world, but without a shell, you have nothing, now stop scrapping em!
  3. It was 7.5k at the time, 18ms ago, that means it maybe over 10k now, Happy days!
  4. OMOC Calendars 2018

    How about a calendar with manta magic printed on reverse of each month, essentially it would be manta magic, with a calendar, every second page, solves the problem of no content etc etc, events could be marked each month. I mean the mag is only produced once a year! Makes sense! Tips, model history, projects builds, could be used for content. Keep it interesting, and keep members involved, and give em bang 4 buck!
  5. Tick over speed??

    If cable has play, would the float be stuck open, rebuilding the carb would sort this, a restriction in the fuel supply would prove this, draining the carb, therefore restricting fuel flow, plyers on the fuel inlet pipe.starve the carb, but not completely, but airleaks in carb would also create high revs.
  6. Klokkerholm Body Panels

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  7. OMOC Calendars 2018

    Nice idea, great christmas gift, https://www.vistaprint.co.uk/photo-gifts/calendars/wall-calendars?xnav=NVHP_FeaturedProducts_Single_1_cta0 If there are 250 omoc members, 250 calendars would only cost £4 per member, opposed to 10 calendars at just over £5. Membership to omoc is £25 at say 250 members, thats over 6k per year! 250 calenders would only be just over 1k of omoc profit, surely all members deserve at least 1 calendar free for being a member, its just a thought! But be careful on copyright of those images, Goodluck, oh and this advise was free, non member!
  8. Hi

    Hello, nice project, old school turbo projects seem interesting, any further info? Nice to hear what people done in the past, maybe wee tips or mods! Seems cars has found the right pair of hands, now get back to having fun, Have fun and enjoy, wish u every success with it!
  9. Are you trying to find out if kgm still have the 4x4 bits? Seems weird to me, why you are trying to trace a car, that no longer has the ferguson system fitted? But you gotta start somewhere! interesting in the other 4x4 senator, would it be identical ferguson bits? i do think it was converted to RWD, long before KGM! NOTE: not to be confused with the 1986-1987 Manta / Ascona cars converted to 4WD by using Astra 4S bits, these are not the ones we are looking for.Knowing that these where a getrac system, This would also be very interesting! Never heard of converted manta, ascona. If the ferguson system is lying in someones shed, What would make a works 400 ever more special, 4 wheel drive, and s4 turbo to boot! Finish what Opel should have done, the Ultimate group B car, can you advise on your book? Did ferguson convert anything interesting, in rallying?
  10. Membership

    Apologies to black gte, , but my initial question was a general, what are the benefits of joining this club, btw goodluck with your membership, ........eat plenty at billing! To mantaray, i was a long standing member, but not this year, if it doesnt change? Id rather spend the extra £25 on.............something worth while! the problem is £25 per member, per year x200 members = 5k, or x400 members, = 10k, multiply that by ten years, = 100k Take a years omoc membership x 400 members = 10k, Where is this money spent?, how do members benefit, And believe me i went to agm with this, usual omoc, brushed under the carpet, forgotten about,.......... what im looking is clarity, not throwing shit(e), just trying to get the right answer that the omoc, cant give! End off..........., and dont even try and answer this, as it cant be answered until this the omoc, realise they are doing wrong!
  11. 6 Mantas on gumtree CONTINUED

    Whos the they?......... they still have!
  12. AGM 2016 Voting

    Deaf ears, im afraid,
  13. Membership

    Appreciate your effort, seen enough, im off.................
  14. 6 Mantas on gumtree CONTINUED

    Is this 400 available to buy, cash waiting........,,,..,,
  15. 6 mantas for sale on gumtree

    Em,........... thats it, .............. well said!