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  1. Gumtree

    "Hello.for sale nice project car Opel Manta GT/E 2.0 petrol. Only 15000 miles.car was off the road for 25 years.engine start,original condition,nothing is missing.2 keys,full logbook.NEED WELDING. Any questions please contacting me on 07707366454.thank you." Wow didn't know they did a Carburettor version of a GT/E lol
  2. Shameless ask, would I get a discount if I win the auction for the "rear infill panel" being a OMOC paid up member. (lol) - only kidding
  3. It looks like a Manta B trim and should fit the twin headlights Is this for a Coupe or a Hatchback and are all fittings there? would be interested if Coupe variant.
  4. Hi there

    Hi & welcome back on the Manta scene. Some lucky Manta's going to have some great TLC from you Your Bling is like rocking horse poo to get hold off and still going for good money. I still have all the parts I purchased from you with some still to fit
  5. Pics of my new Manta 400R

    Very nice, well worth the wait. Can I ask what tyres you have on the back assuming the wheels are 15" Dia & 9" wide?. It is only they look like a good fit, I have slightly stretched 225's. They were fitted approx. 6 years ago though Cheers
  6. Opel manta b gte gear gaiter

    M & M Dronten gaiter the same price as the ones from edelschmiede.com, and he does advertise it in a GM ident. bag
  7. Opel manta b gte gear gaiter

    Have you tried Gearshift gaiter they are not cheap anymore and a few other places on the main European continent that sell them. I have purchased from this site before and had no problems with service.
  8. Lock Surround needed ASAP

    sorry to jump in on your post Danny, Terry if you decide you have to many of these in Grey, I would happily buy a couple of you (nudge, nudge, wink, wink)
  9. Manta 400 R

  10. Hello everyone

    Hi and Welcome to the forum, do you have any pictures/info on your car? what items are you trying to source and on what type of budget? (just asking), as this is a very good place for sourcing spares and pointing people in the right direction for genuine Manta owners.
  11. Bush availability

    I got my Super Pro Poly Bush kit from RetroPower, which was complete front and rear set up. Not 100% sure on the make up of the bush in question (Metal/Sleeve or not) as I fitted them 6 years ago, but when I did drive it, the car was solid. I will be replacing the bolts in the front axle trailing arms soon so it might jog my memory, as I have noticed I have fitted 8.8 grade bolts instead of the 10.9 Grade that should be fitted.
  12. Rear discs

    Have a look on https://brakeparts.co.uk/ I am unsure on Mk's of Astra after E (Opel), 2 (Vauxhall) Mine has Frod Serria calipers on the back with XR3 discs, it is what came with the axle.
  13. Crossmember brace bush

    Is this the lower wishbone attachment bush? I had a pig with some of these bushes as I fitted Super Pro poly bushes all around. I know on one of them I chamfered the lead edge to get it started and used a hydraulic press. I haven't posted on here for a while as I haven't been near my car properly for years due to ill health. I have taken the cover off the car this year and also managed to boil the battery earlier in the year while charging it (Doh ). I will be posting up some spares for sale soon as I need to declutter my collection of parts. My car head is slowly returning so I hope to be out and about in the distant future. Defo a Farcebook killing the forum zone. Everyone wants the answer yesterday and nobody wants to pay for anything they can get free. I have a Farcebook account but hardly use it as I find the drivel on there just repeating over and over again. Those FB lawyers, politicians and activists need culling from time to time (lol) I read it on the bog to pass time away so mostly toilet humour to me.