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  1. MrCarlos

    Swap manta hatch for Carlton

    I can do it for £800 as it is paul , it really only needs the interior and doors putting back together. If youre interested i can get some proper pics next week ?
  2. MrCarlos

    Front Bumper Metal Bar from later Manta B

    Thats fine rob 🙂
  3. MrCarlos

    Front Bumper Metal Bar from later Manta B

    Yes sure no problem rob have you still got my paypal details ?
  4. MrCarlos

    Swap manta hatch for Carlton

    Yes i was just thinking that paul Heres a pic of mine anyway - its more complete than this now with brand new headlights fitted and bumper on but this is all i have handy while im not in work this week Its an '85 now i think about it more !
  5. MrCarlos

    Front Bumper Metal Bar from later Manta B

    I can do you a really good one of those rob for £20 and im local to you for collection 🙂
  6. MrCarlos

    Electronic Ignition Loom and coil mount

    I can do you that for £30 plus postage
  7. MrCarlos

    Swap manta hatch for Carlton

    I have a super solid carlton its an '84 2.2 automatic with only 35k on it. 4 door saloon in gold No rot whatsoever and in great condition Previous owner has resprayed it and it still wants building back up so its a bit of a project but not a massive one. Would gladly swap it for that manta you have
  8. MrCarlos

    Radio surround?

    Sorry for being slow just catching up with everything from before xmas. Replied to you via pm
  9. MrCarlos

    Radio surround?

    Yes that will be right with the surround i have - £30 plus postage ?
  10. MrCarlos

    Radio surround?

    Is that a traditional 2 large knob type radio ? If so i have the correct spacer available If you put a pic of the radio on i could tell you for definite
  11. MrCarlos

    Hello, greetings from North wales

    Thats great thank you 🙂