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  1. Recommendations for spot weld drill

    You should use a slower speed when using cobalt drills, it will keep them cool. We used them on aircraft to cut Jo-Bolts out.
  2. Full Restoration D91 MOP

    Great build thread, brightened up my morning
  3. Lucky uncle Alan

    Back on again https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/opel-manta-gte-low-mileage/332538057017
  4. Gte Brake Servo Upgrade

    I have the same standard servo as before and I have the rear disc conversion and Astra GTE front vented setup. Brakes felt alright when using but last on the road in 2014 so can't give an update yet of reliability.
  5. Old owner of my car

    Just looked for him on FB and his account has been deactivated Last time I saw him (last year) he was living near Stoke. Another one of those friends you know in the Mob, and only means of connection is FB.
  6. Old owner of my car

    Was it Kev Harnett? and was serving in the RAF? Did he have an A series with a Redtop engine as well. I am sure he was Opel Fruit on the OMOC If it is I have him as a friend on FB.
  7. Just filled up with Fuel and as I was driving out of Costco I spotted F Reg, Red GTE Exclusive Driving in to Costco at Haydock just off the A580. I tried to spot where the car was but it drove to the far end of the carpark. Yes that was me in the Black Zafira looking gormless as you drove past.
  8. Still here might have been moved https://forums.mantaclub.org/topic/42540-hello-from-the-uk/?tab=comments#comment-294614
  9. Manta for sale on Trovit.

  10. Gumtree

    "Hello.for sale nice project car Opel Manta GT/E 2.0 petrol. Only 15000 miles.car was off the road for 25 years.engine start,original condition,nothing is missing.2 keys,full logbook.NEED WELDING. Any questions please contacting me on 07707366454.thank you." Wow didn't know they did a Carburettor version of a GT/E lol
  11. Shameless ask, would I get a discount if I win the auction for the "rear infill panel" being a OMOC paid up member. (lol) - only kidding
  12. It looks like a Manta B trim and should fit the twin headlights Is this for a Coupe or a Hatchback and are all fittings there? would be interested if Coupe variant.
  13. Hi there

    Hi & welcome back on the Manta scene. Some lucky Manta's going to have some great TLC from you Your Bling is like rocking horse poo to get hold off and still going for good money. I still have all the parts I purchased from you with some still to fit
  14. Pics of my new Manta 400R

    Very nice, well worth the wait. Can I ask what tyres you have on the back assuming the wheels are 15" Dia & 9" wide?. It is only they look like a good fit, I have slightly stretched 225's. They were fitted approx. 6 years ago though Cheers