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  1. 2.0 GTE Exclusive Hatchback Breaking For Spares

    This for sale topic may not yet available be for your usergroup
  2. Rev counter

    Hiya - are you looking for a while dash pod or just the rev counter part ?
  3. Red top blanking plate

    Qed do a kit peter https://qedmotorsport.co.uk/qed-shop/vauxhall-xe-c20xe/camshafts-and-followers/camshaft-rear-ball You need the ball bearing which goes in the oil way to stop loads of engine oil and pressure being behind the blanking plate, then the blanking plate and o ring. Its a really good price for everything
  4. 1985 1.8s Berlinetta Hatch

    I love being able to get all the panels brand new 🙂
  5. 1800 berlinetta alloys.

    Just pm'd you paul 🙂
  6. 1800 berlinetta alloys.

    Hiya paul , Some pics for you 🙂 Wheels all in good nick with centre caps. Tyres no good but you dont need those ! And here is the tailgate off the latest breaker - as you can see rust wise its the mirror image of yours - rusty on the nearside solid on the offside ! Tiny bit of surface rust but totally solid
  7. manta b

    Yes i can do you one of those at £20 posted to you, assuming you are mainland uk 🙂
  8. Door Mirrors

    I have a pair of standard mirrors that will suit the existing fitments for £50 plus postage 🙂
  9. 1800 berlinetta alloys.

    Ok cool ill get some pics etc sorted early next week 🙂
  10. 1800 berlinetta alloys.

    I have a good set of those paul - £50 plus postage ? That includes a good set of centre caps Think i can help on the hatch tailgate section too 🙂