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  1. supposedly one of the best penetrating oil mixtures is Acetone and Automatic Transmission Fluid in a 50/50 mix, just look on YouTube. I have a bottle recently mixed and experimenting on a few items at the moment but none as bad as your dilemma at the present time.
  2. I had seen it on eBay probably about 1-2 months ago so must not have sold then. Does grow on me every time I see it, defo different and unique.
  3. Not sure if you are aware that you can buy weld through primers to help protect the metal especially the inside parts you can't get to especially after welding up. It does cause a little more splatter when welding and like all primers will attract a little moisture. I think without looking they contain Zinc (sacrificial material) or something similar. We all have to start somewhere and you have catalogued yours I have not got past the practise side without chickening out, even though I have qualifications in welding (30+ years ago) but mainly in Arc and Gas welding, and a lot thicker material. My car ended up with an experience welder as every time I welded a repair a bigger hole appeared next to it, and I set myself on fire a few times . My welder has been under my bench now for 10 years but will have to start using it soon, as I have a few projects that I wish to start. No best way to say this as the written word can be misread but you have given me positive vibes in me starting to weld again (in a positive manner if that helps to explain myself). Keep up the great work.
  4. Just did a quick search on the interweb and this came up from a model club, I don't have a clue what the codes are and not sure that it is just for model cars? Taken from http://www.diecastrallymodels.com/t587-andrews-heat-for-hire-paint-codes Andrews Heat for Hire PAINT CODES modelrallysport.com on Thu Mar 29, 2012 11:40 pm THESE ARE THE CORRECT Heat for Hire Paint codes,i published these on the other forum a while ago then lost them however today i found them again so thought i would re-publish-------------hope they are of use to you all! BS. GOLDEN YELLOW-------356-381C RAL. 840 HR SIGNAL RED 3001 RAL. 841 GL ULTRAMARINE BLUE 5002
  5. Why can’t renew my membership

    I did my renewal at the beginning of this month and it sailed through, possible glitch on your behalf. Hope you get it sorted soon. In general life (Not OMOC) It's never usually an issue when someone wants your money, it's usually when refunding you the glitch happens.
  6. At least you can look back on it via this thread I wish I had the memory and patience to photograph everything and write about it as I am doing it. I start off with good intensions but forget after a few hours/days then give up. Great read keep it flowing, the light at the end of the tunnel must be very bright now.
  7. 400 body kit best one to get

    I have sent you PM regarding getting in contact with Martin, if you are interested.
  8. Patience and time sort a lot of things out. Nice work there, great thread (no pun intended ) you are building up on the forum.
  9. Where can I get replacement brake callipers

    Some links to try and help. http://www.opel-classic-parts.com/en/S056_Caliper_in_exchange/A326_Caliper_brake_-R_MantaAscona_A_1970-75.html same site different page http://www.opel-classic-parts.com/en/car_category/22_5_56_Caliper_in_exchange.html http://atz-online.com/pk/opel-manta-ascona-ab/bremse/ https://mm-opelparts.com/brakes/
  10. My manta gte project

    Always nice to see another Monaco Blue Exclusive on E reg. I am so glad I don't use photobucket anymore with all those adverts. You can upload pictures via the "Drag files here to attach" icon in the reply to this topic box, bottom left, if the file is on the computer/tablet/phone, you are uploading with. Good to see you had a good shell to start with, mine was like Swiss cheese and a near total rebuild. Have you made a list of items you require, as that would be a good start to try and get what you require.
  11. Engine earth strap location- Manta

    Not sure on location on 1.8 but they should have a strap from the engine to chassis (not 100% on location without looking) The OMOC Microfiche shows 2 different lengths, one at 210mm GM 08932204, and one at 310mm GM 11060242, which I think is down to engine type, is the 1.8 engine block thinner?
  12. Hens Teeth

    Here is a link to some pictures and info http://www.mattig-manta.be/index.php/mattig-photoshop
  13. Think i've been scammed.

    Sorry to hear about this scam just found this on another forum http://www.toyota-4runner.org/feedback-sellers-buyers/250776-bad-seller-kenneth-stovall-hybarger-phoenix-az.html I don't know if this guy is a forum member or just a troll and professional bullshitter. 40 plus emails later and still no parts. With the recommendation of someone on the forum, I located (or so I thought) a pair of 5th Gen front seat headrest. I negotiated (or so I thought) a good deal and chose to send this guy money via the only way he did transactions via Walmart MoneyScam. After taking my money, he sent a bogus UPS tracking number and since then has responded with an autoresponder in his email with something like the following: Who is this? Ken here! Please let me know if you are still interested in purchasing a , Email and I'll get back to you. Thanks Kenneth Stovall Hybarger 13147 N 22nd Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85029 A little research found Ken is or was a USPS letter carrier in Phoenix and now makes a living scamming unsuspecting forum members. So, he has $200 of my money and in the end I want to pass along this lesson. Don't do business with anyone you can't talk to over the phone. Don't send ANYONE money via Moneygram. Once they have your money, it's gone for good. Sorry folks, but I'm not doing business with you unless I can shake your hand. Ken, I hope karma smacks you in the ass. Last edited by LeeBoatright; 02-14-2018 at 11:11 PM. Jim Willgart has never posted anything on the forum, according to his profile on the OMOC
  14. Nice purchase, lovely looking car. Most of us would love to find a Manta that looks that good from the start
  15. Very nice example Manta, would love to know if you could spec square headlights on Euro Manta Exclusives? Looks like a steel spare wheel. I would have liked the seat colour specs on UK Manta's, Rab has a nice set of those. Maybe the bigger screen wash bottle for the headlight wash? No Exclusive sticker on the boot, maybe de-badged. Pity door cards have speakers in them and none on the parcel shelf, Lets hope it sells at that price, and cars in UK start to follow, in the not so distant future.