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  1. H11poc

    GTE arrived today and now to work!

    The thing is you can see where the previous owner repaired the outer skin but did not really do a very good job. I can only go by what the garage said and showed me and the rest of the chassis legs were solid.. The jacking points had been done properly which was a huge relief.
  2. I must apologise here if I upset anyone but that car has lost a lot of what makes it appeal by those modifications. It is horses for courses and everyone has a right to visualise and realise a project to ones own specification. However, there is something in the simplicity of the A series in standard form that melts you every time.
  3. WOW - have you seen the price this is going for.. Is this now the Manta finally fetching Escort Mk2 prices (the escort being inferior in every way of course) I feel a bit happier selling mine now......
  4. H11poc

    GTE arrived today and now to work!

    As you know there are issues with my manta for the MOT - just a few bits that unfortunately I cannot do .. here are some pictures of the work. Each chassis rail has rotted on the outside - the garage checked the inner part and it is ok. It had been repaired by the previous owner but he was worse than welding than me, and I cannot weld !! Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 20MB Insert other media Uploaded Images × Your previous content has been restored. Clear editor Drag files here to attach, or choose files... Max total size 20MB Insert other media Uploaded Images IMG_0067.JPG 72.65 kB GOSH - I messed that up.. Basically two small sections of the chassis rail - inner skin is fine , the garage said its just a small section of outer on both sides. The read subframe mounts to chassis needs to be re-welded as shown in pictures and also the handbrake cable needs changing on one side as it is frayed. The battery was not secure because i had the battery clamp in the boot as I removed it to charge it, The window wiper front passenger side rubber is torn but that a repiar I will do before sale. That's all that was wrong with the car to his knowledge and he would have passed the MOT today if those were corrected. personally i am out though, its an A series Manta or another Corvair for me now. I don;t have the time right now or the inclination to find a welder and find a couple of chassis legs. What you see in the pictures is what needs doing. Tomorrow when the car returns i will take many pictures as I have put a lot of time and effort and money into this. Private plate - D25 (december 25th ) JPW will come with the car - valued at over a thousand pounds on its own. Paul
  5. H11poc

    Philips 751 for spares !!

    ALL sorted - just got a 752 for 24
  6. H11poc

    Philips 751 for spares !!

    I got a lovely 751 - the tape belt broke and then the unit itself went.. all in a week :-( Looking for a 751 for parts only.
  7. H11poc

    Philips 752 radio

    Hi Chris, I have managed to source all the parts now thanks to guys on this forum. There is something I have found out and that is the spec is the other way round regarding the 751 and 752. The 751 is actually the higher spec unit. I would have thought the 752 was the better one being higher in numbers etc..
  8. H11poc

    Cassette Holder

    Hi All, just to let you know that I am all sorted for all the parts I needed now thanks to you guys on this forum. To Danny, Mr Carlos and EldoradoCoupe - A huge thank you. To anyone else not a member browsing this - JOIN THE CLUB ! Worth the fee many times over just for the help and parts and hospitality. Paul
  9. H11poc

    Cassette Holder

    Hi , I am all sorted now thanks to another member. Thank you
  10. H11poc

    Cassette Holder

    Hi all - are the cassette holders in the center console hard to find?? mine didnt have one. Not seen any come up on the bay so just asking around. Still need a gear gaitor too... The black cage for the radio and so on...
  11. Hi , I did a search on here and unfortunately it seems to be an obsolete part now. Its basically a thin gasket that goes between the fuel injector retainer and the head. I only need one of them as there was a vacuum leak there and a bad one too !! Maybe the small rubber seals as well , two of them if anyone has spares.. Thank You
  12. H11poc

    Philips 752 radio

    I know , I know !! A long shot indeed but does anyone have the Philips 752 for sale?? Even a broken one will do as I have been known to deal with electronics. A quick aside here, is there any other period radio for the 2.0 Gte Exclusive from 1987??
  13. H11poc

    Clutch Cable for 2.0 GTE

    Mine snapped right by the entrance to the bulkhead. I am hoping there arent; too many choices or differences in clutch cable. Gearbox is standard 5 Speed , Engine is 2.0 1988. If you have one please let me know and also whether Paypal is good .