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  1. Manta b coupe roof

    When i have a non sunroof roof to sell the price is £300. And i dont have them often lol
  2. Terrific car that would make a great first manta - solid as hell underneath , lovely interior and great mechanics. Bodywork has some dents and imperfections just makes it nice and useable 🙂 properly smart , shiny and presentable though
  3. 1986 Manta Coupe Restomod

    Out of interest which panels are on back order? Also have you tried tjm motorsport for stock ?
  4. 1986 Manta Coupe Restomod

    Hello ian , good to see you starting a thread 🙂 Looking forward to seeing the car progress !
  5. GTE / Exclusive rear shelf part

    I have a pair of the rear shelf side pieces available which is what i think you need at £30 🤔 In grey 🙂
  6. Rear seatbelt parts for Manta GTE 1987

    Hiya paul, Pm sent Carl
  7. Handbrake lever

    Hiya peter - i can do you one of those , sending you a pm now 🙂
  8. 1.8 engine

    Ok cool could do with being sooner than later shaun , trying to clear some space in the unit 🙂
  9. 1.8 engine

    Ive a good running engine missing the sump 🙂 Only wanting £60 for it, im in lancashire , could ship it on a pallet if needed
  10. Mike's Manta.

    That trim looks great fitted 🙂
  11. Wing mirror

    Just pmd you 🙂
  12. Ascona estate

    its a revolution alloy , mentions them on the listing
  13. Fuel pressure regulators

    I can do you a good used fuel rail pressure regulator for £20 plus postage 🙂
  14. Handbrake lever+ Windscreen

    Hiya jason , I can do you the handbrake plus both screen rubbers , will pm you now