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  1. Yep total respect whatever you decide, just a point, would a wrap work over primer? One note on rattle cans, costs can mount up, and finish deteriate quickly.
  2. Ian any thoughts on your final paint, will you spray car yourself, or what paint are you using? 2k? Word of caution to aviid reactions with the use of rattle can primers.
  3. ®evo03

    Air Ride Manta

  4. ®evo03

    Mk1 Cavalier Red ribbed velour seat cover(s)

    So, these are unique to a cav coupe or possibly pre 83 manta b? Ian, how about the chevette, mk1 cav owner club? Saying its a cav, Or showing a photo to the upholstery guy above. Some position, got a 2.0 manta b, gtj, and material seems to be unique, black velour, with honeycomb pattern, bottom edge of back seat seems to be the best quality, or least faded. Supply a photo of a good area, complete seat, and rear seat, might spark a few thoughts. Maybe someone has rear seat material, somewhere!
  5. ®evo03

    Air Ride Manta

    How can it be so clean, in such muck! 😟, looks boss! Height is perfect, some hate lowered, but looking at the photo, being lowered only enhance the lines, in mmy eyes cant make a manta look better, saying that i understamd purists with standard 4x4 ride height, Just look at most modern standard rwd, mercs, bms, all low, at trying to achieve this look, or modern 4x4s they are no higher than standard manta height, anyway, each to their own, as always. I am currently researching how to lower a manta more than 60mm from standard, it involves rising spring seats, adjusting bump stops, shorter shocks, harder shocks, even rising the front subframe in three places, reason is im fitting 13x9 rostyles, on lowish tyres, so dont want the 4x4 look, but taking into consideration, hut change and wheel change to 15x8 inch five stud volvo rims, looking at urs, 13 inch will bring base, floor even lower, oval 2 inch exhaust it is! Top work biff, any chance of linking where you got your airbags, and what was involved in fitting them? More photos
  6. ®evo03

    New 400R Project

    Yep, like morse code 😁, the pins you join, are essentially replacing the paper clip hack you do on the original, cavalier, calibra, astra, which flashes the eml in the same blink, blink, mode.
  7. ®evo03

    New 400R Project

    Pins on the ecu are joined permanently, dont run a lamba at all. But its ok to do so....... As for luminated switch, it does away with flash code reader, the switch will flash like morse code, you can also look up sequences. Shows up any problems. If you remove injection in the future does away with this, Good call, using injection, it really is economical.
  8. ®evo03

    New 400R Project

    You are using original injection, good call, especially if you are using the car for going to rallies, shows and car runs, plently of these in Ireland. You can use the ecu to flash up any problems, i used a luminated switch, so you can turn it off whenever, you could have removed lamda also. Google c20 xe flash codes. Or ecu pins, or codes Your going a great job, are you running a LSD. Did you get your revos in the custom shop?
  9. ®evo03

    New 400R Project

    Any idea what colour scheme you will go for! White base is a good idea, then vinyl can be removed at a later stage, especially this livery.
  10. ®evo03

    NOOP up for sale

    Mine is a deluxe model also, DL on the log book Its yellow too! But it is manual. 🤤
  11. ®evo03

    Manta restoration - South Africa

    Can you supply photos of other 4 mantas you have found?
  12. ®evo03

    NOOP up for sale

    Wasnt this ben who had the manta b register? Remember it selling before, cant remember how much? Hasn't changed that much, didnt know it was an auto, nice early car being 76. Think ive the only other 1.6b, that i know off? Knew of another one that is now, a m3 monster!, thats it, any other manta b 1.6 out there? Rarer than a 400😀😀😀 bytheway, its my favouite car out of all them, weirdly!
  13. ®evo03

    New 400R Project

    Ian owned your car, it was in billing a few years back, uk road trip! Rally car is donegal man, vincent bonner! Has to be one of the nicest liverys about, real nice, spinsor was henley forklifts and sinanko, and donegal oil. This car was amazing in the sunshine, the black and white contrast, im near tempted to build another, just to do this livery!
  14. Dont know what an A has, if same a B, they are castle nuts, locked with a split pin.