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  1. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I'll be there as well.
  2. A series chrome trim removal

    If it still has the original sealer behind it you could try warming it up and it should just pull off.
  3. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    It's not looking like I will be back home in time for this one, will try for the next one.
  4. Hi there

    Hello mate, was good to catch up with you at Market Harborough, look forward to seeing your next project.
  5. Centaur pics, info, owners etc

    A mate of mine still has the Black one on the list SJU 257W, it's been in his garage for years and need work doing to get it back on the road, it's in the Leicester area.
  6. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    It's that time again, I'll be there.
  7. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I can't make this one.
  8. Manta B Project Underway!

    Looks like my A series project has lost all it's photo's that were hosted on Photobucket as well ,not happy
  9. Hi, is the a series window mechanism for a door or windscreen wiper mechanism.
  10. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I'll be there.
  11. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    Will be there, still not had time to get the Manta back on the road 🙁
  12. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I should be there.
  13. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    I'm planning on going tomorrow.
  14. East Mid's Pub Meet.

    Thanks Neil, deposit sent.