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  1. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    HI Folks. Thanks for these replies and I think these are excellent tips to go by. Plenty good stuff on here.. My GTE was bought by the guy I used to work with as a non runner. He did not have the time or the funds to do anything with it and it just sat for around a year while I paid him up in a few instalments for it. He always said it would start but the reality is it only ever fired a few times & coughed. That was it. I figured I could give it the time and work it needed and being a kid who liked cars in the in the 80s The Manta GTE was always in the top 5. Basically there is nothing quite like these cars except Capris and the fact is the Manta is a better car. I put about 10 litres of good petrol on top of what ever old stuff was in there so that should have made thing pure and rich enough fuel-wise for starting. Hopefully. The plugs had sooty deposits on them when I checked them but I cleaned it it off easily with a wire brush then checked sparks for all cylinders and they all spark. I did not think about Blocked/Stuck injectors before but I will go thru this list of tips in proper order with my friend over next couple of days and return post about any progress made. Big thanks for all advise as it has helped my understanding a lot. Regards. Bar
  2. Reviving GTE Starting tips wanted please?

    Thanks Danny. I absolutely understand what you are saying. Yes I am planning on joining the club soon as the funds will allow which will be pretty shortly I think as I will be selling my other car to pay for Manta repairs & stuff (such as the parts fiche) but first need to pay for its mechanics bill parts and MOT test first which is nearly always more than you hoped for. I also would like to put pictures of my GTE on the forums ongoing projects page which will be quite soon I hope. Just out of curiosity If thing do start getting complex do you or anyone you know have the ECU box ? air sensor or such LE electronic parts for sale? Regards. Bar
  3. Hello Folks. After acquiring a decent bodywork but non running Manta B GTE Exclusive Hatch up in the Highlands of Inverness I have been learning daily from this forum and reading bits of the Haynes manual to get this car back on the road. Where the car was sat I first went to turn the engine with good fresh petrol & it actually fired a couple of times after it had not been turned over in a year which was encouraging. I got the car towed to my house and have been working on various bits and pieces and sourcing various parts - because the car did not come complete and has various stuff taken off it and missing a few bits which is frustrating.- I replaced the Air Intake pipe which was shredded with a brand new one, Took the spark plugs out and cleaned them and checked they all sparked and they seemed fine, Hooked up a good battery, Got my pal round to help me fire it up and it did not fire this time... I could hear a clicking sound coming from the air sensor box so took off the K&N cone filter that was fitted and saw a flapper valve going back and forward making the clipping sound. I pushed it in a bit with my finger while my mate tried starting and the engine made a few slight firing sounds but nothing to get too excited about.. almost like the extra bit of air offered thru the system helped a bit? Anyway I have being learning a bit about the fuel delivery / injection and trying to find out the best ways to get this motor started logically and hopefully without too much problems. Fuel injection systems and the electronics are new to me and I would prefer to check the tech out with some experts before having to think about the more complex stuff as I know nothing about the previous history of this car. I read a helpful post on this forum saying the Haynes manual diagram for the fuel pumping system is wrong about the Injection Inlet & return to tank lines getting them wrong way round! The return line goes thru the regulator back to tank. (The tee piece carries the pressure fuel to the rail) I am going to test the fuel pump today to check flow to injectors ( 2p fuse bridge trick) and try and do the more basic checks with the beginners knowledge I have. Could anyone give me some some tips on how they would systematically go about re- starting the GTE? Before getting hung up about the ECU or Mass Air sensor unit etc. My budget is a little short at the present time. Thanks for reading. Cheers. Bar
  4. Manta GTE Side wing repeaters?

    Hi Folks. I did manage to get some indicators thru the forum very quickly from a guy in Scotland too! . Amazing really! Also found some other required parts thru this forum and some valuable knowledge about the Manta project.. Very impressed with the forum and the folks on here. . Thanks Guys for the replies. Bar.
  5. Hello folks. Does anybody have for sale or know if there is a supplier of side wing indicator/repeater lights for the Manta B GTE Hatch ? Or - anyone in the know that can recommend a suitable substitute from another car model? Thanks for looking . Bar 07539897933
  6. Hi Folks. Does anybody have the side wing Indicators / blinkers for the Manta B GTE Hatch model? available for sale? Bar - 07539897933
  7. Hello folks I am looking for these parts for my Manta B 2.0 GTE Hatch model - New tailgate struts, Screen washer bottle, Gear shifter boot/gaiter, Sunroof seal, Air filter box housing. Text Barry on 07539897933. Thanks for looking.
  8. Manta B GTE Recaro Seat Fittings ?

