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  1. Outside storage car cover

    Seen one made with 40ft curtain sider material, a A frame, simple angle iron, and two sliding frame rails off trailer back to back at the peak, the angle iron was used to stop the cover touching the car. The curtain sider was then strapped into floor level angle iron, with curtain sider ratched things! Front gable was cable tied, back was reused rachet strap. Very cheap, but 100% dry. I got mine from a trailer repair company for nothing, just cut half of one side to fit, hurricane proof! Wasnt too worried about paint as car is getting fully restored, cut cardboard templates for windows, cardboard remained dry 5 months over the winter. 100% waterproof, As for outside car covers, emm, never seen or heard of a worthwhile one,
  2. Yep sure are....... practice makes perfect, sometimes a badly cut patch makes a balls of a weld repair, cant say that here, think a well thought out patch makes the repair, welding is the easy part, fair play for getting stuck in, you can now repair very well one handed, have you tried blindfolded!
  3. Fuel Injection problem - LE Jetronic

    Are you getting petrol while cranking engine? Flow is into injector loop, and return is after pressure regulator. Maybe pump is messing about. Its a push pump, 2L pop bottle, If its a hatch, check vents on tank, Search here 2p trick! These are basic cars, easy to work on etc etc. Keep this updated, Could be pump, or injection relay, try fuse 7, make sure its clean and tight
  4. GTE coupe fuel tank and fuel pump carrier

    Think i used a cavalier mk3 gsi2000, different shape slightly, but fitted it to the left hand side boot strengthening plate, inside boot to keep it healthy, if it worked in a cav, it will work in a redtop manta! Mounted on three rubber mounts too! Can try a pic tomorrow if any use
  5. ATS Classic et? Manta A

    Styling is perfect, dont change it, just get suck in to the polish, wheels are perfect, polished and gold, bring them back to life
  6. Sad a series

    It would be my challenge to get it started, before advertising it!
  7. Ah, mr ceros james, got some photos somewhere, was 5th on the circuit of ireland early 90, running a redtop, type9, and no power steering.
  8. 2.0e Air intake hose repair ?

    Clean it, and use tiger seal, or granville pu flex its about 7quid, but it will work, make sure its clean and dry before

    Thats why mantas where faster than cavaliers, Cavalier had a solid front, no grill, therefore no air feed, on the manta it was in line with the slot, but had an air trap door to stop 100mph bugs etc, getting to the air filter, would benefit from removing this trap and adding a tea strainer, would need cleaned out regularly, cars a bit sluggish, hold on until i remove some bugs. been reading up on air feed, its pretty interesting, a redtop xe is meant to run cleaner on original panel filter opposed to a cone, to get the same surface area that is force fed, you would need to run a 12 inch round cone filter, and impossible to force air in, without incasing it, gonna play soon, Been playing with a 400cc race bike, redline starts at 12,000 and revs to 16,000! Experimenting with manta inner airduct tubes etc, interesting, one is cold air forced, with a metal gauze, other is slightly hot, fitted wee digital temp gauge it each, very interesting, seems perfect temp is 10 to 15 degrees at 100 mph, 10,000 revs, no dyno, but the induction noise is magic! 7am morning or 8pm night. Why go for a spin on a hot day! I gonna experiment with a redtop xe next, starting with forcing air into a cone, need to find or make a air capture or will remove one inner lens.
  10. Like this! Could be a new trend, I hate petrol, and welding, i remove the tank and pipes, and place it in another building. As for the filler neck, its fixed so wont leak, shouldnt! As you are carb only one feed pipe, should be plastic if original, you could replace it. Make sure pipe work is removed also, vapours etc. I read somewhere to weld a petrol tank, you flood it constantly with carbon dioxide, ie exhaust fumes from a running car, i wont try this, wouldnt even watch someone do it!
  11. Rocker cover for 2.0S engine required

    You can use wavin sewer pipe, approx 5inch. Try to get a stop end, cut it in half, one front, one back. Cut the pipe in half horizontally, width of head, use can even drill down into pipe at 90 degrees, to hold in place. I wouldnt destroy a perfect rocker cover if i could help it!
  12. How long is the mot valid for? If you had a problem 11 months a 27 days after the last mot, how would it be viewed, its a redtape question!
  13. Preformance rear springs.

    Tarmac hatch rally car! Sound interesting?
  14. Just might not be a good idea! what happen when you add water to a teabag. Ok, it is what it is! Which is ok, ive no problem with price. What gets me is someone asking a going rate for a manta and being dissed, not worth that etc etc. Take this manta advertised, try to get it to a state where it is worth the going rate! Says it all, doesnt it.
  15. Poor pensioners living the dream! fair play!