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  1. Manta gte exclusive

    HI, thank you Opel2000 - Luckily the fella has been working on it over the years as it was his fathers car. All the sills were done and the floor has been repaired in a couple of places. I cant say how lucky I have been but I will also need to make three trips to the house to pick up all the spares. As soon as it is here I will photograph it all . As for the engine, I was told the water pump was noisy but as you say , there is no reason for it not to run if prepared properly. However , an engine out job suits me as I can get it all cleaned and painted and looking good. I was surprised to find no rot under the battery tray. Im hoping the welding , if any will be a minimum.
  2. Manta gte exclusive

    Thank you for th reply. The car is in Monaco blue.
  3. Hi all, I will be taking ownership of a manta gte exclusive hatchback later this week. Body is actually superb for the year and is complete. I will need to change water pump but will also rebuild engine as it’s not been on the road for a while , put in a new clutch and so on. It has an irmscher steering wheel which I hope was standard equipment. It is on a D registration plate and I will upload pictures and full details when it arrives. i am hoping the engine rebuild is as simple as I remembered for these cih engines . paul