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  1. I still think its a dog and worth nothing like the asking price !
  2. Fuel Injection problem - LE Jetronic

    Nope it earths through the casing as well. Simple test - if you unscrew a gte ecu from the car bodywork the car wont run Screw it back on securely it will run
  3. Fuel Injection problem - LE Jetronic

    Ecu fault or the multi plug to it as danny says. Or also possible is the ecu mounting screws - the ecu earths through them and if they are loose or rusty the car would behave as you describe
  4. Manta Door Anyone?

    Ive a really good nearside door on the car im currently breaking. £100 plus £30 shipping
  5. Door glass variation?

    Yes the hatch is a different profile - around 10mm taller at the rear edge over the coupe
  6. Ok no probs graham thanks for looking Anyone else ?
  7. Thanks graham , much appreciated !
  8. As in the title - nearside lower door seal needed, light grey colour on the inner edge Needs to be decent condition Instant cash waiting !! Thanks in advance if anyone can help !!
  9. Manta B ignition lock barrel

    Hiya - i can do you one at £25 posted to you 🙂
  10. Preformance rear springs.

    I can do you a set of great used condition rear spring rubbers at £20 posted to you assuming you are mainland uk
  11. Rear panel

    Sorry all out of those graham
  12. Rear panel

    Ive a very decent hatch rear panel - used but cut off carefully. £80 plus £25 shipping
  13. Manta b gte coolant hoses

    I can do a good used set 🙂