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  1. 8” and 9” revolution wheels

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Ally radiator

    Leave it with me, group buy to be organised, very soon.
  3. Manta 400r

    Are your nights longer than mine! Running buy the weekend? What? No way......If thats the case, i have one for you next, another green one, getting it running for christmas, early christmas present! I will even take yours in part exchange for a shake down
  4. 1.6 manta b radiator

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  5. Hello from Canada

    Fit a 1.6 cih, lol full 60bhp! Phew or one of these!
  6. Manta B 1.8S - Interior Trim, Radiator, Seats ...

    If you are stuck, let me know, have all the wee trim bits, its beige cream in colour? Let me know, and i will photograph all ive got!
  7. AIR4 with Rekord C

    Sorry, made a mistake, oops thought it was a c20xe redtop! My bad! There is an ascona on here with x20xe, somewhere! Are you keeping injection, or side draft carbs or throttle bodies? good work, on would a 8v carlton sump work , example photo!
  8. 1981 Manta Coupe Project.

    Roof, sounds like a plan, stitching could have let water in lifting glue and collecting rust it in this area, if you are lucky, or a hole is present, would you consider getting a scrap door or wing and treating it as a learning curve, for practice. Keep heat to a minimum, watch a youtube vid, its not rocket science? My Local welder guy is £500 a day! Wtf! I had an idea of getting a solid roof moulded and creating a fibreglass skin, kevlar or carbonfibre, and the bonding that is available, cant see why not! With internal strength left intact! Anyway, engine sounds interesting, good stuff, 2.4 has been done, and must be getting thin on the ground, think they where only available from the frontera, thats ancient As for primer, weld through zinc for patching. I use a dusting of red oxide, and leave plenty of time, weeks between coats. then another good coat, then when everything is done 2pac primer, it can be tinted! Ie silver, then 2 pac top coat. Then stonechip if necessary. Might try stonechip after primer and top coat the stonechip, this time!
  9. AIR4 with Rekord C

    Some photos of donor car with xe fitted rwd? Please! And gearbox? Manual? Thanks!
  10. 1981 Manta Coupe Project.

    Looks like a real good shell, good original stucture left, dont worry about the wan neck, front suspension drop out, but the outer repair sections as it looks like the outers have swelled and hopefully inners are ok. 1 full day should sort this. Roof could be worrying, are you going to refit vinyl? Roof may need welded, if you can feel holes, soft spots? Look at lead filling, as welding patches will distort. Sying you have no running gear, have you considered fitting 2.3 turbo volvo, look at turbobricks, 500 bhp, Standard 2.0 cih, 4 speeds are cheap as chips, literally! Keep em pics coming, and keep the project thread going.

    Hard to beat NGK for doing what it says on the tin, Saying that i fitted denso twins, to a wee high reving, 14k red line motorbicycle, took a while to bed in, hard to start, but flies now!
  12. Old (pref suspect or damaged) Injection Loom

    Think i remember an article before, it covered the whole loom maybe, it was all nypd, nails on an board, with wires looped, loojed tricky. Oh have a loom but its my only one, are you looking to disect it, destroy it, or replace it with a spanky new one!
  13. Manta 400r

    What company, is it agreed value? ? Over standard manta?! Ian guessing this does away with torque tube, weak link, also lsd are cheaper, 4-500 quid against opel at 8-900. Also handles the approx, 250bhp better. Nice fix over the stud fix, Was this a cavalier for sale approx 2 yrs ago, as a rolling shell, remember the colour! Oh, nice work btw,
  14. Gte fuel injection loom

    Think its once a year, im just giving a wee bit of my time to get some content for it, helping out, keep an eye out on the forum, as looking project cars too! Like yours! Ha,ha you dont get off that easy, lol