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  1. 1981 should be two slot....with that spoiler looks more like Mr R's car
  2. Simple Master Cylinder Question

    This hole is used for the clutch cable bracket.
  3. I200 ? On Ebay

    Ian as far as we were told there were 7 rhd i240 coupes also another exported to southern ireland(think it was black),and of course the rumoured hatch.As far as the i200 being converted could be a possibility as ST converted a lot of customers car. The hatch may of been a customer converted car
  4. I200 ? On Ebay

    Dunno Dan as far as I know it was just a prototype but who knows it could be out there.
  5. I200 ? On Ebay

    Silmple answer jack "not a chance" as very few parts are available from irmscher now. As for the info on built cars most of it was lost when Tom May and Tony Fall died.
  6. I200 ? On Ebay

    Steve Thompson is still a vauxhall dealers and did sell mantas as standard back in the day but also had the Irmscher franchise for the uk and built new and converted many customers cars, but to qualify as an orginal i200/i240 they were supplied from new with an ST parts build sheet.(with the basic spec for that car but could also be fitted with options from Irmscher catalogue or the Magard catalogues). So to sum up the red one was supplied by the dealer but was obviously converted as you can see from the photos (has i200 narrow type spoiler and twin headlight i200 sticker was fitted not sure if anything was done to the engine,diff or suspension as you cannot see in photo or text.) at a later date so is not an original i200. 1900sr your right E45 SFK red i240 came with grey chicago as blitz was unavailable at the time,but was fitted by Sean Hunt under his ownership. Hope no one on here's bidding on the red GTE thinking they are getting a genuine i200
  7. Inner Wing Mount Rails

    Dr manta.
  8. Rhd Manta 400 Road Car

    Jack only right hand drive road car is DPP117Y (white car) this silver car was brought into ireland as LHD and had a RHD bulkhead fitted.I went to look at it approx 1997ish reg no was DB 400 then.It needed a full resto back then but guy wanted to much money for it.the car was laid up for a few more years before marty bought it who did a stunning detailed restoration on it.
  9. Car Show

    Deffo need an invite as reg numbers are needed for entry to factory.
  10. Twin Headlight Fixings - New

    Yes so after 24 in total.cheers
  11. Twin Headlight Fixings - New

    Im interested in a couple of sets.