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  1. Down draft or side draft

    Just fancied them sticking a cam in too. Just didn't want the haste of moving the servo so looks like I'll have to have a bias too
  2. Down draft or side draft

    Hi I'm about fit webers on my 2.0e manta b gte and do away with the injection does anyone know if weber twin 45 down draft would fit instead of side drafts and having to move servo?
  3. How to strip and paint rear spoiler

    As above 3 piece spoiler paint all cracked so needs stripping before painting what's the best way to strip it without ruining the rubber thanks in advance
  4. Wanted manta b irmscher quads lights

    Got some now thanks everyone
  5. Wanted manta b irmscher quads lights

    Got some now thanks everyone. Could do with a black ring bezzel if anyone has one. And the rubber light surround
  6. Wanted manta b irmscher quads lights

    As above anyone got any manta b irmscher quad lights like these for sale
  7. Quad lights

  8. Hi newbie here

  9. Quad headlights

  10. Hi newbie here

    Hi everyone. New to the manta forum and new to my new gte coming tomorrow. ( thanks to Mr Carlos) Looking for ideas on fitting a new engine what are you running. And choices on Carbs throttle bodies cams etc for modifying my 2.0 cih