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  1. Ascona estate

    Banded front wheel, or is it a chrome ring?
  2. Manta 400R

    Think you might appreciate this, its a retrostock, idc drift car, got a few spins in both. Interesting, M3 Manta drifting: Opel Manta Mapping: Bit of action, 23/09/2012, RetroStock @ Mondello: http://youtu.be/0XvHdC8OnZ4
  3. one step ahead of you on a new project, well i will be another 6 months, but getting there! Took the whole of jan off, might take feb too, if it gets any colder., weird that i went about it the same way, Cih engine sat for 15 years, got it going, low mileage one owner manta b, sorted all the wee bits bulbs switches, first. Its now stripped, and at bodywork stage. Stage three is engine, axle, and front suspension rebuild, then brakes, then finally prep for paint, then the fun bit! Understand why you went about this way, keep up the great work!

    Yeh, looks very well, one of the nicest colours on a manta, seems to show the lines better, any shade as long as its black. Wheels looks nice too, nice change from revos, they would look well on a exclusive too!

    Any quick racks fitted as standard to any other mantas, know of one model
  6. Recommendations for spot weld drill

    Great job, bought a pack of five, only on number 2, after about 100 spots, Think i burned no 1 out, learned a lesson, let it cool between welds, the bit will last longer. Cobalt, is the way to go, well worth it.
  7. Mike's Manta.

    Stunning work, your nearly, nearly at the peak, paint and rebuild is always the nicest work, but i do like the fab and weld work also.
  8. Living up to my username

    You need to see this before you start, words fail me, those chassis legs!
  9. Living up to my username

    That would be interesting, to see them used, and the handbook manual. Is it available as a pdf or just print. This is gonna be an interesting project, keep em photos coming! Any bits you cannot find yet?
  10. Living up to my username

    Ah the interesting parts are commodore axle brackets! Why so many new panels, is the car really that bad? Need rust photos Some interesting panels, kickpanels, inner b posts, inner rear sill sections. Any bits you cannot find? 2 exhaust hangers! V8? There is only 1 photo, what are these? Inner chassis legs? Doubt it? Woo this car is gonna cost alot, you know there is a nice exclusive for sale, very cheap at 20k!
  11. Too many silencers?

    Hope this works! Yee ha!
  12. Too many silencers?

    Had another drawing, its not showing so here are the numbers, System ref 38078 Top gasket gmg7 XVL239P front pipe with front box XVL228G middle box and up and over XVL229E back box and tail pipe.
  13. Location of oil pressure sender/sensor

    Hard to break an old type car, even harder to fix a new car! A new car would involve, computer lap top plug ins, sensors control panels, do new cars even have oil pressure guages?? Do they?
  14. Simple, priceless wee fixes, dont cost the earth, but make a huge difference, nice wee project, keep at it
  15. Debadged, and wiperless, i like, nice healthy profit too, win win. Workable wee car, would make a nice sleeper