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  1. Mike's Manta.

    Cool! Great repair..
  2. Modified Nationals this Saturday

    Is that hotrod nationals?
  3. Mike's Manta.

    You can use, cold compressed air, a compressor air fan, cold clothes, even cold water spray bottles, seen a guy welding through a constant stream of water from a garden hose, wont try this myself Ive two doors to try and save myself, reason, as they are original, i will be joggling a repair section, and hand beating the lower fold over lip, ah the joys, why? To try and save the original doors. Looks like they are stitched, maybe they seamed later, was gonna try lead filling myself after stitching
  4. Very neat, good job, try a knotted wire wheel on a grinder, its good for polishing up the area when complete! You can make a really neat patch, which is more than half the battle. I cant weld at night unless using very bright fluorescent lights. I usually make two or three patches a night, have em sitting flush, ready to rock the following evening, then clean em the following night, three nights, three patches! If you can practice with a piece of flat copper plate, lie it flat, then two equal length metal strips, straight edges, space them a mm apart, now heat that baby up full gas, you could turn your amps up full and adjust, good way to get amp setting is to use a piece of metal, and run a weld right down the middle, if it is burning through, its too high, if weld is blobbing and sitting on top, its too low and not penetrating. If you can get weld looking like its melted into the metal, and showing slightly on the other side, youve won! The two pieces of metal together is a little trickier, you kind of move the torch in small circular motions, as you progress the length. As it was spaced a mm apart, the edges should be penetrated, blueish in colour away from the weld line, the copper sheet should break away, this way when you master this you can weld both sides, say, inside car, and outside. Master this and keep it to yourself or you will have a queue of manta owners at your gate, with welding needed. Another tip, use weld through zinc primer, i spray the reverse of patch or anywhere its hard to get access again, even spot weld holes. Also a light dusting will protect your new metal.
  5. So close, then.....

    Very smart, health to enjoy, and use in happiness
  6. Mike's Manta.

    Much appreciated, for all, so the door was cut in half, essentially and joined. Is that right?

    Yep good stuff, cant not like it! Very nice
  8. Mike's Manta.

    Have to say em ronals look great, so the whole rim was powder coted then painted? Did you prep the powder coat? Would you have a pic of the repair panel for lower door, retropower supplied? Also your new fuel press. Reg. Where? How much? Ta!
  9. Dont shoot me ! But are you running gas, or is it low? Try a few straight strips as practice, stitch, then fill the gaps, dont be afraid to penetrate, the way i look at it, the more it penetrates, the less the weld sits on top, the less you need to clean up with a grinder, boy i hate grinders! Ive grown to hate em! Try really cleaning both edges with a drill wire wheel, you may be surprised in how the welder reacts better! Whats you welding gear, maybe a pic of your setting on your welder, someone could advise if it could be bettered? Anyway, its tuff, your giving it your all, and the new metal and patch shape are really the key to a good job, the welding can be cleaned up! Ehh... grinding! Top job! A wee tip, you can use a copper strip behind, to stop welding falling through, also a pre 82 2p, i think! Is copper, to fill round holes. Small magnets hold patches flush, speaker magnets for larger floor areas, vice grips various sizes for edges, g clamps etc, dont use brake or carb cleaner. And thats me spent! I just picked these up over the years, probably the most valuable thing i learned was cleaning it really really well before welding, and again after its spotted. and as they say practice makes perfect,
  10. Work starts on the mk 2 , V6 A series.

    And was there something recently, they are gonna ban cable ties, plastic ban!, great temp fix, interested in how you address the rethink, any ideas yet! Maybe machined out of harder material?
  11. What if you cut the nut, washer, drill it out from the side you cut. If it was me i would be ordering poly bushes, think two are £45. What mike sayed before, you can burn or socket press em out Regarding you vice, i can be repaired, welded a cast vice before, arc welder and cast rods, watch a youtube video, it involves heading with a blow torch, welding, heading and cooling slowly, thought what have i got to loose, still works! Just dont go mental on it anymore! Regarding the manta chassis leg, i am working on a project at the minute, it was a mates half finished, he emigrated yrs ago, but had saved a second hand chassis leg, i had bought two new chassis legs out of germany on standby, but i stripped 2nd hand chassis leg down to bare metal, dipped it in a tank, cleaned it, and fitted it to car, chassis leg problem solved, not a penny spent! As for my mate he was doing it on a minimum budget, as like me, half ways through it only bought two jacking points so far, will start my own project page once i am finished welding, to show all modded bits and repairs. Before paint etc, car will be brought down to bare metal, under, inside and then bodywork
  12. Different looking car, the rear looks longer than a manta front? HGV needed? Very interesting being air cooled, rear engined and american, different a good looking car 60s car, interesting too, regarding turbo possibility and 180 bhp! Good stuff,
  13. XRA721Y Body work update

    Has to be one of the nicest mantas i ever seen, colour suits it perfect, almost to perfect, opel missed out on this big time, think the wheels help also!
  14. Kerosene in a household spray bottle, for a few weeks, bingo! Weetabix helps!