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  1. Gte exclusive lowering spring set

    Hows it sitting! Creating a modified manta, and doing several things to front and rear of car to get it sitting damn low, oval exhaust says it all!
  2. Black GTE Hatch

    Would never be this lucky!
  3. Cheap etch primer

    Any chance of getting an example of the two component?
  4. Manta GTE (15 years on)

    One of those rare gtes with side repeaters, did you replace roof skin? Why did they fit ariels in the weirdest of places, half ways to know where! I had the good sense of selling my first manta, for twice what i paid for it, never missed a beat, never done a thing to it, just learned what to look for, which has stood by me, of course loved that car, but would have needed too much work, what im in the middle of now, saving another manta. good luck with the pro, its up hill before its down hill, crack on
  5. 5 speed gearbox front bearing

    Is the not your release bearing? Never championed removing box with engine in place without, removing top not on shock, top nut on inner chassis leg, engine bay, calipers, after this a bit of magic, lifting the car, really high, supporting it the lowering front beem, with engine and box, give you just enough wiggle room. Gm fitted all these by car being five foot in the air, eng, box and front suspension lifted to meet it. The bulk head is designed to clear gearbox only, not for removal.
  6. Cassette rack

    What are cassettes? Just kidding, werent they crap! Can you still buy them? Maybe not
  7. Headlights

    TV screen or Spectacles, ....... square or round lenses?
  8. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    Any one ever try a plastic calibra tank! Similar, neck would be different! Welding a tank, would on my f.............
  9. Registration Lights Wanted

    For an exclusive! Woo gonna be hard to get
  10. Front splitter

    Could you cut the bottom 3 inches off an other gte spoiler, then turn it upside down, so you are fixing flat to flat, Or the top half, actual bumper shape and cut some vents, should be long enough, and deep, as its deeper than the bottom section. Or cut bottom lip of gte spoiler, cut a two inch section of another, get it plastic welded, standard gte spoiler, but how two inches deeper Or this
  11. If its clean, good steel both car and section, and really clean, i havnt burned through yet! If you burn through, you might need to find better steel further back Mine is a 150 sealey, perfect for body work, as its only one setting from flatout! Will weld box section really good on highest setting. Wire speed as about 1/3, think its, 4 or 5 its 0.8mm wire, and its perfect all the time, pay attention to nossle, should be about 10mm away from your weld. Why not cut two straight lengths, clean em up, i use a sanding block, and a light wipe with thinners, move the rag to a different garage! Ha,ha! Also have an extinguisher, and two water bottles, muckoff they are high powered trigger bottles, goodstuff too! Cant be over cautious! You get this! And youve mastered it, if you are welding say 8 inches, weld and inch, skip and inch, weld an inch,.......... then continue and fill the missed inches! Restoring cars aint for the faint hearted, and will never be easy, The way i look at it, first time its a challenge, but i hope im never here again, i honestly dont mind welding or fabricating, just the grinder does my head in
  12. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Yeh, its down to taste, i dont like 4x4's ride height, or speed bumps, Think the stance looks spot on! Well done!
  13. Your panel section making skills are second to non, thats where most people fail, keep up the good work, Maybe look at this, it may help, maybe your welder is weird, is your welding tip clean, it seems to not penetrate, and leaves very high welds. Its a tricky thing to get right, but once u get it, its a walk in the park, are you using gas? Maybe its the disposable gas? Its a hassle, as its creating more work for you grinding them down, i hate grinders!
  14. Fare play, stradacabs photos remind me of my own, Maybe stupid question, but is your tank out and miles way, in a safe place. Also your jack is a tad small, if working under a car make sure its fully supported, anything! Pallets stacked under boot area, axle stands are cheap, sealey ones, got two free with a low profile, 5 pump lift 2t jack recently. Ive a spit on its way too! Im way to old and wise to be crawling about under cars both axle stands and spits can be made cheaply! work is progressing, very impressive
  15. Early 1800 coupe restoration

    Dont like, too low! Looks very low, are the 60mm lowering or cut? Very cool Goes to prove all mantas need are a nice period set of deepdish wheels. And lowered from 4x4 stance