    HI Manta folks.( Danny ,Carl & David) & others I called the guys about the missing seat parts and got lucky that the clamp was found on the ground near where the car was sitting and the rear hook on plate for the catch was bolted to the car the whole time. Hiding behind a fold in the loose carpet !! I found the seats to be a more simple design that I expected and made it more complicated in my head than what it was basically a pair of tube clamps at the front and a Hook over a fixed catch plate at the back. I was working away on the Manta last night and fitted the brand new Air intake filter pipe from Edelschmide, Germany. Very Quick delivery and superb parts catalogue!! I gave the interior a good clean and aired the cockpit out because of that long sitting foosty smell cars get. Its looking & smelling much better now. I read on a forum post that you can use Vauxhall Corsa tailgate struts on the GTE hatch. Could anyone advise me on the exact type and year of Corsa struts or perhaps it does not really matter there are plenty available online and not too expensive. Also regarding the locks I got in touch with a Vauxhall Classic specialist in England who said he will sort out all locks including ignition to a set of matching keys for around 130 quid. I have to remove all locks and send them to him ASAP and he said he could may well be able do all the work in a few days which is almost too good to be true. I will be putting my parts requests in the parts wanted section of your forum as I go along with the project and no doubt more things are going to be needing sourced and bought but I am on a budget for this. Please get back to me with parts info and prices regarding bits and pieces I am after. Regards Bar.
  9. Manta B GTE Recaro Seat Fittings ?

    Hello Danny. Sorry my mistake. its a 1987 Manta B GTE 2.0 Exclusive and the part I am looking for is the Screen Washer tank and not a water header tank. I should have checked the manual to see first. Cheers.B
  10. Manta B GTE Recaro Seat Fittings ?

    Thanks for the quick reply and the offer. I phoned the folks who previously had the car stored at a yard and asked them to see if they could look for and perhaps find the bits I am missing. I doubt they will turn up so yes I think I would like to buy the bits from you. I have a few other items on a list which you may or may not have to sell. as follows Water header tank, the two small side wing indicators, Gearshift gaiter/boot, A decent working complete lock set compatible withe Manta B GTE. I will add some picture of this project car soon. Text me if you like. Bar 07539897933. Cheers.
  11. Hi Folks. I just got a Manta GTE Hatch in need of work and I got it with a few bits missing and parts not working. It came with the recaro seats unbolted to the car floor and a few of the necessary its appear to be missing. Its annoying because I have tried online to find what these bits are called and if i can get replacements but didn't find hardly anything. Can anyone please tell me what the front sort of split bearing hinge clamps that go over a plastic bearing material are called and where to obtain them? and also to the rear of seat the catch blade hook piece that bolts down onto a plastic spacer? Also it seems both these seats are missing the internal hook catch operating cable too. Any help or advise here would be great. Thanks. Bar
  12. Thanks for the good advise Mike. I put a request in the wanted section. Hopefully get a response soon. Cheers. Bar

  13. Hello. Does anyone have for sale a set of decent working condition matching Door and Tailgate locks preferably with two keys for a Manta B GTE Hatchback model ? Also looking for gearshift boot. Cheers Bar 07539 897933
  14. Hello. Bar here. First post on this great tech forum soon after buying a 2.0 GTE Exclusive from a pal who didnt have the time to do the work on it and getting running proper. I am hoping with a bit of luck 2 do this soon. I have never had a car such as this before and have a few jobs to do. One problem is both the door and tailgate locks dont lock? I got one shabby looking key and it does turn the ignition. (engine turns over and has fired couple times thats all) which is better than nowt. Can anyone help me to source a set of some new or decent replacement locks? Perhaps I could fix the ones on the car already? Are there any other GM car models which locks would work on this car? Sorry 4 long post Regards. Bar.
  15. Hi to all folks reading this Manta forum. My name is Bar which I am very glad 2 be on the forum since recently becoming a first time owner of a pretty clean 2.0 GTE exclusive Hatch owner up in Inverness. Its not running and has been sitting for lets say a couple of years but I really want to revive it and get it fully roadworthy I have always loved these cars and the styling. So far I have enjoyed reading various technical & fixing posts and thru one post found a great parts source in Germany which I ordered a new air intake pipe as old one is shredded. This Mantas engine turns over and has fired a couple times but thats it. I am going to have 2 logically try to get it firing on all cylinders over next week or so and any help or advise would be gratefully welcome. Another thing is the door and boot locks don't lock which is a pain but the single worn key I have does turn the ignition. I looked for replacements and advise on this problem online already but could not find much useful help really. Ideally I think full set of new locks would be best. Can anyone in the know about these GTEs advice me on new or replacement locks? Regards. Bar